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Recent content by StevenA

  1. StevenA

    Brilliant Tai Strietman Interview!

    I can vouch for that, he's a really nice interesting guy. Check out his YouTube channel there's some really cool videos on there of his tanks and where he's doing his research.
  2. StevenA

    Water change pump

    MA sell an Aqua Marin water change pump(£29-99) that looks exactly like the type of thing that I think people use in caravans etc. for pumping water. I think the MA one comes with a transformer, but I was wondering if it's possible to buy a cheaper one from amazon...
  3. StevenA

    Cryptocoryne choices

    Hi all just looking for some recommendations for foreground low growing Crypts please? Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. StevenA

    Feedback First visit

    Popped into Aquarium Gardens this afternoon for the first time and what a fantastic place, never been in a specialized shop for aquascaping before and can't wait for a return visit! Great selection of top quality products, fantastic plants and awesome displays. And thanks Dave for all the advice...
  5. StevenA

    Where to get CO2 Cannisters and Refills

    Can anyone tell me where to get Co2 FE's in either North Herts or South Cambs please? A few years ago I used a guy over Hitchin way I think but can't remember his contact details.
  6. StevenA

    New Fluval Roma 125

    Hi there, I would definitely add the extra substrate, the tank looks quite deep so you need to try and get some height in there with rocks, wood or plants in my opinion.
  7. StevenA

    Hi from letchworth

    Scotsdales is near Cambridge. Also what about The Japanese Koi place near Henlow?
  8. StevenA

    Hi from letchworth

    Over this way I usually go to either Scotsdales or the MA place at Coton
  9. StevenA

    Hi from letchworth

    Hi Lawrence and welcome, I'm just up the road from you near Royston.
  10. StevenA

    Taiwan Bee Nano

    Absolutely stunning Iain, you must be very very pleased?
  11. StevenA

    Dwarf pass. (My First nano)

    Very nice Lauris you must be pleased with it so far?
  12. StevenA

    Rebei Bowl

    Very nice indeed, that's certainly some good growth in a fortnight :)
  13. StevenA

    Co2 bottle refill

    Contacted him today, very helpful guy :)
  14. StevenA

    Bucep's bluff thread finished :-)

    Great looking nano there tim, how do you find the Boyu external, have you got the drip tray there in case of or because of any leaks?
  15. StevenA

    A fool and his money...

    I think we've all got a bit of OCD in this hobby :D The devil's in the detail and we all love to fiddle with the detail :p Setups looking great by the way.