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    While U Wait CO2 Refills - South East London / Kent

    No ideas on this...? I live in Staines and have had the devils own job trying to find someone to refill a single FE. I now have two empty 5Kg FE's and have had to switch my tank to low tech as i think it is horrendously wasteful to keep scrapping FEs and buying new ones?! Is there no viable...
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    Amazon sword plantlets

    Thanks clive - thought so. Just seems a crying shame to throw 8 or so perfectly good xl amazon swords in the compost! :( From memory they are xl 'ozelot' types. Leaves grow very elongated and large and have a reddish blotching to them. Added to which i have cut so many 'dead' leaves off the...
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    Amazon sword plantlets

    Could have sworn i posted this earlier but i cant see it so.... Anyway i have several large swords which have all sprouted long stalks with several plantlets on each. My quandary is this - do i cut the stalks to allow the plant in the tank to grow properly (they seem to have stopped growing for...
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    John starkey 450lts 112g journal new pics 10/5/2009

    Re: John starkey 450lts 112g journal new pics added today 25/03/ Very nice looking tank - good exponent of the more 'dutch style' tanks i personally favour! I am not a huge nature aquarium tank fan - i like profusions of cooler greens and different styles of plants densely planted. I especially...
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    I love my part-time job...

    Lucky b4ggers! Do let us know about the opti-white!? I wonder if anyone will ever devise a non-toxic anti algae coating for glass!?
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    Apple snails pic

    suspected as much..
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    eheim - pah!

    dont accept that sks. To a degree i agree with the economy of scale you propose. You are right in so far as that i can accept a certain degree of issues with WEARING parts on these filters. They will eventually wear out - very true. HOWEVER these are NOT old filters and Eheim trade on their...
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    Apple snails pic

    no answers on this one then...?
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    Planted Tank - open to sugestion

    A 600g bottle used to last me two to 4 weeks on my 400 litres tank! This was with using a reasonably efficient rhinox diffuser below a filter outlet. Above comment is right though, i would go external reactor for this size tank. I just about get away with one ceramic diffuser.
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    c. balansae advice

    They arrived from Greenline as plants of about 4 inches or smaller. I have injected co2 from FE at 2bps and approx 2.7 wpg. Ill keep track on them - still no real sign of growth yet and they've been in for three weeks or so.
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    Apple snails pic

    I am interested in keeping some of these for glass algae control (green dust algae). Would they do this work? Will they leave all my plants alone? Also i keep small botia loaches (chain and zebra loaches) - would they be safe from them?
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    c. balansae advice

    I recently planted some C balansae in my 400 litre tank, which is fairly mature, in the hope that it would act as a nice contrasting background plant to my broader leaved swords. My question is, given my parameters detailed below, how long should it take for this plant to reach maturity? The...
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    Water changes...

    I use RO water from a water butt stored outside with a pond pump submerged in it attached to a large guage hose. I have another similar length hose for the waste water straight onto the plants in the yard. I could not be doing with lugging x amount of buckets back and forth. Only problem with...
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    Need algae pictures

    george published a thread with an article by this guy which had some good photos in. Its the sticky in the 'algae' section! Getting this guys permission to reproduce the pictures may be difficult as i dont think he has any affiliation to this forum.
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    How/Where did you hear about

    Got to give a shout out to Tom Barr - i was posting on the US forum and he suggested this might be better place. He was right! It might be worth considering i did a search on 'planted tank forums' in UK Google - you guys arent even on the first page of results!! Maybe this could be addressed...