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Recent content by Stickleback

  1. Stickleback

    Moving my 500L ratchet strapped tank from Jakarta to Saigon (video)

    Hi. I pop up here every few years. I'm currently living in Jakarta, but moving back to Vietnam. I have a really great tank and cabinet to take with me, so I thought I would document the move here. The sealant went on the tank a while ago, so I used a ratchet strap to hold the thing together...
  2. Stickleback

    My Aquarium in an Earthquake (video)

    Hi Apologies for the terrible quality of the video, but thought you lot might be interested in this. We just had a big quake in Jakarta (6.4) and I live on the 41st floor, so it gets very swayey. The first thing I noticed was the water really sloshing about in my open topped aquarium. A lot...
  3. Stickleback

    Removing snails safely

    I have dwarf puffer fish that keep the snail population in check. Do they also eat shrimp? Not sure.
  4. Stickleback

    Any top tips for growing Glosso in a low tech tank?

    I have had a number of low tech tanks and have had brief success with Glossostigma elatinoides. It would spread out across the substrate, but subsequently would melt. It is rumoured that glosso can be grown in a low tech no CO2 environment. So I was just wondering if anyone has any top tips to...
  5. Stickleback

    GH Boost

    I have just setup a tank in Jakarta. I would assume we have very soft water. It was a while before I could get any GH boost. I setup the tank anyway and things were mostly fine. However after a while the snail shells tend to go paler and almost transparent. I am now dosing GH boost and expect to...
  6. Stickleback

    Adjustable LED lighting

    Does this apply to domestic LEDs too? I have just put some fill in lights above my tank for aesthetic lighting, but would they also provide growth?
  7. Stickleback

    Using Untreated Teak Wood

    Yeah great to be back ;) Yup it's another low tech and hopefully natural light. However it might need some supplementary light. Heres the latest build, it's going to have quit a few emergent plants growing on top of the wood.
  8. Stickleback

    Using Untreated Teak Wood

    I'll let you know in a few weeks...
  9. Stickleback

    Is my windowsill vase doomed?

    Hi, sorry just looking back at my post and it must have been autocorrected to immersive, I meant emmersive, as it growing above water but with the roots below water.
  10. Stickleback

    Using Untreated Teak Wood

    Hi Everyone. I'm back again after being away for a few years. Setting a tank up in Jakarta this time. I found this amazing teak wood in the Indonesian countryside. Pretty big, the large one is about 130cm wide. Only cost £20 for both so pretty chuffed on that. I was just wondering if anyone...
  11. Stickleback

    Is my windowsill vase doomed?

    I have had a few tanks that catch full sunlight. I have always found the best solution is to have as many immersive plants as possible. It really makes a huge difference. I have a plant pot pond on my balcony that catches hours of full equatorial sun and have managed to get rid of the algae just...
  12. Stickleback

    Any way to fix a seized pump impeller

    Hi. Yeah I did try soaking it for a long time, but the impeller is just totally stuck. I am away at the moment, but will try the heating and ice thing, but I think it ran dry and was left on for a considerable amount of time so basically welded itself in place. I will try some WD40 maybe. I have...
  13. Stickleback

    Any way to fix a seized pump impeller

    Hi Guys Not posted for a while. I had to leave my last tank unattended for a while and the external water pumps ran dry. The impeller is completely seized up. I was just wondering if there is anyway this can be recovered. It's one Eheim and one Tunze pump. Would be annoying to have to throw...
  14. Stickleback

    The Kraken Archipelago of Vietnamesia

    Sadly, I have no idea. I have never seen it before, only in Vietnam. Maybe someone else can help....
  15. Stickleback

    The Kraken Archipelago of Vietnamesia

    More old pics