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Recent content by stu_

  1. stu_

    Looking for a Feature Fish

    As always, first question. What's your water like? Being in London? I'm guessing hard.
  2. stu_

    juwel rio 180

    I've run one for years low tech. With the internal and a koralia nano 900. Upgraded the impeller to the 1000 lph and removed the koralia when I just grew java fern,anubias & crypts. Biggest problem may be in the T5 lighting, but I'm sure you can get around that.
  3. stu_

    Fire extinguisher CO2 refills in the Leatherhead, Surrey area?

    Hi A bit of light reading to wade through. You might find somewhere on here http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/co2-refills.4258/
  4. stu_

    Just how many plants are there in a pot of Tropica 1-2-Grow?

  5. stu_

    Stems only growing one new shoot after trim?

    Some stems branch better / more easily than others. For me, Rotala tends to, where Bacopa tends to not.
  6. stu_

    New member, lots of questions

    Depends what type of look you want in a carpet Marsilea Hirsuta Micran. Monte Carlo Are easier ime
  7. stu_

    Lighting Ideas for a 600 x 450 x 300 (h)

    For what its worth as its currently out of stock. Got a cheap ebay dimmer on my 36cm high tank. Quite pinky light IMO,but now I'm used to it. I like its more streamlined profile compared to Chihiros.
  8. stu_

    Diffuser Cleaning

    Hi This subject comes up a lot http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/is-this-bleach-okay-to-use-for-cleaning-diffusers.40306/ http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/so-which-is-the-better-fluid-for-cleaning-diffusers.39668/ http://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/calling-up-inline-atomizer-users.33032/...
  9. stu_

    Hose Converter and atomizer

    Hi is it one of the new ones,the type that you can take apart ? If so,I think you can get these, which will convert. You may want to check with co2 Art,just to make sure.
  10. stu_

    Help identifying these white worms

    Unless you got Nerite snails.....
  11. stu_

    My Tank with the New Aquarium Light

    Now that's not something you see everyday on here........ Makes a change from Bba questions :D
  12. stu_

    Recommend me a filter 60P

    Should do the trick nicely. I run a similar set up with the Ex1200. As much as I like Jbl filters the 901e didn't give me enough flow. And tbh when it comes to maintenance time,I prefer the tap set up on a Tetratec,to the block on a Jbl. Mines 6 years old,and never leaked.
  13. stu_

    Worms in bucket

    Their are 34 species of mosquito in the UK, there's bound to be some in Ireland.In addition to gnats/midges.
  14. stu_

    Windswept Eternity

    True.A member of another forum I use to post on,got infected through a cut on the hand. Tank is looking lush mate.Worth the effort.