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Recent content by Swordplay

  1. Swordplay

    Juwel Primo 110 LED

    Amazing what you can do with a 120 litre "off the peg" tank. Thought I would add a pic of my Juwel 120 Lido.
  2. Swordplay

    Juwel heliolux

    I changed my T5's to the Helialux system on my Lido 120 and really wish I had done it sooner. The lighting is much more controllable and appears a lot more natural as well as bringing the fish colours out really well (my Cardinals now look amazing) With the addition of the controller my fish no...
  3. Swordplay

    Seasoned fishkeepers: How do you quarantine new fish?

    I have never quarantined any fish. I would say be quite picky as to where you buy them from and make friends with the staff there. Hopefully they will tell you where they source them from and also how long the fish you are looking at have been in the tank. If the fish appear to be very cheap...
  4. Swordplay

    White silica sand: Does it alter Ph?

    I quite like the Jbl sansibar range as a substrate, still quite fine but maybe not as powdery as the one in your pic. If you have any Corys or similar it'll probably alll end up in your filter
  5. Swordplay

    Juwel 190 - Light Upgrade

    Probably won't be anymore light but will consume half the power of the T5's and having just changed to the Helialux it gives a more natural light and is far more versatile if used with thecontroller,and hey no large timer plug anymore:)
  6. Swordplay

    Juwel heliolux

    Finally took the plunge. Have to say very pleased with the new lights and how easy they were to set up with the controller. Fish seem to be behaving more naturally and are now not jumping when the light goes on and off. Nice to see my hatchets less stressed and swimming higher for longer. I...
  7. Swordplay

    Pygmy Cories hiding

    Just came across this pic and thought I would share it
  8. Swordplay

    Pygmy Cories hiding

    I did also find when I had lots of wood that formed caves it resulted in all of my corys hiding away even more and when they did venture out they were very jumpy. I do agree that once you have plants that have grown in and they are able to be out of "line of sight" they become braver and start...
  9. Swordplay

    Pygmy Cories hiding

    In my experience the pygmys will come out,if the light is on in the tank but the room is dark. I find with all my corys if they can't see you they will happily come out. Although saying that all are fine when they are eating Bloodworm or Prima. You could try adding some larger corys in the mix...
  10. Swordplay

    Juwel heliolux

    Happy to do some pruning for the sake of a more natural light cycle, just didn't want it to be an inferior light compared to my current T5's. Does it look as natural as the T5's btw?
  11. Swordplay

    Juwel heliolux

  12. Swordplay

    Juwel heliolux

    I am seriously considering upgrading to these on my Lido 120 as I hate the abrupt turning on/off of my lights which always seems to make my Hatchets jump. Does anyone think that the extra depth of the Lido would be a problem for the light intensity of this LED unit.?
  13. Swordplay

    Anubias heterophylla

    Anubias in the end just got worse and leaves just rotted so have unfortunately had to bin it and put it down to experience.
  14. Swordplay

    Leaves Nymphoides hydrophylla 'Taiwan' almost gone overnight.

    I had the same thing happen with that plant, but actually saw my Amano's go onto it and systematically rip it apart, just as it was getting to be a great specimen.
  15. Swordplay

    Rio 125 Rebooted Dutch Style.

    I recently put in the same Ludwigia, I originally bought if for my small tank but found when it arrived that it was very tall and no matter how or where I planted it, it still looked messy. So I cut the tops off and replanted them but they don't seem to want to stay in the substrate, think I'll...