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    English woodland Long overdue update

    Re: English woodland (Picture update 4th dec) looks very nice john. :)
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    Supperglue plants to wood.

    i agree, superglue gel is a very good option. i use this to glue stick coral frags to rock and it works very well indeed :)
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    Nano Tropica Aquacube 20x20x20cm [Now planted!]

    Re: Stus Hardscape for Tropica Aquacube really looking forward to this one developing :thumbup:
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    Improving my photos

    ps will muller your storage..........elements is not so bad. in my humble opinion i really wouldnt worry about filter pipes and all that malarky. although very very relevent if you were entering a competition i would just say keep clicking until the memory card is...
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    CO2 Tubing

    now that is a bargain :clap:
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    CO2 Tubing

    TMC have now released their plant range and while the majority of it is perhaps not the best they are doing 2m packs of clear silicone tubing which seems supple enough. i can get prices tommorow :)
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    i always do john :wink:
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    First slr photos

    stunning :D
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    pah, stop reading and get snapping starkey :lol:
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    a bargain at they really exist. :lol: looks like you got one John :D
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    at blackminster mate, but near enough. you are more than welcome mate :D
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    if you want to pop in and see me john you are welcome to bring your camera and have a "play" with my lenses. not that they are pro equipment but it may help....................would be good to see you :D you could critic my emmersed set up too :evil: :D
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    Pictus cats and amano shrimp

    snack me thinks :thumbdown:
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    the 18-55mm kit lens is junk. its amazing what a good bit of glass can do :thumbup:
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    JM Livefish do an excellent service and everything is delivered with "fishkeeper care" unlike other delivery companies. however timeframes and costs may have to be a little more flexible but they may be worth considering :)