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Recent content by tam

  1. tam

    Water changes bad for beneficial bacteria

    Does it matter? Either you are removing it through water changes or bacteria via the nitrogen cycle. As long as it's not there, who cares. If there is ever enough inbetween changes to support bacteria it will develop, and if there isn't it's not needed anyway.
  2. tam

    What Remineralising parameters do you aim for ? or Products do you use?

    Off the shelf that do gh and kh... Tropic Re-Min Tropical Salty Shrimp GH/KH Shrimp King gh/kh There are a few variations on shrimp ones, both the above do the gh and kh, rather than the more specialist shrimp varieties.
  3. tam

    Scarlett Badis /Dario Dario

    There isn't a ton of fish I can think of that would be happy in a small tank and low numbers. Any chance you could go a bit bigger on the tank? 30-40L would give you lots of options for small shoalers.
  4. tam

    Scarlett Badis /Dario Dario

    Yes, they hunt shrimp babies very well, but will leave adults (well anything over about 7mm) alone. They are active hunters and attracted to movement. As they are small they slink around easily in the plants/decor to hunt. I wouldn't expect the shrimp population to grow, or if it did slowly. You...
  5. tam

    Why do we advise Newbies like me low tech

    Because when you are advising random strangers on the internet you usually assume the skill/knowledge down. Yes, there will be some people that do the research and pull off high tech first time without a hitch (and with some luck involved), but odds are most people will have more success...
  6. tam

    attaching Buces and Anubias

    Gel superglue will spread less than regular. If the wood is already in the tank, then you can also glue to a chip of the same type of wood outside the tank where it's much easier to work carefully, then glue that bit of wood to the main piece. As you are then glueing two bigger surface areas it...
  7. tam


    Unipac black baltic pebbles? They are dark grey with the line through? Have you tried ebay? Easier to get small batches of different rocks aimed at decorative/craft etc. there is a fair few listings with grey/black of various sizes e.g. 20 kg Basalt Landscaping Pebbles/Stones (changes to black...
  8. tam

    Anyone have their tank in an alcove/corner?

    I have carried a 3m length (very heavy!) just redid my kitchen :) It's on worktop at the moment, as have been a series of smaller tanks for the last decade or so, but there is a foot spare either side and trim at the back so the edges have never got wet. It has support on the front edge too...
  9. tam

    Anyone have their tank in an alcove/corner?

    Haven't got too far into plans, but I think I will baton (e.g. 2x4) along the back, side and chimney wall - mine are brick - to give a level surface, and build down from there. I'll probably use a piece of kitchen worktop for the top surface. The tank is currently supported in a sort of similar...
  10. tam

    Anyone have their tank in an alcove/corner?

    I don't, but I'm planning the exact same thing :) I have the same alcove and have one of those style fitted units in the front room, which I plan to replicate in the 'dinning' room to put my 90cm tank on. I can't remember without measuring, but I think I have slightly more side to side space...
  11. tam

    Swap from RO to tap & rain

    That was might first thought, but the maths didn't seem to add up. The Saltyshrimp says 300µS = 6gh, which I work out as 190TDS (dividing by 1.56) so my 220TDS should be about 7GH. I think the tap is about 315TDS, so if I dilute to 220 that's about 12.3GH... which is quite a bit harder. Maybe...
  12. tam

    Swap from RO to tap & rain

    I'm moving and logistically it would be easier to swap from remineralised RO to tap+rainwater, I think. I currently use RO remineralised with Salty Shrimp GH/KH to about 220 TDS. The tap water report is: 311 mg/l (or parts per million) :Calcium Carbonate 124.4 mg/l (or parts per...
  13. tam

    What do I do with all these babies?

    No idea on the answers but congratulations on the babies. Worth talking to your local fish shop, mine would give store credit for fish but it just depends on the shop. If they will take them they will tell you the size and they might prefer to stagger it in batches.
  14. tam

    Rearing Killifish Fry

    I found a hang on the side fry box worked really well for raising cory fry. You can run then off an air powered filter, but I just used an elastic band to position a bit of airline in the outflow of my main filter and that was enough to give a constant trickle of water through.
  15. tam

    Old tank syndrome

    Yes, cloudy eyes - which can be associated with poor water quality. I think plant growth is very helpful for stabilising things, logically it gives somewhere for the 'stuff' building up in the water to go, whether that's locked in the plant material, or in plant material that's then removed...