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    3 feet tank - new setup

    vito, where is the tread that discuss similar problem? my observation is when initially planted, it was growing fine. as they grow more compact, they turn into this. now, i have a patch of new staurogyne, planted on some empty spots to experiment if new growth is ok
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    3 feet tank - new setup

    Lol! my stones, graveyard?? ouch.... but i've to agree it should look better :lol: i recently put a nerite in. but the staurogyne has been like that before i put it in. i've some SAE, but SAE were already in there since the beginning, and the staurogyne had been growing fine... its confirmed...
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    Shrimp Tank - Juwel Rekord 60

    wow, whats the plant?its nice.... it carpets, but doesnt look like moss
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    3 feet tank - new setup

    hi guys, updated recently. i've taken out all hhygrophilia corymbosa, and replaced them with driftwood, tied with taiwan/singapore moss. blyxa growing really well. but seems to have some problem with staurogyne. the leaves seems to have some algae, and its shape is strange. as if something is...
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    K insufficiency?

    Hi guys, i'm currently using EI dosing method, based on james' website. 33g KNO3 7g KPO4 250ml water 10g trace mix (not sure of trace composition) 250ml water tank size is 90cmX45X45. i'm using Aquasoil Amazonia 2. therefore i'm dosing 10ml of macro solution every 2 days as compared to...
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    3 feet tank - new setup

    this is my 3 feet tank at 1 week old. i've decided not to do an iwagumi, as i dont have enough stones, and i'll like to have some plants such as hygrophila corymbosa compact :D the plants: rotala rotundifolia blyxa japonica hygrophila corymbosa compact staurogyne japanese hairgrass...
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    1600 Gallon 5 meters long planted behemoth

    i feel like sitting on the couch. can stare at the tank for hours :lol:
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    EHEIM Ecco Pro 2036

    Just wondering, has anybody used this? i just got this for my 3 feet tank (90X45X45) and would like to know about this more.
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    Here is the proof...

    Hi Dave, is the hygrophila corymbosa 'compact' still there? i cant notice it in the pictures. did the leaves turn bronze/red?
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    Blyxa Japonica Trimming

    Hi all, I've received some stalks of blyxa japonica through post. the condition of the plant is not good as some leaves melted and its turn yellowish. its still alive though. i've dropped these temporarily into my smaller tank, as my 3 feet tank is not ready yet. i've tied it to some stones to...
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    hygrophila corymbosa 'compact'

    Hi folks. i like this plant. it is slow growing, and has red-brown if given the right condition. anybody has experience with this? there's a picture of it here http://www.plantgeek.net/images/plantpics/hcompact2.jpg i was informed that this plant requires high amount of light. how light do i...
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    3 feet tank - new setup

    thanks for the feedback! ok, i'll get set for more rock hunting! seems not like an easy task, but i certainly dont wanna rush for this tank and later regret it. in the meantime, i'll try grouping my stones together once i get back. i'll check out tenellus and see how tall it grows. i'm planning...
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    3 feet tank - new setup

    Hi people. i've got myself a 2nd hand braceless 3 footer. (90cmX45cmX45cm) Aquasoil amazonia 2 lighting - 4 X 36 Watt PLL tubes filtration - getting Ecco Pro 2036 pressurised CO2 plants - still undecided fauna - undecided i may look for other smaller stones as the small stones are not...
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    Filter recommendation for 3ft tank

    i'd like to use a lily pipe as well, as it looks more cool 8) if using eheim pro 2028, with lily pipe for a 3 ft tank, will the water velocity be too high? please advise... should i use lower capacity filter such as eheim ecco 2236 (600lph)? i still couldnt make up my mind... i've difficulties...
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    Filter recommendation for 3ft tank

    Anybody used EHEIM PRO II 2028? is it ok for a 3 or 3.5 ft tank? the stated filtration rate is 1050l per hour, which should be ok i suppose how about the filter media? i was looking at the catalogue and they have like mechanical media as well... i thought its better to just put biological...