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    200L tank with good lighting?

    Hi, I currently have a 225L (ish) Cleair tank which was supplied with 4xT8. I found this level of lighting sufficient to require CO2 but of the two ballasts broke last year. As the space into which the ballasts fits is rather small and the ballasts are unidentifiable Chinese make, I've not...
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    Snail eater for a 60 Litre

    TBH I don't think they necessarily breed at a very fast rate and IME they're much slower than MTS. I can still only count about 7 in my little 35l from an original buy of 2 - last year.
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    anubias evil?? :0)

    :lol: I can confirm what his wife said about spiders though :wink:
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    My fish have "bubbles"

    Sounds like Gas Bubble Disease (emphysematosis) but I've never experienced it personally tbh. If you get no other help right now, I'd be tempted to stick an air pump on for a bit.
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    My first photo contest

    Wow. They are all impressive photos. Congratulations :clap: I too like "travels"
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    Snail eater for a 60 Litre

    Assassin snails (anentome helena) are great for pest snails and MTS if you feel that way about them (and faster than you'd think) though when the snails run out I suspect that they eat the cherry shrimp. I ran out of snails in my little tank a while ago and now also have no cherries! The...
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    uncomplicated way to propogate hc.

    Ok so I've got the old propagator out of the shed and filled the pots with compost - do I keep the compost wet by putting water into the propagator or do I just water frequently? I have a mister to use daily for the leaves.
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    emmersed growing on the windowsill?

    It just sounds all so easy! If I can get the propagator out of the shed, I might just have a crack at this - thanks!
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    time to retire from UKAPS

    Although I have been absent from the forum for quite a while, I still am grateful that there will be more of your threads/posts to read and be inspired by when I do drop in - the forum is a lesser place when knowledge/experience leaves. I know very little about planted tanks, but I know what I...
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    Storing ferts

    My trace mix goes mouldy if not kept in the fridge. Last two times I've mixed a batch up, I've some disaster or other meaning I've stopped dosing :roll:
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    Thank you Aaron.
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    distilled water

    afaik, de-ionised is the same thing. That's what I was told when I went to Halfrauds to get some for the ferts/drop checker but I was told here (I think) that it doesn't make a huge amount of difference if you use normal tap water for mixing ferts.
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    If changing water introduces CO2 which we want the plants to adapt away from in a low light/tech, no CO2 set up, how do you deal with evaporation and dropping water levels. In my little tank (35l) I've a luminaire and a combination of the heat from the light and an open top to the tank means...
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    New Moderator - SteveUK

    Congratulations Steve :D
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    When do I need a new FE?

    Definitely take the advice on not waiting until your FE is empty to think about refilling. I returned from holiday to find a green tank and lots of dead fish, plus an empty FE. I suppose the FE dumped it's remaining gas whilst I was away, but the algae was amazing. The surface was covered...