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    Multi-colour LED Mood Lighting Modification + video

    If only they added a timer function for the sunrise/sunset effect too!
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    AquaRay Lighting Controller with DIY LED bar?

    Great, thanks :thumbup:
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    AquaRay Lighting Controller with DIY LED bar?

    Radik, did you experience any other issues with using DIY LEDs with the Aquaray controller? Was it easy enough finding the right connectors to make the connection to the controller?
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    AquaRay Lighting Controller with DIY LED bar?

    That's what I was hoping to hear. I'm planning on using the Aquaray 8 way controller linked in to some DIY 5 Cree LED bars on a sunrise /set cycle :thumbup:
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    AquaRay Lighting Controller with DIY LED bar?

    I'm looking to control some existing DIY LED lights I have, to create a sunrise/sunset effect. Is there any reason why an Aquaray lighting controller couldn't be hooked up to a DIY LED bar that has 5 Cree XP-Gs? The other option I've been considering is the Flora-Mate controller connected to...
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    Auto Dosing EI with a dosing pump (diagram and calculations)

    Re: Auto Dosing EI with a dosing pump (diagram and calculati @ Another Will: I've been thinking along the same lines as you. The control and reliability of using a medical infusion pump seems the way to go surely?
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    Sam, I just realised the how it connects and won't work effectively with my Fluval FX5 due to the size of the pipe-work. I guess I'll stick to my DIY inline heater/reactor set-up for the time being. Thanks for the confirmation though.
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    How well would this perform with a 350 litre corner tank (using a Lunapet regulator)? Thanks.
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    carpeting plants in eco-complete

    I planted HC in Eco-complete around 12 months ago and it did fine. This was/is my first so-called high-tech set-up (FE injected CO2/DIY external in-line reactor). The whole of the for-ground was covered by the HC and had to be pruned often as it was growing over itself. That was until I went...
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    DIY Project DIY Water Changer, No more buckets!!

    I couldn't agree more. I have non return valves on all my taps that I use to supply water to the aquarium. Back-syphoning into the water supply is an issue with leaving a garden hose in a bucket of water or watering can in the garden too. I think it's mandatory to have a one-way valve fitted to...
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    3 weeks away - CO2 ran out + no EI resulting in Rhizoclonium

    Zig, I'll do the 50% water changes ever 2nd day and dose easy carbo. Really didn't want to cut the HC back as it was looking soo good :cry: But looks like I have no option. I might try a 3 day black-out, afterall, I have nothing to loose! Simon, thanks for the sympathy - hopefully I'll be...
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    what do you think of this reactor?

    That's a nice reator you've built - very professional looking!
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    3 weeks away - CO2 ran out + no EI resulting in Rhizoclonium

    Just got back from 3 weeks away. The CO2 ran out - don't know when, and the person who was supposed to be looking after the tank and dosing EI trapped his sciatic nerve so didn't dose or do the weekly 50% water changes :evil: On my return I was greeted by a tank looking like this one pictured...
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    Algae scrappers

    I use one of these too - agreed, very effective!
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    Botia Striata and Nerite Snails

    Sam, no problems so far - ramhorns just about wiped out - I couldn't count more than 2 small ones today! The Botia Striata had the job done in 24 hours. Really nice fish, and obvioulsy like to be in a group as the 3 I have are always together. I haven't seen them go anywhere near the Nerites.