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    Opinions and help with 80cm 'scape

    Hi Mitch, ok I see it now alright, stuck together, I had something in mind like this before I knew that, excuse the 2 minute photoshop job. But if that cant be done because of the wood I would stack the plants high on the right hand side to balance it out. The foreground could be sand (just a...
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    Opinions and help with 80cm 'scape

    The roots are nice but I think it will be hard to balance the tank without the right hand side being quite full with tall plants and bigger rocks. You could probably make the balancing job a bit easier by lowering/angling the furthest branch on the left hand side that would give you more scope I...
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    My Aquarium Just Got 9 Grand Cheaper.

    Come to Ireland, aquariums are down 50% since 2008 and still falling. We are on target for a 20% fall this year alone :D
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    IAPLC 2010 TOP 27

    Here's a picture from a different forum , it seems to be the winning shot, looks the same to me anyway as those posted here already. Heres the first shot from this thread and heres Stu's straightened out version from the next page (amazingly accurate!) and the winner is!! :D click on the...
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    UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

    Thanks George, The main shot was taken with a Nikon D70 with an old school Manual Focus Nikkor 24mm f/2.8s wideangle lens. Im about 2 foot away from the glass and get no distortion whatsoever. So I dont know exactly what the equivalent digital focal lense would be tbh. I have a few old style...
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    UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

    Thanks Sam, yeah Getting into trouble keeping things quiet!! I wonder why the images are out of focus when they are posted on the board, click on them and they are ok, I havent come across that before, Im just direct linking them from photobucket with the [IMG] tabs.
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    UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

    Too hard on yourself there Victor its a fine looking aquascape :thumbup: Anyway here's me - rank 49 in IAPLC 2010. Spec on this tank: Dimensions: The tank is ancient and fit for the skip really, I did worry about it tbh, in inches it measures 28Lx12Dx14H so about 70x30x35 in cms - 73.5...
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    IAPLC 2010 TOP 27

    Thanks for posting ravattar! Number 1 has me disappointed though it wouldnt be the first time in this competition either! some great looking scapes nonetheless, just need better pictures now.
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    AGA 2010 Aquascaping Contest is open for entries

    Just a reminder 2 more days for this competition if you want to enter, closing date Sept 25th. Not sure if I will enter yet, dont think I will tbh but having said that Im humming and hawing will I wont I back and forth , better decide today one way or the other.
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    Dosing Fe ( Iron ) ?

    When you take out the rocks substrate etc how much water is actually in a 30l tank probably not a lot really. So I'd dose with that in mind if it was my tank. If i was dosing 2 drops ECA per day I would probably do water changes every few days as a precaution, watching things closly is obviously...
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    Nick16 signing out....

    Hope she's nice! Good luck at uni Nick :thumbup:
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    Andyh's 190l Lounge tank (update 20-09-11)

    Re: Andyh's 190l Lounge tank. (now with ADA Solar 1) Looks the business 8) scape has plenty of potiential as well :wink:
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    1-2-LETS GROW!

    Looking good there Graeme, lots of nice elements about this setup. Thanks for sharing the photos.
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    Just got back from TGM...

    Pretty sure JamesC has done the breakdown on the TPN+ if you search the forum Im sure you will find more info on it. Personally I have run tanks exclusively on TPN+ with no problems, George Farmer has as well AFAIK.
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    Mark, George and project scree.

    Thats usually at the lowest setting Mark, these are Bowens strobes so fully adjustable. You could use tracing paper over the bowl light reflector to lower the output and reduce your f number but this diffues the light, so I usually do without that and just go with the harder light. You could...