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  1. George Farmer

    Request for UKAPS guests on my YouTube channel

    Hi all, I'm looking at creating more UK-based content featuring fellow hobbyists that are comfortable to share their aquariums and stories. You don't have to have the highest-end equipment or have the fanciest aquascape. I'm more interested in telling engaging stories that my audience will...
  2. George Farmer

    Latest podcast - Aquarium Plants and Aquascaping

    Hi all I thought I'd share our latest podcast. We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what other topics you'd like to hear about. :D Special thanks to Aquarium Gardens for supporting this episode. 🙏💚 If you enjoy our podcast please consider leaving a review on Apple podcasts - it really helps us...
  3. George Farmer

    New Aquascaping Podcast

    Hi all, I've started a new podcast on aquascaping if you're interested! https://anchor.fm//georgefarmer Feedback and ideas for future episodes and seasons welcome. Also I have a new website. https://www.georgefarmerstudios.com Cheers, George
  4. George Farmer

    Chihiros RGB VIVID 2 - First impressions video

    Hi all, I know there's a few of you with some experience of these units already but I thought I'd share my video. Interested to hear your feedback. It was interesting to read that most of my audience that commented preferred the Twinstar 1200, or even Kessil A360we Tuna Sun. One thing I did...
  5. George Farmer

    Aquarium Design Group YouTube playlist

    Hi all, Following my recent trip to the US I created a playlist of the videos I create during my time at ADG. Despite the US having many more challenges getting consistent good quality and variety of aquarium plants compared with Europe these guys are really leading the way in aquascaping over...
  6. George Farmer

    Scape School Sunday

    New series started last night. I hope you like it!
  7. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 900 by Filipe Oliveira

    Beautiful work from the legendary Filipe A. Oliveira at the Aquarium Gardens workshop 2 days ago. Short film >>
  8. George Farmer

    10 scapes at Aquarium Gardens - what’s your favourite?

    10 scapes filmed at Aquarium Gardens. Watch the film and vote for your favourite! Link >>>
  9. George Farmer

    New Aquascaper 900 Set up

    Today I aquascaped this Aquascaper 900! See more and hit the link! ⤵️
  10. George Farmer

    Aqua Expo 2018 at Aqua Depot, London - Sunday 27th May

    Who is going? https://www.facebook.com/events/1592676360814874/ I'll be scaping three tanks (Aquascaper 600, 900, 1200). There's some huge displays there including a 3 metre Iwagumi and 700 litre African-theme scape. 8000 litre reef... Should be fun. It's also free!
  11. George Farmer

    Epic Aquascaper 600 film!

  12. George Farmer

    How I film

    How I film aquascapes ⤵️
  13. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 1200 update

  14. George Farmer

    Free Aquascape Makeover

    Tune in tonight....my channel... 9pm
  15. George Farmer

    Jurijs 120cm Nature Aquarium

    Epic long-term Nature Aquarium from Jurijs
  16. George Farmer

    Vlog - The Art of The Planted Aquarium 2018

  17. George Farmer

    Tools out!

  18. George Farmer

    Juwel Lido 200 Nature Aquarium

    How we aquascaped this...
  19. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 1200 - Huge update

  20. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 600 update + Q&A + 25K

  21. George Farmer

    Non-CO2 budget scape

  22. George Farmer

    Steven’s Nature Aquarium

    Lots of info in the video description
  23. George Farmer

    Scaping at Tropica

  24. George Farmer

    Pete's Iwagumi

    This was fun.
  25. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 600 - 1 month on...

  26. George Farmer

    Scaping on a budget

    Budget-minded aquascaping, by popular demand!
  27. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 1200 - one week

    Potentially my best scape and certainly one of my favourite videos so far... Keep on scaping
  28. George Farmer

    Win free stuff...

  29. George Farmer

    My last scape...

    ...of 2017 ;) Happy New Year, all. Keep on scaping!
  30. George Farmer

    She loves it!

  31. George Farmer

    My Top 10 Tips!

    Watch to the end for the outtakes! Merry Christmas, all! X
  32. George Farmer

    ADA 60P for a client

    Setting up an ADA 60P. Still prefer an Aquascaper 600....
  33. George Farmer

    Green Aqua displays

  34. George Farmer

    Jurijs Home Scapes!

  35. George Farmer

    Green Aqua

    No words required...
  36. George Farmer

    90cm Easy Nature Aquarium

    Nice and simple Nature Aquarium step-by-step in an Aquascaper 900. Non-CO2, easy plants!
  37. George Farmer

    NON-CO2 Long-term Island Scape

    Arguable my best long-term scape ever. Full cinematic-style video!
  38. George Farmer

    Wedding Present!

  39. George Farmer

    1200 litre NA makeover

    This was a cool project...
  40. George Farmer

    Long-term Nature Aquarium - 12+ months

    “Cinematic Sunday” video out now on my YouTube channel. Keep on ‘scaping!
  41. George Farmer

    How I deal with BBA - no chemicals

  42. George Farmer

    150cm Mountainscape

  43. George Farmer

    Incredible Dutch scapes!!

    I filmed these last month during a trip to Amsterdam. Epic.
  44. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 600 at home - 90 days

    Battling BBA but fairly pleased. It's nice tank in the living room and the missus is happy :)
  45. George Farmer

    Going Dutch!

  46. George Farmer

    Aquascaper 600 Nature Aquarium

    6 weeks. Pleased. :)
  47. George Farmer

    Ryan's ADA 120-P Nature Aquarium

    I visited Ryan (Thang To) yesterday... :)
  48. George Farmer

    My home aquariums - In-situ

    Hi all, I wasn't sure where best to post these. I spend a fair bit of effort and time on these photos though, so here we are... Aquascaper 300, 600 and 1200. Aquascaper 300 Cube by George Farmer, on Flickr Aquascaper 600 by George Farmer, on Flickr Aquascaper 300 Cube by George Farmer, on...
  49. George Farmer

    Who lives in the East of England and has an awesome aquascape?!

    I'm looking for a potential PFK Reader Visit. Post your pics here! Cheers, George
  50. George Farmer

    Project 600

    Aquascaper 600...
  51. George Farmer

    Hampshire Aquascaping Group - 2nd Birthday Event

    Hi all, Anyone coming to this? Be great to see you there! https://www.facebook.com/events/1415521421810063/
  52. George Farmer

    Video - Step-by-step Aquascape

    Hi all Here's a video of me aquascaping a Dennerle Scapers Tanks using some very cool plants, and with guest appearance from the legendary Stefan Hummer aka The Plantahuhter! I hope you like it! Cheers, George
  53. George Farmer

    George visits Dennerle

    Hi all, Here's a video summarising my trip to Dennerle in Germany recently. I hope you like it! Cheers, George
  54. George Farmer

    George's new vlog series on YouTube

    Hi all, This is my first ever vlog! I hope you like it. It's a different style to my usual videos. The production level is lower (recorded on iPad with minimal editing) but it's a more relaxed style and insight into my life as an aquascaper. Please give me ideas for future vlogs and I'll...
  55. George Farmer

    How to aquascape a nano aquarium

  56. George Farmer

    How to plant a low-maintenance Nature Aquarium

    The video says it all... :)
  57. George Farmer

    George's Aquascaper 1200 Nature Aquarium

    SO excited about the aquascape for this bad boy... Ideas welcome :)
  58. George Farmer

    Aquascaping Weekend @ Romsey World of Water, 16th-17th Apr '16

    Hi all, For those not on Facebook.. Just a quick post to let you all now that I'll be at Romsey World of Water this weekend, 16-17 Apr. I'll be creating three new 'scapes from scratch (EA1200, Crystal Aqua, Mirabello tanks), giving a slideshow on each day and re-scaping some current display...
  59. George Farmer

    Insularium - Exclusive first sight

    The video explains (nearly) everything, hopefully...
  60. George Farmer

    Report from the UKAPS Aquascaping Experience 2016

    Hi all, For me the UKAPS Aquascaping Experience 2016 has been the culmination of years of gradually building the UK aquascaping and planted tank scene to a point where UKAPS can justifiably host a free entry, world-class event. UKAPS is well known for its active forum that enjoys a community...
  61. George Farmer

    Ranks 11-25 UKAPS Aquascaping Experience Hardscape Challenge

    Hi all, As promised, the remaining entries in the UKAPS AE Hardscape Challenge. Thank you to all entries!
  62. George Farmer

    Top 10 Qualifiers - UKAPS Aquascaping Experience Hardscape Challenge 2016

    Hi all, Firstly many thanks to all of you that made the effort and submitted your hardscape entries. There were 25 in total, with some very strong entries, making it very tricky for the UKAPS AE Committee to judge! Here are the Top 10, in no particular order, with the artists name above each...
  63. George Farmer

    UKAPS Aquascaping Experience - Raffle Prizes

    Hi all, It's just 4 weeks left until the most exciting aquascaping the UK has ever seen - The UKAPS Aquascaping Experience, held on Saturday, 5th March 2016. More details here - www.ukaps.org/ae To make things even more exciting, UKAPS have teamed up with some of our excellent sponsors, who...
  64. George Farmer

    I love BBA

    A lot of discussion about BBA, which is great... Sometimes it can look good. Funnily enough this is the only area in the tank with it. choc2 by George Farmer, on Flickr
  65. George Farmer

    Superfish Home 80

    Hi all, This is a quick 'scape I did on commission. I was given 4 weeks to grow-in a 'scape in a prototype tank, with the final photo shoot (by me) being potentially used for packaging. The result....
  66. George Farmer

    Video Announcement of UKAPS Aquascaping Experience 2016

  67. George Farmer

    UKAPS Aquascaping Experience 2016

    Hi all, In case you missed it - www.ukaps.org/ae And there's the sub-forum here - http://www.ukaps.org/forum/forums/aquascaping-experience-info.124/ Cheers, George
  68. George Farmer

    Who's coming to the UKAPS Aquascaping Experience 2016?

    Hi all, So who's coming along to this great event? It would be wonderful to meet you all and share our passion for this wonderful hobby! Cast your votes and feel free to reply below. :) Cheers, George Click HERE to Confirm Attendance A Bull With Yogurts - 1 Brian Murphy - 1 Crystal Aqua -...
  69. George Farmer

    Announcing the UKAPS Aquascaping Experience 2016

    UKAPS are incredibly excited to announce the UK's first ever dedicated live aquascaping event. Our aim is to inspire and educate new and experienced hobbyists alike with a wide variety of exciting aquascaping experiences. The UKAPS Aquascaping Experience will be held at a one-day event in the...
  70. George Farmer

    UKAPS Hardscape Challenge 2016 - How to Enter

    The UKAPS Hardscape Challenge is an exciting head-to-head live competition that allows aquascapers to compete using a dry layout consisting of hardscape materials and substrate. 10 entrants are selected from UKAPS Members through a qualification round. The UKAPS Hardscape Challenge will be...
  71. George Farmer

    Same style of aquascape, after 10 years of practice...

    Hi all, Almost 10 years ago I created a low-maintence aquascape - mainly ferns, Anubis and crypts. Today I took the final shot of my latest 'scape - mainly ferns, Anubis and crypts. Note the difference. Mainly use of hardscape, open foreground and more complex textures. I thought it was an...
  72. George Farmer

    Superfish Home 80 - Step-by-step video

    Hi all This is my first attempt at a step-by-step video. I hope you like it! Cheers, George
  73. George Farmer

    When things don't go to plan... - Day 28 update

    Hi all, I thought I'd share this video with you all after some of the comments I've received asking "how do you do it?" etc. I'm by no means a perfect plant grower! I have issues with my aquascapes and plants as much as the next man. Perseverance and patience are usually all it takes to...
  74. George Farmer

    Journal My best low-tech 'scape so far

    Hi all, I thought I'd post a quick photo of my Superfish Expert 70. No CO2 or liquid carbon. Occasional ferts (Colombo Pro) and Colombo Pro Soil. Internal filter and It hasn't had a water change in 3 months. Plants are mostly crypts, buces, Rotata and some Anubias, Cyperus. Incredibly low...
  75. George Farmer

    Superfish Expert 70

    Hi all I set this up about 7 weeks ago. To be honest wasn't sure about the lighting - it measured 5 umol at the substrate! However, all the plants are growing and I'm even getting red R. rotundifolia! Using Colombo range (soil, ferts, liquid CO2), non-CO2 gas injection. Aquafleur plants.
  76. George Farmer

    NA 65cm - Slow Burner

    Hi all, My latest 65cm aquascape. More videos and pics coming soon... :)
  77. George Farmer

    Superfish Home 60

    Hi all, I recently set up this little tank. Quite an impressive all-in-one system suitable for beginners. I'll update videos every week and post photos as and when.
  78. George Farmer

    My current 'scapes - 65cm NA and 30cm cube

    Hi all, I thought I'd post pics of my current 'scapes before I tear them down soon and create some new layouts. Both have been featured fairly recently in PFK magazine although they've been re-scaped a little. The first is a Natural Aquario 65x40x45cm. I set it up as a sub-tropical set-up and...
  79. George Farmer

    Coming back to UKAPS...

    Hi all, Many of you have noticed my absence over the last 12 months or so. For personal reasons I'd rather not go into too much details but I'm really happy to say that soon I will be contributing a lot more. I have two tanks to re-scape soon and I will create journals. I miss my journals! So...
  80. George Farmer

    30cm - The Cube

    Hi all I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! :) Here's a few shots of my home tank, a 30cm cube. It's been set up for a few months and is surprisingly low maintenance. I'm not using CO2 injection but add liquid carbon and Tropica Specialised daily, 1ml each. I...
  81. George Farmer

    New full-time career in aquatics

    Dear all, It's with a great sense of excitement that I announce a change in full-time career from the Armed Forces to the aquatic industry. From 1 April 2014 I will be the AquaGro Brand Manager for Tropical Marine Centre (TMC). The role is very diverse and there are some extremely exciting...
  82. George Farmer

    George's 65cm Natural Aquario

    Coming soon... :)
  83. George Farmer

    Your personal aquascaping/aquarium highlights from 2013

    Hi all, With the end of 2013 fast approaching I thought it would be interesting to share our personal planted tank and aquascaping highlights from the year. They can be anything from your own successful 'scapes, breeding fish, beating algae, new kit, new plants etc. Mine was setting up my...
  84. George Farmer

    What's your favourite aquascaping shop?

    Hi all, I'm interested to hear about your favourite aquarium shop that has an interest or bias towards aquascaping. For instance they may have a decent planted display tank or two and stock aquascaping-friendly kit such as CO2 and decent hardscape. Similar to this thread - UK Shops for...
  85. George Farmer

    George's One-Pot Iwagumi Challenge

    Hi all, New journal time. :) Spec - Tank and Cabinet - TMC Signature Range Lighting - TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima x 2 CO2 - 2Kg FE, Dennerle reg with solenoid, 1BPS with Fluval bubble counter, Up Aqua inline diffuser Filter - Fluval G3 Substrate - 15 litres TMC nutraSoil (black) Ferts -...
  86. George Farmer

    Any runners out there?

    Hi all, Apart from aquascaping and photography I've recently (last 12 months) really go into running. I'm now the captain of my local team and we won the road race league this season! :D I've got my first half-marathon (13 miles) next Sunday - The Great Eastern Run, which I'm hoping to run...
  87. George Farmer

    BiOrb Air

    I'm not a big fan of BiOrbs but I think this looks quite cool.
  88. George Farmer

    George's Hillside (new Signature layout)

    Hi all, I've recently re-scaped my TMC Signature so I thought I'd start a new journal on here. Not really a groundbreaking aquascape - re-using the moss-covered Manzi from my previous two layouts that you can see here - George's TMC Signature | Page 38 | UK Aquatic Plant Society Specs -...
  89. George Farmer

    UKAPS Members' Full-Tank Shots

    This pinned topic is to showcase UKAPS Members' full-tank shots (FTS) of fully mature aquascapes. It is designed to be a high-impact and inspirational thread with no dialogue, discussion or feedback. For this reason only posts containing the following are to be submitted - 1. One full-tank...
  90. George Farmer

    Flowers in my garden

    Hi all, It was a lovely day so I thought I'd get outside and take a few photos of some of the beautiful flowers I have in my garden. Taken with my new Canon 6D and trusted 100mm macro lens. My favourite is the yellow lily. I think the dark green background contrasts brilliantly.
  91. George Farmer

    CRS photos, including babies

    My CRS are breeding. I have about 30 babies. :) Here's a few shots of the adults and their children.
  92. George Farmer

    Moss trimming, no mess - now with video

    Hi all, I love moss. Only recently have I used it properly in aquascaping and I've realised the biggest PITA for me with it is dealing with the trimmings. They usually sink to the bottom of the tank and require siphoning. Any leftovers usually get entangled with carpeting plants and end...
  93. George Farmer

    Sulawesi shrimp experiences

    Hi all, I'm thinking of setting up a Sulawesi shrimp tank soon. I realise they need 'weird' water conditions i.e. high pH and temp, low mineral content etc. but can anyone provide me with their experiences or point me to some appropriate links etc. Cheers, George
  94. George Farmer

    2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest

    Hi all, Please consider entering this year's AGA contest. 2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest It's free and you can enter three aquascapes. In many ways it's better than the IAPLC in my opinion. There's a good chance you'll receive actual feedback from highly reputable judges. There's...
  95. George Farmer

    ADA Solar I vs TMC 1500 Ultima

    Hi all, I thought I'd post two comparison photos showing the difference between the ADA Solar I metal halide with NA-Green bulb (150w, 8000K) and 2x TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima (2x 30w, 6500K). ADA Solar I ADA Solar I by George Farmer, on Flickr TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima TMC 1500 Ultima by...