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    HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE.

    Doubt its your tap water, but test it and see. How long has the tank and filter been set up? Cheers Gordon?
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    Algae questions and any other advice....

    Please take note of Clives advice on this. Good Luck. Cheers Gordon.
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    Thread Algae

    Thank you for your advice much appreciated Flow should not be a problem, i have an Eheim compact plus pump rated at 2000 litres per hour, then my Eheim external 2026. Both returns are plumbed into a spray bar along the back of the tank. I will reset the lighting timer and co2 timer tomorrow...
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    Thread Algae

    The Tank is a 4ft 240 litres, i was thinking an 8 hour peroid maybe to start off with and see how things go. Cheers Gordon.
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    Thread Algae

    Thats very helpful to know, as i have a similar problem. I have 2 39w t5 and 1 38w t8 lamp All on at 10am, off at 2pm, back on at 4pm off at 10pm. Co2 comes on at 9am and goes off at 9pm. Drop checker a lime green colour. Dosing James all in one too. I think maybe i need too change my...