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    Just caught up on this,not long now!!I must say I thought ooer when I saw your 9 week pic!!Any recent ones?My little one is 5 months now,big bro is 4,big sis 20.I loved being pregnant and adore babies,but won't have any more now.So I need to secure fixes of baby loveliness of other peoples babes...
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    oh my!

    I take it you don't watch Emmerdale then? :lol:
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    oh my!

    Nice. :|
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    Where are you from?

    What's the village called Simon? I'm from a little village called Wallacestone,about 2 miles out of Falkirk as the crow flies.Our park at the top of the road is a vantage point or something,I think the eleventh best in the country or something like that (somebody told me a long time ago,it has...
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2009!

    How sad are we?All our 'normal' presents,and all we want is another bag of substrate or a fish or two!! MERRY XMAS everyone!!
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    Worst Songs Of The Year - 2008

    wrote even better songs that didn't feature the sound of a seagull shouting "hello" down a chimney fpsml,that actually made me laugh out loud.That song was pure bilge.
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    Planted tank Blog

    What a mammoth task,I imagine you'll be very,very old before it's even anywhere near finished :lol:
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    Planted tank Blog

    I like the Aquarium Gardening site as it has photos,not watercolour paintings.I HATE how they don't put width and height in though,as a midground plant in one may be a background in another.
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    Planted tank Blog

    Deffo for that.A place where you can got to get any info you need on the planted tank,plants,styles,equipment,fish etc,with no chat to mess it all up,like and encylopedia.(Sometimes it can be quite hard looking for a certain solution on here when you are presented with 200 threads after you put...
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    The X Factor

    My jaw was almost touching the floor at Beyonce's performance.I have one of her albums which I love,but omg,to be born with a voice like that.Superb.
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    The X Factor

    Well I thought she was amazing,the duet with Beyonce was out of this world.
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    The X Factor

    Yeh,she should stick to the funnies.
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    Large Aquarium Wanted

    Probably the best place to ask around for something like that would be a marine forum,they really like monster tanks,most seem to get them made though but you never know what someone wants shot of. You could try a wanted ad here:http://www.ultimatereef.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=184
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    The X Factor

    It was more what she sung,wasn't out and out rude,just that she goes eeeuuuhhh at the end of every word,suppose you had to actually hear it to appreciate it.
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    The X Factor

    Lol,slightly off topic for an off topic thread,but did anyone hear Lilly Allen slagging Diana off o radio one.V.funny.
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    [FOR SALE] 1 three year old boy

    OMG,Noooooooo.My 3 year old is driving me radio rental at the mo.Such a lovely age :D