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  1. amy4342

    External filter for 28l nano?

    I use a Fluval 105 on my 20l Arc
  2. amy4342

    Help please, noisy Eheim 2126

    Great, thanks for the suggestions people, I'll try those out asap. Tom, are there rubber bits on both ends of the impeller shaft? I only found one on the removable end (if that makes sense), is there one inside also? Ooo, I hope it's that! I wonder how I lost it if it is? Lol. Darrel, is there...
  3. amy4342

    Help please, noisy Eheim 2126

    Hi all I've had my Eheim 2126 for about 8 years now, and it's always been great. All of a sudden, about 3 months ago, it suddenly became very noisy, sounding similar to when it's got air moving inside it. I stuck with it for about a month, because I was too busy to do anything about it...
  4. amy4342

    Quick Question

    I've got a 105 on the 20l Arc. It's brilliant, and the flow is adjustable so you can always turn it down - I keep mine on about three quarters flow most of the time.
  5. amy4342

    Short Spraybars

    Maybe some clear acrylic tubing with holes drilled in would do the trick?
  6. amy4342

    Internal Filter Advice

    Hi. I bought an Arcadia Arc 20l and found the internal filter to be woefully inadequate. The flow was non-existant around the tank even in the early days, and when the plant biomass grew it caused problems. I now use a Fluval 105, which is great. I am currently using this filter...
  7. amy4342

    Suggestions for small external filter for 40L tank please

    Re: Suggestions for small external filter for 40L tank pleas Hi I use a Fluval 105 on my 20l Arc Tank-the flow is adjustable and I definately don't find it too powerful for such a small tank. It is quite bulky though so not sure if i would be too big?
  8. amy4342

    Noooo, broken my glass intake :(

    I made my own from acrylic - I bought a length of acrylic pipe of the correct diameter, placed a spring bender inside the pipe to stop it deforming too much, heated the middle with a garden blow torch and then bended it when the acrylic had melted enough. It dosen't look as good as the glass...
  9. amy4342

    Filter Brand Preference - Your opinion counted

    Hi James I use an Eheim 2128 (thermo version) on my 120l and a Fluval 105 on my 25l tank. I love them both and personally have no preference over either, although I love the thermofilters because there is no need for a heater in the tank, which looks much better.
  10. amy4342

    Recommend a filter for nano

    Cool. In that case - watch this space! :D. My plants for the nano also arrived this morning, so I'm going to bend the pipes later, then strip the tank down and replant, so I'll post some pics later.
  11. amy4342

    Recommend a filter for nano

    That's cool, hope it's useful! Btw, instead of putting a stopper on the end, I heat it up and then snip the ends with a pair of scissors, it brings it into a V shape and seals it at the bottom, looks slightly better imo. I also drill slats into it with a small round blade, I personally thing it...
  12. amy4342

    Recommend a filter for nano

    Yup, it's made a huge difference-I just can't take my eyes off it :D. Thanks for all the advice! I 've replaced the pipes flexible pipe with clear stuff from AE (16mm), and I've make my own inlets and spray bars with the 16mm tube from this place http://www.clearplasticsupplies.co.uk/m ...
  13. amy4342

    Recommend a filter for nano

    Hi guys, just thought I'd let you all know that I bought a Fluval 105 on Friday and just set it up - omg, it's amazing! How did I cope before? I can see a massive difference in distribution, and my drop checker is looking happy in all areas so far. :D. So thanks for all the advice!
  14. amy4342

    Recommend a filter for nano

    That's cool, thanks for providing me with the tubing sizes. I'll be ordering it and will hopefully arrive soon after I get the filter, which will hopefully be Friday! Yay! Lol, thanks for the pricing - my LFS has it for £53, so a good price I think. Good customer service from Hagen then - I...
  15. amy4342

    Recommend a filter for nano

    I prefer to buy stuff like that new to be honest, and my LFS is amazing - I buy almost everything off him, so he cuts me a deal on almost everything :D. Have you replaced the tubing on yours? Do you know the internal and external diameter of the tubing? I bought the clear tubing from eBay and...
  16. amy4342

    Recommend a filter for nano

    Ah, I see! Cool idea! I'm definately leaning towards the 105 atm then.
  17. amy4342

    Recommend a filter for nano

    Interesting reading folks. The Ex400 looks cool, and I would have thought the leaking issues would have been resolved since they were released later. I'm leaning towards the Fluval 105 atm I think. Superman, how did you turn the flow rate down? I was checking them out in the shop earlier (just...
  18. amy4342

    Recommend a filter for nano

    Hi Thanks for the info Sam-that's very helpful. And pretty much rules out an Eden. I've also seen some people mentioning some performance issues, and whilst I appreciate that there is always going to be a Friday model, I think I'm going to pass on the Eden. I'd like to stick with an Eheim-I've...
  19. amy4342

    Recommend a filter for nano

    Hi all. I'm looking for a new filter for my nano - I've got a HOB and I find it quite inefficient and it disperses out a lot of co2, so I'm looking for an external filter which will have an inline diffuser, inline heater and spray bar. Thing is, the nano only holds 15l (including displacement)...
  20. amy4342

    eheim outlet options

    Hi. An interesting choice of filter with it being a Wet and Dry Filter. I love the Eheims though, especially the thermofilters - they're great. I've got 4, 2 x 2128, a 2126 and a 2180. The 2128 and 2126 use 22/16mm hoses, and I got clear ones from here http://www.kiowa.co.uk/Products/PVC_Hos ...
  21. amy4342

    Reverse Osmosis filter Comparison?

    I find the same - mine has a TDS of 0-1, so I wouldn't worry about it for freshwater.
  22. amy4342

    Reverse Osmosis filter Comparison?

    Hi. I recently inevsted in an RO unit also - like you say, it's expensive buying it, especially with petrol costs, and it's annoying lugging the vats around all the time. I bought the actual unit from my LFS, it's a 3 stage - I've got 2 fine filters and a carbon filter, and I've found it...
  23. amy4342

    Eheim Compact pumps

    Yes, they do pump uphill. Each pump will tell you the lph and how the maximum height it can pump to. I use a Maxijet which has adjustable flow, although I'm not sure if the Eheims do. I've got mine situated in the water vat which holds my R.O. water. I drilled two hole in the lid, and siliconed...
  24. amy4342

    Improving Water Flow

    Hi Terry. viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1167. This article might be helpful?