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  1. Piece-of-fish

    My new toy

    Mmm, what George said above :) You going to love that nifty fifty once you get into it. My biggest tip apart from manual mode of course is up your contrast, saturation and sharpness in the camera almost all way up for better pics straight out of the camera.
  2. Piece-of-fish

    My old IAPLC entry

    Looks a little better on my new samsung tab than you know what tab hahaha...
  3. Piece-of-fish

    My old IAPLC entry

    I will watch on both guys and will let you know haha :) Mark would be good if you post both videos to compare what you have done and what is possible ;) Good work.
  4. Piece-of-fish

    Link to my Flickr page

    Amazing John. Was missing your posts, glad you are still with us ;) Cant even choose my favourite they are all so beautiful. Mb Tree frog?
  5. Piece-of-fish

    canon 350d best lens ?

    +1 for 50mm f1.8 You wont regret it for sure although it will look a bit odd to someone new to photography :) +2 on reading about iso shatter speed and aperture :thumbup:
  6. Piece-of-fish

    Best camera under £150

    Yep, for that price your best bet probably would be 350d. And get a nifty fifty as they call it. 50mm f1.8 canon magic lens. Goes second hand for around 60£.
  7. Piece-of-fish

    Getting sharp clear tank shots

    Thanks a lot George indeed... :thumbup:
  8. Piece-of-fish

    Getting sharp clear tank shots

    Great topic and advice guys... George could you expand a bit of number 8 and 14 :thumbup: Cheers.
  9. Piece-of-fish

    Canon 5D Mark III

    Breed shrimp, breeeeeeeeeeeeed :lol:
  10. Piece-of-fish

    Bulk resize photos...

    Thanks guys :thumbup:
  11. Piece-of-fish

    Bulk resize photos...

    Does anyone know how to do that without doing one by one? :oops:
  12. Piece-of-fish

    What dslr ?

    If you do decide upgrading a body go for 550D or 7D at least. They both are the same picture quality wise but 7D having pro controls and magnesium weatherproof body, 100% viewfinder as opposed to 95% on entry levels which helps framing tanks better especially on videos. The reason i recommend...
  13. Piece-of-fish

    DSLR users that do video. Zacuto EVF

    Yes yes, companies money is going to fund this I guess as well as MP-E and 24-70L this year :shifty:
  14. Piece-of-fish

    DSLR users that do video. Zacuto EVF

    Ahhhhhhhhhh, stop doing that with my wallet Mark, will you :lol:
  15. Piece-of-fish

    upside down shrimp & fly shots

    I bet you do :D Great lens.
  16. Piece-of-fish

    upside down shrimp & fly shots

    Amazing bump. I keep showing these to my friends :oops: :clap: and to myself over and over again.
  17. Piece-of-fish

    Aquascapes from nature

    Seeing these photos before made me look for a underwater case for my canon. You better not know the price though :shock:
  18. Piece-of-fish

    Editing videos from canon DSLR's on the cheap?

    Version 2011 mine says. Windows 7 Whereas edius 6 wouldn't open mov. I know Mark has edius 5 which does but 6 not :crazy: Try maybe updating movie maker? Just checked 2.6 must be quite old one.
  19. Piece-of-fish

    Editing videos from canon DSLR's on the cheap?

    Windows movie maker does support mov files. I am using it and find it enough for my needs and very straight forward.
  20. Piece-of-fish

    Ultra-wide angle (UWA) and aquascaping

    Videos might be the future of contest judging but not yet. Who said yo cant use wide angle lens on your HD shooting DSLR though. And further more video editing could take things even farther from the aquascape than the photo. Unless as some people said strict rules have to be applied such as...
  21. Piece-of-fish

    Inspiring shots from Russia

    Made me laugh :) Unfortunately this is how it is there. But it is more related to the client. Ir people are happy with it then photographer will do it.
  22. Piece-of-fish

    First Pics with canon 7D in St. James park

    Thanks George... How are you going to live without plants for 6 months? ;) Shot first video with it today of my office tank. Need to get into some editing and post it a bit later.
  23. Piece-of-fish

    First Pics with canon 7D in St. James park

    Thanks guys... Worth every penny i would say. Live once afterall :) and memories are great part of our life. Starting to look at L series already :lol: I am so glad aquascaping got me into photography. 1,5 years ago i didnt know who Takashi amano is or what is shatter speed and aperture...
  24. Piece-of-fish

    First Pics with canon 7D in St. James park

    Hi, so i am a happy owner of 7D now and i am very happy with it. I also got 50mm 1.4 usm prime lens. After taking some advice from Mark was able to make these on Sunday. They are all straight from the camera. I was a bit surprised i shot something like that myself :lol: First 2 were...
  25. Piece-of-fish

    Studio lighting

    I got similar kit to Dans from ebay. 2x250 for 130£ same observations, unsteady but manageable stands. Work good for me so far.
  26. Piece-of-fish

    Macro Lenses

    Thanks guys. I am always showing my friends these fly shots of yours Mark to show what macro lens can do :oops: Have no particular purpose to use macro though. A bit of this and that maybe. Will start looking for a used one and see for what money they go compared to new ones. Is there any...
  27. Piece-of-fish

    Macro Lenses

    Thanks Ceg. That almost answers my question. So the thing is to go for 100 if you can afford it i suppose.
  28. Piece-of-fish

    Good Canon EF-S Macro Lens. Any Suggestions?

    Add a flash and hire Mark to come around :lol: Simple as that... Great photos.
  29. Piece-of-fish

    Macro Lenses

    Hi, thinking about macro in the future. The question is what is the difference in 50mm macro and 100mm macro lenses for example. Regards...
  30. Piece-of-fish

    Advice on buy a lense for a present....

    There were couple used ones from 160 to 190 buy it now on ebay last week. Sigmas i mean. The price should have gone down a bit due to an upgrade from sigma with OS which goes around 300 at the moment.
  31. Piece-of-fish


    Amazing photo skills. Thanks for sharing info. :thumbup: