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  1. nayr88

    Taxation Fuel card - help me understand

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone may be in a similar position and be able to help me understand how this is worked out. offered a new job with the package as below; XXk a year salary ( inside 20% tax rate) 3 k car allowance (paid as salary monthly) Fuel card (Business and private use) The part that...
  2. nayr88

    Shallow Nano

    Hello I’ve been really inspired by some tanks floating around on Instagram so have given this a go! it’s one of those turtle tanks, nothing special, although if I have some success I would really like to do something closer to 60cm.
  3. nayr88

    Deficiency - am I doing this right

    Hi guys, Currently having some signs on the leaves that would make me believe I may have a Nitrogen deficiency. Browning and die back on the tips on the older leaves with slight yellowing of the same leaves to the stem. Picture attached below details. My current dosing is based on the...
  4. nayr88

    DIY Wabi Kusa vase

    Hello So I had a crack at a wabi! I ordered some coconut fibre/husk, cut it up and wet it down. Mixed it in with some aqua soil to make a ball....very messy!! I then wrapped longer strands of the husk around the ball. Tired that with fishing line to keep it tight. Then I used a ton of moss to...
  5. nayr88

    RO & EI

    Hi Guys, Going to give RO a try in my next scape. I understand many folk cut there RO with tap water. My question is, if i am using EI method of fertilising do i need to cut at all? also, when doing the water change on the six day, i cant just be adding pure RO, so will i need to remove the 15...
  6. nayr88

    ADA 30c The Joans Tank

    Hi everyone, I have been keeping planted tanks consistently for a little while now but never really make journals, I'm trying some different things with this one so wanted some advice and help along the way. SPECIAL THANKS - Ryan Thang So for the tank, lights and bits - as well as some...
  7. nayr88

    Dennerle Scapers Tank

    Hi Guys, Says on the website you have the 55L in stock but I cant put it in my basket? Thanks
  8. nayr88

    Garden Turf woes

    Hi all Tuesday this week I returned back from work to find out my mrs mother had new turf laid in her garden. The chap had come around and done it all on the quick with the old offer of I’m doing one up the road and whilst I’m here I’ll do yours - it was in need of doing and she had passed him...
  9. nayr88

    It was meant to be so easy

    Hi all I have been keeping planted tanks a while and every now and then post up a journal. HERES ANOTHER ONE!! Bit upset as I took photos whilst setting up and turned the light on today to make sure after 24 hours I’m happy with the scale and BOOM!! There’s a huge flipping crack in the...
  10. nayr88

    All in one tank

    hi all I’m after an all in one style tank, the type that comes with filter in the back with space for a heater. A good light in the hood also (hood is must) 30-60 litres would be good Anyone had good experience growing in a straight out the box style set up? Thanks EDIT * the fluval flex...
  11. nayr88

    Please help

    :banghead: Hi all, I've had this hanging around from a week after set up to now. I can't seem to shake it! Even removing large amounts manually dailey. Here's some details I do 10% Dailey water changes The filter is 700lph via spray bar Dailey dosing EI - TNC complete 2ml per day same time...
  12. nayr88

    Blue lab Truncheon

    Hello all, I have come into possession of one of these and was hoping someone could shed some light of its worth using. If it is then how The types of readings I am looking for. A quick play with it I have found My planted hi tech Daily dosed and after light out CF = 10 PPMx700 = 700 PPMx500...
  13. nayr88


    Hi all. Does any one have experience with this plant? Could you post some pics of it in your tanks also :) thanks
  14. nayr88

    Feedback Leaving feedback on site

    Hi guys, Made a recent purchase and left some feedback on the particular portion and it's. It showing on your website?? I felt the portion was quite small and would be better if paying a little bit more and getting the larger portion OR tropica
  15. nayr88

    Nayr88's 40cube HiTech

    Hi every one. I've been slowly collecting some kit for a new planted tank. I got the last items from the Mrs for xmas. Set up and planted a couple of days ago. I'll be getting a black or frosted back ground shortly [emoji6] This was after planting This morning at lights on I will be...
  16. nayr88

    Purigen advice

    Hi everyone I have a small bag of Purigen I used in a previous set up, it's been about a year since I've used it and it's just sat dry in a box. The sand stuff Inside is quite dark. I'd like to use it again so was wondering do I just plop in back in the filter or would you guys recommend a...
  17. nayr88

    Aquanano 55 'Pride wood'

    hello people Haven't been posting much recently, still lurking and having he odd comment here and there but have not had a planted tank for a good year now. BUT NOW IM BACK!!! The tank is an Aqua one 'aquanano 55' the new version so comes with a snazzy clip on led, pump (500lph) and heater...
  18. nayr88

    What does it mean - ppm relayed

    Hi guys just wanted to understand this a little better If my tap water has a reading of 600ppm as far as I'm aware it has 600 parts per million, could someone explain this a little further. What are the 'parts' and a million is what ? Sorry if it's been gone over but I kept getting an error...
  19. nayr88

    Dennerle Scapers aquarium Plus Orr???....

    Hello everyone, Looking to get a tank up and running again..been way to long. I've always been a fan of Dennerle, the lights and filters I've used in there smaller tanks have been brilliant. I still have the small small nano they did. Believe it's 10l(tucked in the garage) Looking for...
  20. nayr88

    How do i? find replys to threads ive replied to?

    as the title says really, when ive commented on a thread how do i see if someone has comented back with out hunting down the thread. i can find it easy on tapatalk but not here. im sure its really simple :banghead:
  21. nayr88

    Cutting an adding RO water to existing setup

    Hi ppl I'm running my 30l high tech tank. I take every precaution to keep the tank looking good, with hiding equipment ect I just can't get on top of the crud left around the glass when te water evaporates. I'm thinking as its a private rented property I can't be messing with plumbing and...
  22. nayr88

    Understanding water quality for shrimp

    Hi people I have NO idea about any specifics when it comes to tds KH GH PH I couldn't tell you any of my water details but I'm guessing its pretty hard as I get a fair bit of build up on the glass as water evaporates and from other ppl moaning about hard water on here that aren't to far from...
  23. nayr88

    I'm so bad at maths

    Ok... I got an EI package from aquarium plant food uk. It was a dry mix and I was instructed to mix it with 250ml of water and dose 5ml per 25l of tank water 3x a week. Now I messed up and added 300ml of water :( I have 30L of tank water also.... Someone do the maths for a 'like' :) Also work...
  24. nayr88

    Par meter recommendations

    Hello Id like your opinions and recommendations on a decent par meter pllllllease :)
  25. nayr88

    Arcadia Eco-Aqua LED 30w Or TMC 400mini

    Hello guys Considering a new light for my 30l fluval shrimp tank. The options are either this or a TMC mini 400. I know the TMC tiles are way more popular but the Arcadia is well priced. And the only LED unit (to date) that TGM recommend. So thought please people
  26. nayr88

    Mineralized top soil

    Hello people I'm also a member on an American based forum, I've been having a little nose around a bit on there and have noticed the use of MTS as they say, not to be confused with Malaysian trumpet snail! I'm sure people know of it already, but I'm intrigued as to why I've never come across a...
  27. nayr88

    Plant to grow in open HOB filter

    Hello people I'm looking for a plant that people have had success growing in a hob or could recommend one that may do well. Cheers guy :)
  28. nayr88

    AquaEI 2x11w plant pro clip on

    Anyone go experience with this light? Quality and also colour of light, it shows a pink and a white bulb, least thing I want is a something that grows plants but looks as pants as the arc pods. Any input much appreciated.
  29. nayr88

    What is this gunk on my wood?

    Ok so setting up a new tank 30l 11w light Fluval shrimp stratum 600lph HOB Filled with treated water and had been doing a 'filter start' product by Interpet. Here's what I'm looking at on re wood I brushed it all off and has come back worse 24hours later My water WAS like this It's...
  30. nayr88

    24/7 co2. Bubble count?

    Hello people 30l tank 11w light 600lph filter Dosing tropica I'm setting up a tank and plan on using co2, I don't want to use a timer and reg with solenoid is rather just use the reg and have the co2 running 24/7 Would 1 bubble per 10seconds be ok you think without poisoning the water., not...
  31. nayr88

    EasyCarbo dosing bottle

    Pretty straight forward and possibly a little bit of a stupid question. I'm going to be using easy carbo on a new tank soon, It's fairly small and I do not want to dose more that one ml at a time and also don't want to keep messing with the lid and measuring it out ect. I have an old ADA...
  32. nayr88

    ShellDweller experience

    Helloooo people Looking to set up a 30l well filtered Shelldweller tank, plenty of sand an shells for them and good clean water is as at as I know.... I know the tank is small so will keep to a single species an also just one pair, obviously would be cool of its possible to get more but I want...
  33. nayr88

    Lè Nano journal •30l Fluval• PLANTED

    Whaaaa heeyyyyyyy Decided it was about that time I set up a tank again, it's been way to long! Tank is a 30l fluval ebi number with 2x11w lights, hopefully I'll win the ehiem ecco 2234 I'm bidding on, so flow will be 20x,600lph ...i think :S Really not sure on substrate at the moment, I was...
  34. nayr88

    I'm sick of these dogs!!!

    I own 2 'chalkies' a mix of Yorkshire terrior an chuwawa(spelling?) They are so loved and spoiled and not yappy in anyway, they have all injections and booster jabs they are micro chipped and wormed and walked Dailey! And they are nutured There are my big love haha. BUT I had enough with these...
  35. nayr88

    Let's talk: creating my next tank

    Soooo... I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so any mods feel free to move it about :) The idea of this thread is to get some input from you guys on my next tank. I've got multiple nano's an just so many tanks and I really want to cut them all down to one. Something planted...
  36. nayr88

    ATTEMPTING to create a website

    Hi everyone I'm on the ponce for help....:) So I'm creating a website to sell martial arts kimonos and mixed martial arts equipment As it's going to be fairly small scale, say 15-25 products, I didn't want to all out pay 700quid To a designer. So I'm using bigcartel.com. This site allows...
  37. nayr88

    Is this £1 plant Food usable?

    Hello guys I was in the pound shop :) (great for wabi bowls) and came across a packet of 'eazifeed Soluble Plant food' its just looks like yellow salt, I have very little idea about nitrogen potassium ect ect, this is sold as an NPK plant food witch is what made me think could I use this in my...
  38. nayr88

    Commiting a Sin....bragging!oohhhhyeaah :D

    Ok so I couldn't think of a way of wording this, I'm not bragging ...well a little. Haha. Basically really happy for my girlfriend who got 'shot' in this weeks 'more' mag, so happy I want to shout it from the roof tops, she watches me as I browse the forum (wieeerdo!!) And I'm sure she would be...
  39. nayr88

    Recommend my next read...

    Good day to all :) Laying in the sun the last few days I've nearly finished reading Bret easton ellis 'American psycho' again! I'm completely obsessed with the book and film, I wonder if anyone on the forum can recommend a book similar to american psycho. Cheers lads and laddets
  40. nayr88

    no way. . . . could it be?

    Riiiiiighty o thought I walking out of my lfs with my new nano magnet alae thingy, checking out the fish on my departure I almost tripped over when I saw this Now that to me is a stunning marine angel fish! Well not according to the shop keeper, I asked about it, he was maybe 5ft away...
  41. nayr88

    Yeast-based CO2 DIY mix using Nutrafin kit

    The text that's quoted was originally written by George Farmer for another forum, a few years ago. Here's the original link - http://www.fishforums.net/index.php?/to ... ser-guide/ I'll find out what volume of water the Nutrafin bottle holds so the mixture can be used on other containers. It...
  42. nayr88

    worm roaming my tank!

    So I picked up my new inline co2 deffuser(new must have item :) ) get home fit it, co2 is running for n hour lights come on I'm checking the tank out for a good half hour, all seems well. I'm out all day come back and blam!!! There's a worm bowling around my tank! Looked like a long thing pale...
  43. nayr88

    HC Propergator Journal into DSM

    Hello Emersed growing people. I picked up a cheap Propergator from the garden centre on the weekend after seeing 4 for 11pound on some bursting pots on HC in amwell aquatics Epping. I'm using old ada aqua soil mixed with power sand special, topped with manando jbl as the base. I'm misting 3...
  44. nayr88

    Any MMA UFC Strikeforce or Pride Fans?

    hello all Theres a HUGE fight this weekend, for those of you that are in the know will be very very excited about the Anderson silva vs Vitor Belfort fight, its a mixed martial arts fight, its all ive been thinking about for a good month or 2 and so wonderd have we got any fans here?? i know...
  45. nayr88

    Your other Fish: Predator fish, cichlids, oddballs ect

    Hello lads and laddets i no us plant geeks wont admit it publicly through chance of being hung with moss line BUT you like me may own some other types of fish such as malawis or pike :twisted: or rays ? ect ect and i thought it might be cool to share some pictures and details experience's...
  46. nayr88

    ADA step 2 in a Nano.

    hello guys, ive tried to hang onto my step1 untill ive used most of it up, well its coming to the time where itll be running out end of feb, so im looking at replacing it with the step2, now even though the tank is doing fine with step1 and i could replace with that, im interested how much...
  47. nayr88

    NayR's Opti-Nano: UPDATED PICS (16-01-11)

    Hello guys and gals. My Nano has been running for just over a month, great bit of kit I hope I can do it justice and produce a real nice scape that not only lightens up my room and gives me viewing pleasure but also inspires some of the newer members to the forum like myself. :) Anyways on...
  48. nayr88


    Hello peoples I love cheese..... I came to make this thread because earlier today I left tesco with a big piece of Camembert, only the 2nd time I've got some of this and I really enjoyed it the 1st time, anyway got home unwrapped it and found the centre to be really hard and flaky, now as I...
  49. nayr88

    setting up nano using ADA (Ammonia related alqae)

    Hello people I'm getting my delivery of ADA amazonia and power sand special S tomorrow along with some anubias cup plants. The filter I'm using is a Fluval 105 the media is used but dry from being stored. Would I be right in setting up the tank letting the filter cycle the tank with the...
  50. nayr88

    Small water change- dechlorinator needed

    hello people. This is non plant tank related question, its on my 240ltr. Well basically im doing 10% water change daily, bacause its quite a small amount in comparison to the size of the tank would i still have to use a water treatment, or will the mature filter and rest of the water sort out...
  51. nayr88

    Fluval Nano

    Hi people Im looking for a nano something like the arcadia arc tank. so i google searched 'nano fish tank uk' and found a site that spoke about a fluval nano, one was for shrimps, and includes a gravel which 'contains nutrients to help promote healthy growth of shrimp' and the other a the...
  52. nayr88

    Oscar recovered from Pirahna tank

    hello its been a while since i posted on here, i am still checking the journals though :thumbup: Righty oh diddly......I had a great day at the London aquarium with my girlfriend, she really enjoyed the corals and the giant gourami's. which they have a couple in a very undersized tank in a...
  53. nayr88

    NayR's Aquascape Journal 60cm

    Hello all, 1st of some special thanks to anyone ive bought plants or equipment off especially Bogwood for the kit itself getting it all the way from Liverpool to London :jawdrop and to Ghostword for his general help and good nature to my questions 8) Spec Tank: 60cmLx35cmHx30cmD so around...
  54. nayr88

    xbox 360?

    Any codders haha :thumbup: My gamertag is wayfreshR :geek: Cheers
  55. nayr88

    70 watt halide over 60cm

    hi im currently running hagen glo light unit over my 60x35x30cm 2x24w, flow is an eheim 2224 with spraybar and soon to be using ada ferts currently ferka products and easy carbo, diy co2 but back to pressurized once i order another bottle :roll: right dont know how helpfull that information...
  56. nayr88

    red blyxa

    hello there. i planted rather alot of this stunning plant into my newly set up 65litre it was a lush green, the substrate is colombo flora base, co2 is via a fermentation kit, lighting is 60w and flow is eheim 2224(700lph) via spray bar, and im dosing ferka balance k and ferka aquatilizer...
  57. nayr88

    help choosing substrate

    hey all :) Right my problem is im looking for the daddy of a subtrate and I know cheap isnt good and good isnt cheap, but is the oliver knotts stuff THAT good. I was looking for an alternative, does anyone have any experience with the nature soil? or any really really special substrate they...
  58. nayr88

    Apistogramma cacatuoides/RO water

    Hi :wave: Im buying a new tank soon and i really want to keep a pair of Apisto.caca's in there itll be planted quite heavily in the corners and along the back with roots shooting out into the foreground. anyway we have really hard water around here and after seeing a pair in my lfs and...