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  1. M

    Worst Songs Of The Year - 2008

    I thought it was me getting old (now I'm past 30!), but it seems that at the moment music actually is drivel! :lol:
  2. M

    Mental Awareness Test

    Didn't see the bear (saw something odd but ignored it!) and got the wrong number of passes! Should I have my license revoked? Most cyclists around here ride on the pavements anyway - no wonder my dogs hate them when they come up behind you with no warning, clip your arm with the handle bars and...
  3. M

    Where are you from?

    Oh yes! If you like huge, ugly estates, out of control kids, fights in the town centre and over priced, flat-pack housing it's the place for you! Oh, and not forgetting the roundabouts! I ahve to swap the tyres on my car twice as regularly as normal because of the side wear from going round so...
  4. M

    Where are you from?

    Boring Basingstoke, Hampshire :(