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  1. amy4342

    Pool Filter Gravel/Sand.

    Hi Hoggie I've had the same problem. Different Maidenhead Aquatics stock different unipac products, so you could try ringing different stores to see which ones have it in. My local one ordered it in for me, but that could be because me and all the staff are on a first name basis :lol:. Worth a try.
  2. amy4342

    Shirakura Red Bee Sand

    Thanks Chris and Victor! I'll try contacting them - I'll let you know how I get one. Thanks!
  3. amy4342

    Shirakura Red Bee Sand

    I would be interested in using this in the tank I'm setting up soon for my CRS, but I'm having no luck trying to get it.
  4. amy4342

    eco complete, or oliver knott substrate?

    Oliver Knott! I went with eco complete in my nano and it was good. Just swapped to Oliver Knott - amazing! I can't wait to upgrade my big tank! :D
  5. amy4342

    Oliver Knott Substrate

    Ok, so I haven't heard a lot about the Oliver Knott Substrate, but I decided to take the plunge anyway and bought it for my recent nano rescape (journal coming soon!). Well, I've just finished the rescape, so thought I'd share my thoughts on it. I really like it! I like the colour and texture...
  6. amy4342

    clouding substrates

    I've never had a problem with eco-complete
  7. amy4342

    So many substrates, so many decisions

    I personally like the Eco-Complete because I've had good plant growth with it, just as good as my other tank which has ADA Amazonia, and I think the colour compliments my Discus.
  8. amy4342

    Black gravel/substrate

    I use Eco-complete which is black, and I have no problem with my Cory's. I would recommend it as a good planted substrate aswell.
  9. amy4342


    lol, my scapes don't tend to last that long - I get bored :lol: . I'll probably be rescaping in my next christmas holls :D . Thanks for the advice - I'll probably replace it the Christmas after next
  10. amy4342


    oops, completely forgot to mention that duh :oops: . The existing sustrate is eco-complete, its 2 years old, so I was wondering if it would be near exhaustion and therefore worth replacing. Thanks
  11. amy4342


    I'm rescaping my tank over the Christmas Holls (just blagged myself some lovely redmoor from The Trading company :) ), so I was thinking that this would be the perfect opportunity to replace the substrate because I'm ripping everything out anyway. Not sure if it needs replacing tho, thinking...