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  1. amy4342

    what's this on my loach skin?

    I would probably just add some Melafix - it's fine with Discus. Should aid healing.
  2. amy4342

    Another tedious stocking question - 20 litre Arctank

    I've got the same tank - 6 WCM would probably be pushing it to be honest, because if you look at them in a bigger tank they are really active and tend to use all the space. In my arc, I've got 10 Boraras brigittae, which suit the tank really nicely. I've also got 5 Corydoras Pygmaeus and...
  3. amy4342

    Fish choice for an iwagumi

    I'd say Ember tetras would look really good due to their colour and size, but maybe a bit too colourful-too eye catching which I think might detract from the scape. Vietnamese Cardinals would look stunning I think but they tend to stick the to upper levels. I always think Diamond Tetras are...
  4. amy4342

    The missing kuhli loaches were on the java fern hotel

    Lol, yup. I've got an Eheim 2126, and at the time time I had the standard green pickup, so I'm guessing they squeezed through the holes in the inlet.
  5. amy4342

    The missing kuhli loaches were on the java fern hotel

    That's true - there are no records of them breeding in a home aquaria. I've looked into that subject quite a lot because my Kuhli's bred in my tank also - I had a group of 10 striped adults, which I thought had preished, but found them one day along with 20-30 minatures living in the bottom of...
  6. amy4342

    which fish for a shrimp tank?

    Mine don't. I have heard a couple of conflicting reports on google though.
  7. amy4342

    angel death

    Awww, poor Rummynose. That reminds me of when one of my Goldfish (Bob) ate a Corydoras, and the Cory stuck it's spine in my Goldfish's mouth. You could see the spine sticking out of Bob's chin. He was like that for about 4hrs, but I managed to grab the Cory with a tweezers and pull the spine...
  8. amy4342

    Trapping Pakistani Loaches

    I just had to express a grin just by looking at the title - nippy little so and so's aren't they! And they seem to know exactly who the net is for! The pipe method works well, as does a small flowerpot.
  9. amy4342


    I use EI dosing in my discus tank with full co2 and 50% water changes every week- no problems. I'll do an extra 50% water change midweek on occasions just to keep on top of things.
  10. amy4342

    Sparkling Gourami - Trichopsis Pumilus. Anyone kept these?

    Sparkling Gouramis will make excellent tankmates for Bristlenoses, and they will rarely come into contact with each other since the bristlenoses occupy to lower regions and the Gouramis occupy the mid and higher regions. I love Sparkling Gouramis, they're so cute, and very easy to keep. They are...
  11. amy4342

    Whats the ultimate shoaling fish?

    Sorry, doing a little thread hikacking. Clark, what do the Sundadanio Axelrodi look like under normal lighting? I've seen then in Aquajardin (couldn't resist another visit, and another after that! :lol:), and they looked very nice under the subdued lighting, but I thought the colour might not...
  12. amy4342

    Red area behind/to side of gills?

    Yup. Although, if you're de-chlorinating, that shouldn't be the problem. Just to cover all bases, you are using old tank water to clean the filter media also? I wouldn't have thought it was an ammonia problem because you left the old mature filter in for quite a while to seed the others. Strange.
  13. amy4342

    Red area behind/to side of gills?

    Do you use dechlorinator when you do a water change? If chlorine levels are high in your tapwater, the chlorine can cause irritation. If you do use a dechlorinator, does it treat chloramine? If your local water supplier uses chloramine (a mixture of chlorine and ammonia), the dechlorinator will...
  14. amy4342

    Whats the ultimate shoaling fish?

    I've got about 15 gold tetras in my 120l-they shoal quite nicely but I'm not sure if they'd look too big for a 60l - think silvertip tetra size and shape. The Boras Briggitea are absolutely stunning - shoal lovely in my nano and the colours are fantastic. I think their size would suit a 60l...
  15. amy4342

    Safe Fish For CRS And Shrimplets

    I keep Cherry and Crystal Red shrimp with Celestial Pearl Danios and Mosquito Rasbora and don't have a problem. That said, I've heard different reports from other people, so it seems to be luck of the draw.
  16. amy4342

    saintly's "Autumn Blush" gets a cat fish

    Lol - awesome!
  17. amy4342

    Woo! My galaxy Rasbora have spawned!

    Thanks! Lol, yea, the lighting is pretty awesome. It's an ASL lighting unit - 2 x 18w T5's. I was just going to run one bulb at a time, but it was pretty dark in the tank, and I have no problems running the two, so two it is. It also brings out the colours in the crystals better.
  18. amy4342

    Woo! My galaxy Rasbora have spawned!

    Thanks Thomas. Time to start hatching some BBS then!
  19. amy4342

    Woo! My galaxy Rasbora have spawned!

    Thanks Steve! They're a gorgeous fish, I really would recommend them, although I think they're probably better in large numbers since they're incredibly shy in my nano, although reports suggest that they're shy regardless. I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that the fry survive - it's...
  20. amy4342

    Woo! My galaxy Rasbora have spawned!

    Thanks! Microworms sound good - they didn't even enter my head! I've ordered a culture from eBay, so they should be with me soon. Until then, I'm hoping they'll be ok with insuforia from the moss and plants. I'm really hoping these will survive - fingers crossed!
  21. amy4342

    Woo! My galaxy Rasbora have spawned!

    I can't believe it! I haven't even had the fish that long - around 3 months. I noticed the females were fairly plump when i rescaped a few weeks ago but didn't think anything of it. Then I noticed eggs Wednesday night, but I was fairly sure they'd get eaten because I've got Galaxy Rasbora...
  22. amy4342

    C. Adolfi

    Hi Nick. I would have thought they'd be okay - mine are happy on Eco-Complete which is fairly similar. Adolfi's are my favourite Cory - I think they look fab, especially on black gravel. How many are you getting?
  23. amy4342

    HELP - sick discus

    Hi. Have you tested the water? Have they been wormed or have you noticed and stringy faeces? I've no idea where you can get the Furanol but it sounds good-let us know how you get on with it. For now, I would suggest regular water changes, keep the lighting dim, cut back on the food if they are...
  24. amy4342

    Red Eye Tetras - anyone keep them

    I don't know if I would keep them with Siamese Fighters, but I've kept them with Cardinals, Rummy Noses, Ember Tetras and loads of others. The sometimes nipped my slow moving large gourami, hence why I wouldn't keep them with fighters.
  25. amy4342

    Silver Hatchets

    I would personally agree with Thomas to be honest - less is more and all that. However, I always find White Cloud Minnows always stay at the top. The colours might be too similar to the Rummy-noses though?
  26. amy4342

    Snail eating fish

    Hi. Thanks for all the replies! I've been removing them manually for about two months - removing them when I see them and putting lettuce or cucumber and then removing them a few hours later. It's brought the numbers down, but I'd really like to get rid of them completely. I'll put some Botia...
  27. amy4342

    Snail eating fish

    Hi all. I've got an infestation of Ramshorn snails, which I totally hate. I'm so desperate to get rid of them that I've even bought Assassin snails, but they're not swinging the battle my way so to speak. The tank is only a nano - 20l, and I've got Crystal Red Shrimp so I can't use snail killer...
  28. amy4342

    the most resilient fish in the world

    My Kuhli loaches breed in my filter. I got the shock of my life the first time I cleaned my filter in the bucket, then chucked the bucket in the sink, and a Kuhli loach nearly went down the plug :shock: . I frequently see baby Kuhli loaches coming out of the spray bar and dissapearing into the...
  29. amy4342

    unhealhty discuss fish

    Have you wormed the tank? Or noticed white stringy faeces? If so, I'd definately suggest a Flubenol treatment. Also, do you only have the three? It could be that the one that has turned black has been the victim of bullying-they are chichlids after all. They're best kept in groups of 6 or more...
  30. amy4342

    Mid - Top Dwelling Fish. Give me suggestions

    Hatchet fish are different, although you'd need to make sure the tank is covered because they have a tendancy to jump. Sometimes you can get nice marbled ones, although the silvers are nice too
  31. amy4342

    fish from zoostock - ebay??

    Hi. I've bought stuff off this guy before - it was great! The fish were bagged well, with heat packs, and arrived early in the morning. I bought 50 Cardinals - there were 52, no DOA's and no troubles with them afterwards. I bought them as a medium size although they were slightly smaller than...