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  1. amy4342

    P@H/Coopet Nano cube

    These are also in stock in the Cardiff branch - four 25 litres in stock and three 17 litres.
  2. amy4342

    which tank dimensions would be best??

    Just thought I'd add my 2p worth - I've got a 60 x 60 x 30H cm tank and I've also got a 75 x 35 x 45H cm. IMO, the 45cm height is easier to scape because you're not so limited with things like stem plants. It's much easier to do the more traditional scape. However, adding hardscape or some...
  3. amy4342

    Installing a Temperature Controller

    Just thought I'd add my 2p incase it comes in handy for someone. This is the controller I use http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mini-Digital-Temp ... 4150b61d90. I used these fans http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showprodu ... subcat=820 because the CFM (Amount of air moved in Cubic Feet Per Minute) is high...
  4. amy4342

    Difffused backgrounds

    That's the stuff I used on my new tank - looks the business lol
  5. amy4342

    digital plug timers

    Phew! That's good to know :lol:
  6. amy4342

    WANTED - 100gallon Water Storage Tank

    :oops:, omg, what a div! Sorry, here you go. http://www.restormate.co.uk/epages/1509 ... ries/Tanks
  7. amy4342

    WANTED - 100gallon Water Storage Tank

    I keep my RO water in a container like this one. Mine is a transparent one though. There are different sizes and shapes etc available. There are loads of sellers on eBay, but I specifically linked you to this one because it's the company I bought mine from, and they were extremely helpful-the...
  8. amy4342

    digital plug timers

    :D Cool, I hope it's ok.
  9. amy4342

    digital plug timers

    Awwww :oops:, that's no problems! It's nice to be able to provide some useful info for a change Mine are all plugged in side by side, although I do have an extension cable with switches next to each plug which obviously widens the available space. However, I would say there's a fingers width...
  10. amy4342

    digital plug timers

    Hi Matt. Yes, i'm currently running four with lights - one with an Arcadia ballast with 2 x 24w T5's (48w), one running an ASL ballast with 2 x 18w Compact T5's (36w), one running a Hagen Glo 24w luminaire and the other running a Juwel 15w T8. The others are running my solenoids, and I've never...
  11. amy4342

    digital plug timers

    I use these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Digital-LCD-7-Day ... 25571d728a from eBay. I've been running 7 for various amounts of time from 3 years and newer and I've never had a problem with any of them.
  12. amy4342

    Quality braceless OptiWhite – what supplier

    IME, buying an aquarium from BossAquariums is a baaaaaaad idea! I ordered a 30"x30"x24" deluxe float glass tank from them with cabinet and hood. It took 8 weeks to arrive, and when it did, the lid on the hood was wonky, the cabinet doors were not square with the cabinet or each other, there was...
  13. amy4342

    Nano Heater?

    Neowattino's are really small - I put mine into the HOB filter which worked really well and kept the equipment out of the tank. Be carefull which one you get though - the ordinary one is constantly on, but the Neowattino plus is pre-programmed to keep the temperature at 25 degrees celsius. Are...
  14. amy4342

    RO Water Storage

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Auto-Shut-Off-Kit ... 7C294%3A50 this is the one I use in my vat. It works lovely and it's easy to intstall
  15. amy4342


    :lol:! My other half keeps telling me it's because I can't use the tweezers, not because they're terrible. He just dosen't understand :roll: :lol:
  16. amy4342


    :lol:! I thought that was just me! Now I have the evidence to convince everyone I'm not as mad as they thought! :lol:
  17. amy4342


    These are the ones I have - they're not as pictured, and I find them quite flimsy and low quality. It's a pain, because they don't grip the plants very well, but they do get the job done.
  18. amy4342

    Cleaning glassware

    Oooooo, very nice! Lol, I use a gun cleaning pipe - the guy thought I was bonkers when I told him what it was for :lol:
  19. amy4342

    Stress Free Water Changes - no more carting water around

    Hi, thanks for the measurement - I can't belive it! It's a scabby 8mm too wide, gutting. I think I'll have to look out for some vats with wider holes :D. That's awesome!!!
  20. amy4342

    Stress Free Water Changes - no more carting water around

    My R.O. unit is in my fiance's house. I did think about asking the council if it was ok to run a 20 mile hose across the borough, but they laughed at me, I have no idea why :lol:. I do use a pump in my fiance's house - it rests in the RO tank and it's sooooo easy to just pump it in, but I'm...
  21. amy4342

    Stress Free Water Changes - no more carting water around

    Hi Tony. What's the overall diameter of the pump? I love the idea, but my butts are a lot smaller than yours (cos I'm a weakling lol) and the hole is smaller too, so I'm not sure it'l fit.
  22. amy4342

    Which digital scale do you use?

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0310300471. These ones are really great because they use AAA batteries, so you can recharge the batteries instead of buying new ones. The scales I currently have use watch batteries which work out quite expensive to replace, and they don't last long.
  23. amy4342

    Slime in RO unit

    Ok, thanks for clearing that up Ed.
  24. amy4342

    Slime in RO unit

    Oh well. Dosen't sound like it causes any problems then? Ed, would it be possible to get bacteria growing in RO water? I would have thought it too pure to provide the bacteria with nutrients etc. Could it possibly be the plastic pipe going from the pump, since this has changed colour (become...
  25. amy4342

    Slime in RO unit

    Hi all I've got a Kent 3 stage R.O. unit. The water collects in a large food-grade plastic vat. It's got a maxijet pump in it which attaches to a food-grade plastic hose, which is siliconed out of the tub and onto a hose-pipe connection which keeps the unit sealed. The water in the tub has a TDS...
  26. amy4342

    diy spray bar

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/20mm-x-2mm-Clear- ... m153.l1262. I use this stuff for my spray bar and to replace the yucky green ones on my eheim filter. Been using it for years with no probs.
  27. amy4342

    Removing braces from aquarium

    I emailed them for a quote aswell but got no reply. I rang them today though and the person I spoke to was extremely helpful and also mentioned ukaps which gives her a thumbs up imo :D
  28. amy4342

    New tank concern

    Thanks for all the comments - ive decided to go with it and complain - just incase. Thanks
  29. amy4342

    New tank concern

    Hi all I've finally got my long awaited tank - it's gorgeous! The cabinet and hood are both absolutely stunning, but think I might have a problem with the actual tank itself - the tank is 30" x 30" x 20" and they've used 8mm glass, which I thought is a little thin. The problem is that when the...
  30. amy4342

    Tank temperature

    Yup, I have the same problem in most of my tank. I have the most problem with my smallest 100l tank - it fluctuates quite a lot, and I lost a load of discus fry last year because it overheated. I've now installed a double set of fans which I got from ebay - they clip onto the back of the tank...