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    Has anyone ever used Spaghetti rock?

    Hi, I have 15dkh water out of the tap (yuk) and my crypts are fine; in fact the only plants I seem to struggle with are some of the finer leaved ones (Cabomba etc) and mosses which take about 6 months to attach! I have pH 7.5ish though.
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    Need to get some good hardscape wood/roots - advice

    There ain't many moors or fells around London either! A stone merchant/garden centre may be a better bet. They often have a good selection. Actually, I have a ton (not literally!) of lava rock I'd love to get rid of, but I doubt you'd want it either :lol:
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    Please help me improve my tank!

    I have tried the wood in several positions over the last few months and I just can't seem to get it to look halfway decent :( . Perhaps over the next week I'll take it out and have another play (not tomorrow, obviously; well, maybe :lol: ).
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    Please help me improve my tank!

    I don't think you're being harsh; I know it's cr*p,that's why I've asked for help! My main problem is that like many people I haven't got a penny to spend on it atm. I was trying (unsuccessfully) to use the wood to add height! Apart from binning the wood and getting more plants, any other...
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    iwagumi or natural/jungle style

    Personally I went with the jungle/nature style as I think there is more room for mistakes without the tank looking like a total mess! The Iwagumi style seems to need a more precise approach, although never having done one I'd take this with a pinch of salt... :lol:
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    Please help me improve my tank!

    I've been looking at the Rotala and it does look good. I've only just upped the lighting enough to grow it and the hygro I have at present doesn't bush up very well - I've just cut a fair bit off so it looks even worse!
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    Please help me improve my tank!

    Hi, sorry about the quality of the photo, but if you can make it out clearly enough, I'm trying to improve the layout and would appreciate any constructive criticism on how to do it! The very bright bits at the front are riccia stones in case you couldn't see it very well! The crypts on the...