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    Cherry shrimp porn?

    Hi, since setting up my new tank (transference of inhabitants etc from old tank to new) I have spotted a few microscopic shrimplets (my first ever!) and whilst watching the tank tonight I saw a smaller shrimp riding on top of a larger, more brightly coloured one (I believe male on top!). Not...
  2. M

    Dead shrimp or shed shell?

    Hi, being a bit of a numpty, how can I tell if what I have in my tank is a dead shrimp or a shed exoskeleton?
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    African Dwarf Frog

    Hi, among the fish in the tank I'm picking up tomorrow is "1 small frog". I am assuming it's the ADF, not the other one!Does anyone have any experience with these critters? How do I provide a way for it to access the air at the top of the tank or do they float whilst taking in air? I'm getting...