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    Algae issues (what's new?)

    Well, it has been quite a while since I posted here, I miss this place and drooling over all of your photos! I have a 30 gallon tank that I set up at work. I am using a CO2 tank and I have a canister filter in the tank which turns the tank over probably well more than 10 times per hour. I am...
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    BBA owns my tank

    OK, so BBA officially owns my tank. It is back now for the fourth time. It is mostly on the tallest plants which are of course very close to the light. It is a 125 gallon tank with a lot of swords in the tank (See Journal). I do have a CO2 tank running, but I will be honest, I have never...
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    Hydrogen Peroxide???

    Some people at the plantedtank.net as suggesting that you can use hydrogen peroxide to kill bba. Similar to excel, just put it in a serenge (sp???) and squirt it on the plant while it is under water. Have you guys ever heard of that? If it is acceptable then that would be a heck of a lot...
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    BBA strikes again

    I have pruned a lot and added a 400 gph power head. That only gets me to 8 turn overs per hour. I have also slightly increased the CO2. Still dosing normal as well. BBA is back and grows a little daily. I was at reputable the fish store today and they told me that rosy barbs will eat bba...
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    BGA question

    My 125 gallon tank has a decent amount of bga on a moderately planted tank. I have dosed excel for 3 days straight and did a little bit of spot treating but there is so much of it that it would take all day to spot treat. Would normally dosing bga with excel generally do some damage to the...
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    Algae help

    Now and then I get this hair algae looking stuff on the tips of my plants. I am no where near as high tech as most of you. I am running a 125 gallon tank with no CO2 and just adding Flourish. I am dosing the recommended (Whatever that means right?) amount of Flourish. I have (3) 50 watt T-5...