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  1. scottturnbull

    Treating White spot....

    There's another thread called 'White Spot' further down. It might be worth a read.
  2. scottturnbull

    the most resilient fish in the world

    I'm lost for words.
  3. scottturnbull

    White spot?

    That's what I thought, too. However, according to the data from the Southern Regional Aquaculture Centre: "Typically, Ich cannot reproduce properly at water temperatures above 85F (approx 30C), so the parasite usually does not cause problems in warm summer months." Given that some sources...
  4. scottturnbull

    White spot?

    Rummy-nosed tetras can handle high temperatures (up to about 31C, according to some reports). Some species of Ich apparently struggle at high temperatures. If you have no other species of fish in the tank, raise the temperature to almost thirty degrees C (approx 29.5C). You can read more about...