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    2 Filters

    Looks like google ads just sent me enough money to go ahead and grab another filter. I have the Eheim 2217 on the left hand side of a 125 gallon tank. Since I know the filter (and the check doesn't cover the Fluval FX5) I am thinking of grabbing another Eheim 2217 filter and placing it on the...
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    Filtration Question - Filter vs Power Head

    I am currently battling a low water movement issue in my tank. My tank is a 125 gallon tank. I have a canister filter than turns over 165 gallons per hour and a powerhead that does 270 gallons per hour (Did some research, the power head pumps more than I thought). That puts me at almost 3.5...
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    Filtration Recommendations

    I have a 125 gallon (6' long tank). From what I am reading you guys are recommending a filter that can filter 10x the tank amount in an hour? With a tank my size filtering that much would require something like a garden hose on full blast to pump enough water through a filter 10x per hour...