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  1. TBRO

    Amano Breeding Behavior?

    Noticed a triad of Amanos wondering around the tank with a little one piggy backing a big one. Is this what breeding looks like? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. TBRO

    Beautiful Video

    Not aquascaping but stunning underwear scenes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. TBRO

    Underwater Liverwort in Well

    Hi All, Was poking around my Dad’s place and came across the old water well, deep in the undergrowth. I noticed a liverwort growing below the surface. Could it be Riccardia chamedryfolia? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. TBRO

    What’s up with my Swiss Arolla Pine?

    Hi, wondering if there are any conifers experts on here? I’ve got a bit of a mini arboretum in my garden (Legacy of a brief flirtation with Bonsai). I like the trees anyway for the greenery. I have a number of pines, The Arolla pine (Zirben in German). Has been in the ground 3 seasons but...
  5. TBRO

    Focusing on Nowhere - AS 900

    I’m about to start a new scape in my AS 900. I was always niggled by my previous scape, it somehow wasn’t balanced. I’m really going to try this time to stick more to principles like: Rule of thirds and focal points. I’m going to be influenced heavily by some ADA concave scapes, this might be...
  6. TBRO

    Keeping Bolbitis Small

    Hi All, I love Bolbitis but the leaves get very big in my 90cm tank. Is it worth regularly trimming back to the rhizome? I like the leaves when they are mature and have lost the curly look. Will regular pruning just result in loads of immature fronds? Tank is hi tech, CO2 etc. Anything...
  7. TBRO

    Journal Utricularia Graminifolia Tepui

    I bought a pot of UG to use in my DOOA Wall scape but decided it wasn’t right there. I still think it’s an awesome little plant, especially if it can be induced to flower. I wanted to do something to go on the window sill where my propagator was (now ransacked to do other scape). I found an...
  8. TBRO

    Ideal photoperiod for pallidarium?

    Hi, Was wondering how to get the best out of my emersed growing plants in my pallidarium set up https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/the-falls-dooa-wall-60.55928/ I’ve got a dimmer now for the twinstar light, running at 50% seems to cause a lot less desiccation. Thus I was wondering if I...
  9. TBRO

    Noob Twinstar Question

    This feels a silly Question but here goes! Just set up a Twinstar 600 light. The acrylic legs had some protective film on them. The surface of the LEDs looks like it has a film on it but I’m not certain. Is there a protective film over the light surface as well? I don’t want to start peeling...
  10. TBRO

    Emersed Fontinalis antipyretica

    I had some Willow Moss in my big tank but didn’t really like the submerged appearance. I pulled it out and put in my emersed “Bits Box”. It looked very black and dead for a while but has just started putting out new growth, looks really cool. Like little green fern leaves. Hope to use some in...
  11. TBRO

    The Falls - DOOA Wall 60

    When I was younger, I once got lost in a Jungle. To make my escape I had to follow a river and climb down several water falls. At the time I just wanted to get back to a road but looking back, the scenery was amazing! The crystal clear stream was full of little fish and shrimp, the surrounding...
  12. TBRO

    Cleaning Inlet Skimmer

    I’ve got glass Lilly pipes but a surface skimming inlet which is mostly glass but has a floating section that is plastic. The glass bends on the skimmer are very difficult to get around with the pipe brush and brushing the plastic is just scratching it and making it opaque. I have some PBW...
  13. TBRO

    Tank recommendations for Paludarium

    Hi there, I’m looking for a tank with a 30x30 cm foot print (would consider larger), that’s not a cube. Really I want something tall 35 - 45 cm tall would be ideal. Only found the Nano Cubes (35 cm tall) so far that fit the bill, I’m not a massive fan of the round corner. I would like...
  14. TBRO

    Rams - Males or Female?

    I picked up two juvenile Rams today. I was planning to get some for a while but was looking out for a female. These two were the only ones left. I thought they both looked female. Opinions? Either way they are great little fish, very pleased [emoji3] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. TBRO

    Resolved! Trouble posting images via Tapatalk

    Previously never had any problems posting images via Tapatalk app. Now when I go into my camera roll (iPhone 6), I get a message “Select no more than one photos”. I was wondering if I’ve used up my allowance or something? I would post a screenshot but.... Anyone help? Thanks T Sent from my...
  16. TBRO

    Daphnia Advice

    I’m trying to maintain a culture of Daphnia. I had a go with a small 12 L tank with an air pump, this was set up in my garage, the temp did get low (<10 C) but didn’t freeze. The daphnia survived a few weeks but gradually declined in numbers. I’m now trying indoors with a 5 L jar, it’s got some...
  17. TBRO

    Peacock Gudgeon or Scarlet Badis?

    Hi all, Just scaped my tank, it features a lot of lava rock, this has loads of little nooks and caves. I’m not going to add any fish for a while (I have 2 SAEs + cherry and Amano shrimp already). However I am thinking about stocking. I was thinking about either Peacock Gudgeon or Scarlet...
  18. TBRO

    APS filters booster + Eheim tubing?

    Hi All, I’ve just bought an APS filter booster to use as a CO2 reactor on my outflow pipe. I have an Eheim Ecco Pro with 12/16 mm tubing. Can anyone advise on tubing connections to Mate the two? The APS Hose barbs are a lot bigger, internal diameter approx 17 mm. Sent from my iPhone...
  19. TBRO

    JBL in line Diffusor

    I got one of these and set it up on my external filter. The bubbles coming out look quit big to me? Is this normal? Drop checker still went green just like with the in-tank Diffusor Sorry about the weird kids TV in the background! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. TBRO

    Which Moss to go for?

    I’m planning a very branchy scape: I want most of the wood covered in moss. I really like the mossy branches featured in ADA videos. What moss do they use? Is it just plain Java Moss? Looking at some of my old journals, I recall I had a lot of “weeping moss” has a very fern like appearance...
  21. TBRO

    Bolbitis ‘Difformis’

    Got some of this as a tissue culture from Aquarium Gardens, months ago. Most of it melted but I just found a fragment stuck in some moss. Has anyone had much luck with this? What should I do to maximize my fragments chance of survival or even growth !? Thanks [emoji120] Sent from my iPhone...
  22. TBRO

    Heavy Rocks - Any Concern?

    I’m still trying to decide on a scape for my AS 900, it’s on the AS cabinet. I’ve been really loving stone dominant scapes recently, not Iwugumi per se but more like the amano planted monolith scapes. I’ve been playing in my scape box. I’ve got some big chunks of shale. I will probably have...
  23. TBRO

    How long for drop checker to change?

    I’ve just got a new regulator so, I’m trying to get the BPS right. My diffuser is at the bottom right and the drop checker is at the top left. After six hours, it’s still only a blue/green not the apple green desired. Plenty of flow, two external filters and a hydor 900. Should I change the...
  24. TBRO

    Seeds for Wabi-kusa?

    Anyone know a reputable place to buy aquatic plant seeds? Seems to be a lot of dodgy looking, Health food sites selling Hygrophilia seed! I would like to try growing seeds on coco nut coir matting, to form Wabikusai. Pretty sure some similar process is used by ADA to make their WK Sent from...
  25. TBRO

    Hot Solenoid??

    I’ve been testing my old CO2 kit, I ran the whole rig for about 1 hour, just to see if it all works. Picking up the Solenoid valve, it’s very hot. Not burning but certainly uncomfortable to hold in the hand. Is this normal? I don’t want a fire hazard! It is 10 years old but has been in...
  26. TBRO

    Regulator Safe?

    Hi, looking for some quick advice. I’ve had this regulator in storage for several years. It’s endured a couple of house moves. At some point the plastic over one of the dials has been broken. Otherwise it looks fine. Do you think this would compromise it’s safety? Will be using with a small...
  27. TBRO

    10 years gone - Aquascaper 900

    Well it’s approximately 10 years since my last serious aquascaping efforts. I’m hoping I’m a bit older with more patience! In that vein I’ve been waiting for an Aquascaper 900 for few weeks on order. Hoping it will come next week along with the Matt Anthracite cabinet. I still have a lot of...
  28. TBRO

    90 cm Lighting Advice

    Hello all, This is my first post sine 2014! Returning to the hobby and just trying to work out what’s changed and get a set up together I’m going to get a 90x45x50 aquarium. I’ve always wanted that bright sun, ripple/shadow effect. Would this only be possible with Metal Halide? I read the...
  29. TBRO

    TA Nano tribute

    My brother moved house recently and took his nano down. He had admired that Amano scape with the huge river boulders and the other day I found some nice rocks. So I decided to try and make a nano tribute, for a bit of fun. I didn't change the substrate as there was hairgrass growing in it. I...
  30. TBRO

    The Snag - Tbro's Nano Re-scaped

    Just thought I'd post a few pics to show I'm still interested in underwater scapes! I stripped my shrimp tank down and re-tied the moss carpet. I've gone for a bare wood look. I initially was a bit uncertain about the layout of the wood, the upright bits seem a bit hard on the eye. However it's...
  31. TBRO

    More Welsh plant ID needed

    Found this cute crypt like plant growing in a drainage ditch in Snowdonia. Anyone got any ideas what it could be ? Cheers, T
  32. TBRO

    Product Review Nano Heater Review

    Thought I’d do a review of some Nano heaters I’ve acquired. After setting up a couple of nanos recently I found that conventional heaters are big, bulky and hard to conceal. Here are some options without the expense of a external in-line heater. I’ve not quoted prices or source, suffice to...
  33. TBRO

    Welsh Plant ID

    Was out walking on the Denbigh Moors and saw this quite attractive looking plant growing in a floating mat but it also grew submerged. The water must have only been about 2 - 3 degrees above freezing. Can anyone ID it from my crappy phone shot? could be a really nice one to keep as an emergent...
  34. TBRO

    Wabi-kusa projects

    Hey, I've had a couple of goes at this now. This has been my most succesful attempt but we will see if it all ends in tears :lol: I noticed this sort of thing while watching a tour of the ADA gallery on youtube. Their are glasses on the windowsill with emergant aquatic plants growing in them...
  35. TBRO

    Too much Light ?

    Just wanted to canvas some opinions. I've just got a second luminaire for my fluval 260. Making a total of 180 wats of T5 in a 60 cm deep tank. The volume is 260 L = 57 gallons. The tank is heavily planted and has CO 2 + ferts with TPN +. I'm a bit nervous about an algae outbreak, is this too...
  36. TBRO

    Erratic - Emersed Pico

    Hi, this is what happened to my Pico after the comp. I had a few abortive attempts at Wabi-kusa but then decided to try a low maintainance emersed set up. I've put a level bed of ADA amazonia in the bottom, I filled it so about 5 mm of water covers the substrate. Same 20 w desk lamp as...
  37. TBRO

    Shrimp stunting with over-population

    This may have been discussed previously, if so re-direct me. I've noticed that in my 30 L nano which has dozens of juvinle CRS that they don't really reach adult size. I put 24 in my big tank which has loads of cherry shrimp but no other CRS and they have already rapidly increased in size (in...
  38. TBRO

    Blacking Out

    Can anyone advise me how to black-out the background behind my pictures? Seems very fiddly using the fill function in paint. Any advice welcomed, Tom
  39. TBRO

    Check out my Wood

    A farming friend was draining a small pond on their land and found these bits of wood for me. They were laughing at the fact that only I could value some rotten wood from the bottom of a pond! We think they are old pine tree stumps.Still I think there is some really cool stuff here. I was never...
  40. TBRO

    Multiple Compact T5s for larger tank ?

    I'm thinking of getting a 24 x 15 x 15 tank from Aquariums LTd (rimless etc.) Would it be viable to light it with 2 or more Wave Solaris compact T5 s ? One does a good job in my 12 inch cube. Would be a lot cheaper than a luminaire - Tom
  41. TBRO

    Cat salad

    Was trying to re-scape my big tank but my Cat, Aslan was being a total pain. He thought moss cotton was put on this planet to amuse him and unlike most cats he loves to get his paws wet. Thus I resolve to give him his own scape to destroy. I used some mint (the kind you get in the pot at the...
  42. TBRO

    Comp_Nov09: The Jungle Book

    Name:Tom Brockley (TBRO) Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 14 cm cube Aquascape Name:The Jungle Book Hardscape/Materials used:Cube Vase from John Lewis - £12, Goose Neck 20 w lamp from home base - £ 6, Other materials salvaged from other tanks, ADA Xingu Sand, river gravel, coarse...
  43. TBRO

    Moss dangly bits ?

    Just noticed some odd club like projections from some of my Christmas Moss. Looks like the breeding apparatus of terrestrial mosses (long time since I did GCSE biology!, can't remember the technical word). The moss has never grown emersed. Has anyone else seen this in their tank?
  44. TBRO

    Rotola, how do yo get it vertical

    I have Rotola sp. Green, I can't seem to get it to grow in that nice vertical manner you see in amano nature aquariums. I have CO2 and ferts and it grows rapidly enough but is always curving over and looking untidy. Are there any tips to acheiving that nice sphere of green look ?
  45. TBRO

    Rise of the Mossoliths

    Hi all, I've re-scaped my Osaka 260 - I didn't compleatly strip out the tank just moved around hard scape (I know lazy :sick: ) So still using the standard Osaka Kit Filter - Fluval 305 (mature) Lights - 2 x 36 w T5 C02 - TGM kit Ferts - Easy Carb 8 ml, TPN + 4 ml Daily Substrate - ADA...
  46. TBRO

    Glosso Going up Problems

    Hi, Quick question about glosso - mine is growing up which I thought was a symptom of inadequate light levels. Currently running a six hour photoperiod and 18w T5 over 30 l tank. The water depth over the glosso is about 25 cm. Currently have C0 2 running 24 / 7 and easycarb. Will lengthening the...
  47. TBRO

    Laputa - Tbro's Nano

    Hi everyone, Just started a new tank so I thought I'd give it a pretentious name - after my favourite anime film about a overgrown, flying castle. Silly names aside I wanted to do a nano for shrimp breeding and to try my hand at various mosses. I also wanted a really tall podium stand for my...
  48. TBRO

    Anyone tried Wave Niagra Hang-ons

    Hi, I'm setting up a 30 l nano and was thinking of getting one of the Wave Niagra hang-on filters as a stop gap until I can afford a external. Has anyone had any experiances with thses filters :?: I'll go for the one rated 300 l/h. Only real concern is the weight of the hang on filter on my...
  49. TBRO

    Mixed Shoals

    I have a shoal of embers but I crave some blue in the tank, do you think adding a shoal of green neans would look weird ? T
  50. TBRO

    Favourite Public Aquariums

    Hey, Not sure if this topic has been done before. I always try and visit the aquarium if I visit the city. Was wondering what other peoples favourites were? U.K - no 1 = Hull, The Deep - Really cool Marine pond and super massive big tank featuring huge ragged tooth sharks. International -...
  51. TBRO

    Moss I.D needed

    Hi, I managed to obtain this quite attractive moss but have no idea what it is/requirements. I want to set up the cube as shown. Should I try and propagate the moss separatley or should I attach it to the wood and let it mature in my main tank before scaping the Cube? Thanks, T
  52. TBRO

    Nano Lighting for 30 x 30 x 30cm cube

    Hey, I'm going to set a 30 cm (aprox 7 gallons) cube wich will be rimless etc. I'm looking for a good clip on/self supporting light I really like the light in George's "Little Mountain" and the superfish aqua-one look good but I can't find anywhere that sells them. Any info ? An alternative...
  53. TBRO

    TBro's first tank

    Hey, was organising old photos and found a couple of shots of my first tank from 2 years ago. Aqua 40 from LFS with various guppies etc. I added a CO2 yeast system which worked pretty well in such a small set up. Eventually had three canisters in a row. Got some willow moss from Rhyl Aquaria and...
  54. TBRO

    Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki + Cherry Shrimps ?

    I used to have a shoal of pygmy chain loaches, would they be ok with shrimps and plants like HC or is it all likley to end in tears?
  55. TBRO

    Random Freebies

    When I last got plant through the post there were a couple of pieces of random stem plants. I planted them just out of curiosity. I guess the light green one is some kind of hygrophyllia. Wondering if anyone has got anything good in the same way. Has a random cutting become a main feature in...
  56. TBRO

    Osaka overhaul

    Hi, this is my first real post but recently re-did my tank and wanted to share. My Osaka 260 was previously set up as Jungle affair but unfortunatley I set it up with coral sand after being advised by my local shop that it was benign, neutral river sand. Long story short - pH 8.5, KH > 12, fish...