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    Wooden Aquarium

    *raises hand* My 12 year old 310*80*65 tank is a wooden one. Build it myself after having tested it on a smaller size first. When I started the project I thought there would be many advantages, mainly cost wise and in weight. However, once finished, I can only say both were fairytales ;-)...
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    Danish Aquarium Fair - Aarhus 2011

    Thanks for sharing guys! I had great plans to go there myself, but this time I had to choose for the family which had planned the anual trip in the same week.
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    Dutch style

    I have given some general guidelines here: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=8713 The techniques of caring foryour plantsdoes not differ much from any other styles. no matter what style you choose, your plants will always need TLC
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    AGA 2009 Results - XL Category Winner

    The sad fate of competitions............you can never chose a winner that is not open for debate :wink: I personalle would have choosen different winners in each category. But as I judged several contests before myself, I know that probably goes when you look at each individual scores from...
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    AS Malaya turned to mud

    All I know is that I had one customer with the same problem, or actually two different ones who bought one bag together. They had this exact same problem in both their tanks. It still puzzles me as of today, since I have sold many bags before without this problem. I even have the stuff in my...