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  1. Iliveinazoo

    Am I still...

    Maybe, but we had a problem whereby the laws in our country could be overridden by the EU (think prisoners votes), ultimately we were (currently still are) a state within a superstate in all but name. The problem was that nobody told us and no poliician wanted to admit that is what we had...
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    Best Filtration for keeping vast amounts of Shrimps (Brackish)

    Ceratopteris Thalictroides and Hornwort will both do well up to about SG1.003 at 25Deg C.
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    Does CO2 injection cause disease? Thoughts?

    The thing with studies is that you can always pick holes in the methodology of the experiments and if, as you suggest, there is an absence of 'rigorous' scientific evidence how can you have such a resounding conclusion? It is well known that high levels of atmospheric CO2 for humans causes...
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    Aponogeton pruning?

    I've had A.Crispus in my tank for a good few years now and yes the best way to trim is to cut the stems as close to the bulb a you can.
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    Looking for a 110cm long Aquarium?

    Ah yes, that old chestnut. 'I'd like to talk about a tank the size of my living room please, but first if you could just do me a nano...'
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    Looking for a 110cm long Aquarium?

    Thanks I might give ND Aquatics a shout, I contacted them a few ago when I was looking for a monster tank while I was at my last house and hadn't thought of them for a more 'regular' size. I'll also check out the for sale section, cheers. If anyone has other options as well please. The more...
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    Looking for a 110cm long Aquarium?

    Now that we are down to 1 aquarium I have managed to negotiate an upgrade to a larger tank with the other half. The problem is finding an aquarium that is significantly larger than the 60 litre that is currently in the living room but isn't going to dominate the room. A 105-115cm long tank...
  8. Iliveinazoo

    help with plants for brackish set up

    I used to suffer massively with cyano but when I added more current it disappeared, I've got a fluval 306 on a 60l. As for beak problems; I used to have 2 in the 60l which is twice as many as you should have and the smallest never really had to tackle shells, it would wait until the other had...
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    help with plants for brackish set up

    I've had the most success with Saggitarian Subulata, Crypt Wendtii, Bacopa Monnieri and Aponogeton Crispus which have been in my tank since day one. I've had a java fern in there for about 6 years but it's tiny due to it constantly producing plantlets. I've had varying success with others but...
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    Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri) - Bulb come off

    My tank is lightly brackish at SG1.003@25DegC so maybe it was a combination of the low light and salt content? It grew for quite a few months in my tank so the salt didn't immediately kill it but maybe it just made it that little bit more difficult, I do suspect that you need a little more...
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    Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri) - Bulb come off

    Unfortunately it died, I only have about 1.5W per (US)G and without CO2 injection I think that it couldn't take up enough ferts to survive, shame because it was a beautiful plant
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    fishie related petition - sign?

    Good point but to be honest I would prefer a ban on the sale of any aquatic species that grows larger than 30cm.
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    I'm sick of these dogs!!!

    Fair enough if you're walking in a residential neighbourhood but to say to keep a dog on a lead at all times is bit extreme. I have 2 spaniels and walk them in the New Forest off the lead all of the time like the majority of the dog owners that walk there. We have had one incident in 6 years...
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    Zebra Nerite Help.

    if it's an uncycled tank then it could be the high ammonia and nitrite levels
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    [IWAGUMI] Scree Evolution - The End

    Re: [IWAGUMI] Scree Evolution - uber lighting I love the look of your tank :thumbup: I'm not a light expert by far but as I understand it the white light produced by fluorescents is made up by combining different colours of the light spectrum whereby LED is a blue light and it is made white...
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    Hampshire Ditch (formerly Ramshorn Biotype?)

    Re: Ramshorn Biotype? Curvy leaved pondweed didn't come back as I hoped: and the rest was going a bit crazy so I decided to hack it back a bit in an attempt to tidy it up, I had a bit of a re-arrange but I'm not sure if I like it. I also haven't done the gravel path that I was thinking about...
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    Japanese aquascaping influence and other hobbies

    I know that us English can't really speak since we are responsible for many extinctions but I just wished that others weren't as bad especially when it is known when certain species are endangered. Living off the land is all well and good but demand should never out-strip supply. I'm also...
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    Japanese aquascaping influence and other hobbies

    I'm intrigued by Japanese culture and would one day love to visit the country but I'm more concerned by their connection with nature (i.e. if it's there I'll eat it or kill it in the name of "science" or "medicine")
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    "Prairie Lands"... job done

    Re: "Prairie Lands"... blue or white? Great looking tank :thumbup: Personally I prefer the blue
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    newly planted aquarium

    The ceratopteris is a floating plant and in my experience it will not do well buried in the substrate. If you want it to look as if it's buried then you can always tie it down to a rock or bit of wood. I am not familiar with the brand of fertiliser but if you do notice any defficiencies then...
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    newly planted aquarium

    It all depends on the species? some like anubias and java fern will not, some like the Crinum Natans will need their rhizome above the substrate and many others will do perfectly well buried into the substrate...
  22. Iliveinazoo

    Hampshire Ditch (formerly Ramshorn Biotype?)

    Re: Ramshorn Biotype? So 1 month or so on and the pondweed and starworts are growing like crazy and breaking the surface Unfortunately the leaves above the waterline on the opposite leaved pondweed have started to die off which I think has something to do with the heat of the lamp but...
  23. Iliveinazoo

    Plain Soil Substrate

    You can use top soil but as you say it will easily get stirred up when doing water changes, cleaning any algae off low leaves, planting and plant relocation and it takes an age to settle. I had it for a couple of weeks and decided to go out and buy an aqua soil instead.
  24. Iliveinazoo

    What the hell is this?

    Isn't the rise in planaria just due to organic build-up? Reduce the amount that you feed and they should slowly die away?
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    Hampshire Ditch (formerly Ramshorn Biotype?)

    Re: Ramshorn Biotype? I'm not too familiar with rushes or sedges apart from what I see in the forest and they always look like huge tufts, do you think that I would be able to keep a handle on Eleocharis palustris preventing it from taking over the whole of my 10 (US)gallon tank? I think that...
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    Hampshire Ditch (formerly Ramshorn Biotype?)

    Re: Ramshorn Biotype? Thanks Darrel, It's a shame that it won't do well as i wanted it to ease the transition between the rock and the substrate and I think that the tank will continue to look bare without it. Is there a native species that will do the job and survive? I actually found an...
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    Hampshire Ditch (formerly Ramshorn Biotype?)

    Re: Ramshorn Biotype? Thanks, I used photobucket and edited the post so the pictures would show. It's not the best looking tank in the world but depending on which plants take and which don't I'll re-arrange as it goes
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    Hampshire Ditch (formerly Ramshorn Biotype?)

    Re: Ramshorn Biotype? Do you have to use a different image hosting website other than Flickr to get your pictures to show in the post?
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    Hampshire Ditch (formerly Ramshorn Biotype?)

    I wanted to do a snail breeder tank to feed my figure 8 puffers and I had a couple of Ramshorn snails in the pond so it made sense to do a coldwater set up for that reason and it also saves money on a heater. I've chosen some UK native plants but I've got absolutely no idea what species they are...
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    Has Anyone Used Pond Soil & What are Your Opinions?

    I'm not sure what the species will be yet, I'm looking at a few species like arrowheads and grasses. A bullrush would be nice but probably a little too big for my system...
  31. Iliveinazoo

    Has Anyone Used Pond Soil & What are Your Opinions?

    Thanks Crypt, I've been trying to find out the details of the fertilisers in pond soil but haven't mangaed it so far. Did the tank get messy when you moved things about in your tank or did the soil stay were it was?
  32. Iliveinazoo

    Has Anyone Used Pond Soil & What are Your Opinions?

    I'm going to set up a small 40l for pond snails and want to use native British plants. The tank is sand only at the moment as it used to be home to a Fiddler Crab but I wanted to put a layer of substrate underneath the sand. Has anyone used pond compost such as 'Blagdons'? If so is it any...
  33. Iliveinazoo

    Collecting Wood?

    I'm pretty sure that I've read somewhere that you should avoid conifers but I'm not sure when or where I read it...
  34. Iliveinazoo

    Fishless cycling and EI dosing

    When I didn't know much about the nitrogen cycle I had a tank 'cycling' with nothing but water, sand and rocks and this tank ran like that for about 2-3 months. When we added the fish the ammonia levels rocketed and the tank began its cycle. To be fair though the tank's light fixture left off...
  35. Iliveinazoo

    Fishless cycling and EI dosing

    I was trying to clear up what could be read into because that is what I read. So you should be sure that your plants are doing well before stocking to avoid casualties. Thank you for the above clarification, I guess that means that there is some link as well between the level of plant biomass...
  36. Iliveinazoo

    Fishless cycling and EI dosing

    Thought I would chime in here because this section could be read as if a tank could be cycled with water and nothing else. Ammonia is required to cycle a fish tank and that can be done with bottled ammonia or decaying organic material (plant material or fish food). The general consensus of...
  37. Iliveinazoo

    Normal Sand

    You don't need a nutrient rich substrate because plants absorb nutrients through their leaves as well so you can dose a liquid fertiliser. You can use root tabs to good effect as well.
  38. Iliveinazoo

    Hotmail Contact Numbers?

    I think that I might re-activate my account then and delete my contacts and change the password - to one that 'll probably never remember! And hopefully that will sort it. Thanks everyone. I've got a Yahoo account now so hopefully that one won't get hacked...
  39. Iliveinazoo

    Hotmail Contact Numbers?

    That doesn't sound promising, is there anything that you can do about 'spoofing'? There is lots of MSN Forum contact headings but I fear that signing in will re-activate my account and make it even worse and I've read lots of the forum coments about MSN ignoring pleas for help. I want to speak...
  40. Iliveinazoo

    Hotmail Contact Numbers?

    Does anyone know a contact number for MSN Hotmail, UK? My account started sending out loads of spam to my contact list and even though I closed my account last Tuesday people are still receiving spam emails. I've tried looking on the MSN website but it constantly directs me towards Frequently...
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    The missing kuhli loaches were on the java fern hotel

    This gives me a shred of hope for my 2 missing Bumblebee Gobies :thumbup:
  42. Iliveinazoo

    keeping Vallis under control

    You can remove the longer vallis leaves but cut them as close to the base as possible . Vallis will send out runners through the substrate to form new plants, you can always cut the runners and remove the pants that you don't want.
  43. Iliveinazoo


    :lol: yeah, there was a couple of them moments last night. I really liked the underwater river feature last week and the difference between birds of prey in flight because I never know which bird I've been gawping at moments before I realise that there's a bend in the road! But I've got to say...
  44. Iliveinazoo


    I watch it all the time but the presenters infuriate me, they all say 'amazing' and 'fantastic' far too much especially Kate Humble, she's also starting to adopt Chris Packham's most annoying habit of all - flinging his arms about far too much when he talks. I almost paid £15 to go see a Chris...
  45. Iliveinazoo

    PFk forum

    I re-registered and created a new password and it worked for 2 weeks or so, the site then blocked me again so I've decided not to use it anymore.
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    Can I Use Epsom Salts Instead of Magnesium Sulphate?

    Yup, that's what I use, much cheaper :D
  47. Iliveinazoo

    Eden 501 Media Question

    I've got an Eden 501 and just use it as it comes, the sponge is designed to fit on the downpipe in the 1st chamber, I had assumed that mechanical filtration 1st was the right thing to do as my Fluval cannister filter is designed like this as well.
  48. Iliveinazoo

    why can't i grow crypts?

    Could they just be old leaves? or maybe the substrate around them is being disturbed? I've noticed that my crypt wendtii's grow quite small in the heavily lit areas but if they are shaded they will grow as tall as they need to reach the light.
  49. Iliveinazoo

    Green Spotted Puffer Help

    A GSP requires about SG1.010+ at 25DegC and as the GSP becomes an adult many keepers up to marine conditions. Unfortunately that means that your choice of plants is limited to Mangroves in a paladrium style set-up, sea grasses or macro algae. The below link is a good guide to plants that work...
  50. Iliveinazoo

    new expert

    really? maybe his name has changed - Dw1305, not Darrel? Mind you my years go really fast these days
  51. Iliveinazoo

    new expert

    I joined this forum about 2 years ago and hover in the background because I only have one planted tank and I am by no means an expert. Darrel may be a recent arrival but appears to be a fountain of knowledge; much like the other formal experts on this forum.
  52. Iliveinazoo

    Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri) - Bulb come off

    Thanks SteveUK, it doesn't smell dead or anything so I'll leave it out in the open and hope it starts growing.
  53. Iliveinazoo

    Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri) - Bulb come off

    Cool, Thanks for the reply. I might up my ferts a little to stimulate new growth.
  54. Iliveinazoo

    Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri) - Bulb come off

    About a month ago while I was relocating some of my plants I noticed that the bulb had come off my Nymphaea Lotus and it had established it's own roots, I assumed that this was a natural propagation process and that the plant would go from strength to strength and new shoots and roots would...
  55. Iliveinazoo

    The expense of hard water....

    What do you mean - a longer process of filtration? I collect mine in a water butt, heat it up to the correct temperature, add marine salt to get to SG1.003ish (brackish tank) and pour it in.
  56. Iliveinazoo

    Low Light, Low CO2 Nano plants?

    Java Fern Java Moss
  57. Iliveinazoo

    How do I cycle my new tank ?

    All I can say is that that's never happened to me, all I can say is sorry :oops: and try to remove it all and do a massive water change and maybe try bottled ammonia or a smaller item of food once the ammonia levels drop a bit. I understand the theory behind the planted method however surely...
  58. Iliveinazoo

    Orchid Feeding and Watering.

    I use my incredibly hard tap water (about 1 litre every 2-3 weeks) and the orchid feeder pippets. My orchid is the only houseplant that's survived for more than a few weks, it's about 2 years old now!
  59. Iliveinazoo

    anyone tried the tmc aquagro kit?

    i haven't splashed out on a co2 kit yet but i might do in the future, i just use liquid carbon for now.
  60. Iliveinazoo

    anyone tried the tmc aquagro kit?

    Turn it upside down and whatever the heavier gas is that gets trapped at the top will escape and then when you turn it back up the right way it will fill up with water all the way to the top.
  61. Iliveinazoo

    How do I cycle my new tank ?

    You just need an ammonia source, if you can't find bottled ammonia you can just chuck in a solid food item like a prawn, the decomposing body will add the required ammonia to cycle (I have cycled 2 tanks this way). Always add fish slowly after cycling, do not fully stock immediately). IMO it...
  62. Iliveinazoo

    anyone tried the tmc aquagro kit?

    I tried a similar Tetra one and just couldn't get on with it. Maybe if I cleaned the material diffuser at the top more than i did, but the Co2 diffuses after a couple of hours and you need to be there to press it again. I've been much more successful with liquid carbon
  63. Iliveinazoo

    How does a computer's hardware understand it's base code ?

    It's a little while since i done my Electrical and Electronic degree but the computer's base code (or brain) is logic ie. 0 or 1. The zero stands for a transistor that is turned off and the one stands for a transistor turned on. you can create NOT, OR, AND, NAND and NOR gates through different...
  64. Iliveinazoo

    do you aged your water?

    For my tank I mix the dechlorinater in a 10 litre bucket before adding to the tank I use the required amount for the water I'm changing. For my pond I add it to the water first and then top up with a hose.
  65. Iliveinazoo

    Keeping plants and fish in hard water

    What a1matt is trying to say is that there is a post that discusses this very topic 1 place above yours. Most plants will be perfectly fine i have some species growing well in hard brackish water. CO2 should reduce your PH not increase it?
  66. Iliveinazoo

    How much moss is required for a moss wall?

    Just answered this on another forum. Not too different from a1Matts' answer but if money is tight you could just buy a few portions and spread it about a bit leaving the rest to fill out naturally and plant future trimmings.
  67. Iliveinazoo

    The expense of hard water....

    Rain water is a cheap alternative to RO water, I use it for my planted brackish puffer tank solely because of the excessive nitrates in my tap water.
  68. Iliveinazoo

    The expense of hard water....

    Your plants will reduce the hardness of the tankwater over time plus you could help it along by adding peat or some other material that will naturally soften the water.
  69. Iliveinazoo

    testing my lighting setup using my timer

    Many street lights use metal halide lamps switched via a photoelectric cell. However it is true that you shouldn't switch them on and off rapidly as it will greatly reduce their life expectancy.
  70. Iliveinazoo

    Do i have enough light??

    So you've got about 100USG so nearly 2WperUSG. I reckon that you'd be ok just make sure that the CO2 is distributed t the bottom of the tank by either lots of filter flow or a powerhead
  71. Iliveinazoo

    Do i have enough light??

    Can't work out the tank volume without a height, try this website and you can work out your wattage per US gallon: ... m#Aquarium Volume Calculator Your wattage is 188W By low level plants do you mean low light plants or low height carpeting plants?
  72. Iliveinazoo

    Active Carbon filter do u or not?

    Unless you've got murky water from something like excessive tannins then IMHO there's no point in using it.
  73. Iliveinazoo

    Dying Vallisneria Spiralis

    Possibly, I live in Southampton where the water is very hard.
  74. Iliveinazoo

    Frog O Sphere

    Sorry for using yours as a quote Aquaticmaniac but people seem to like bashing Americans, I just think that mankind in general does things without thinking or caring, I've had someone say to me "why do you do water changes every week? I haven't done one for years and I don't get that many...
  75. Iliveinazoo

    Dying Vallisneria Spiralis

    What I said in my post is that if you take care by dosing very leanly and keep an eye on the plant then you can ride over the bad times until it builds up a resistance. I also stated that it is one of the most successful plants in my tank and i dose approximately 5ml daily (my tank is 16USG).
  76. Iliveinazoo

    Dying Vallisneria Spiralis

    Don't rip it out just yet! I dose liquid carbon, my vallis almost died but it recovered. I went through a couple of month period where I dosed easycarbo then waited a week and dosed again, whenever the Vallis died off I stopped the dosing altogether until it recovered before starting again, it...
  77. Iliveinazoo

    is it better to remove ammonia "immediately" or...

    I'd be patient and let the cycle happen. Depends on if you don't mind spending money on something that is not going to be an issue after a few weeks though.
  78. Iliveinazoo

    9 Gallon African Biotype

    Basically hover over the surface, a little will come out but it'll take a hell of a long time before you notice any difference.
  79. Iliveinazoo

    Microsorum pteropus "Red"

    I have had a bad BAD experience with this online trader - they have put me off buying any living creature/plant online! If they mess up you will not get your money back and if you agree to being re-sent your original order you will have to pay the additional delivery charge!
  80. Iliveinazoo

    another newbie question

    I reckon it'll turn out nicely now that you're adding CO2; are you injecting or adding liquid carbon? Hopefully you didn't do what I did when I heard that CO2 was good; I bought one of them canisters (tetra depot) that you press in the morning and 2 hours later it's diffused and it was rubbish...
  81. Iliveinazoo

    another newbie question

    What is the volume of your tank? What do you dose? Does your filter provide close to 10x the tank volume per hour? At the moment my guess is lack of nutrients over lack of CO2.
  82. Iliveinazoo

    Boiling plants

    Just guessing but in my experience Lots of algae = Lots of snails. Combat the algae and you will combat the snails.
  83. Iliveinazoo

    How deep To Plant Etc, Etc, Etc

    So the gravel tidy has lots of little holes scattered around? My guess is that the roots will find their way down to the eco complete with the only problem coming when replanting or moving stuff around; the roots will grow quite long and possibly tie themselves around other roots while under...
  84. Iliveinazoo

    A different planted tank...

    Planted? Have you gone low salinity or higher with mangroves and/or sea grasses?
  85. Iliveinazoo

    How deep To Plant Etc, Etc, Etc

    Yeah it blew my mind a bit at the beginning (I still don't know half as much as the regulars on here though), but EI is quite crude really; if you have high light then saturate your tank with plenty of ferts so there is never a shortage and provide a stable level of CO2 (during the lights-on...
  86. Iliveinazoo

    How deep To Plant Etc, Etc, Etc

    Hello phantomfisher, The depth of planting varies depending on what type of plant that you're going for, i.e. a bulb such as Aponogeton Crispus can be planted as far into the substrate as you like but the rhizome of Crinum Natans must be above the substrate. There is no need to let our plants...
  87. Iliveinazoo

    Best Substrate for slopes?

    Yet another 50-50 guess is wrong!! :oops:
  88. Iliveinazoo

    Best Substrate for slopes?

    Cheers for the quick reply :thumbup: I understand that most of these come with varying particle sizes? Do you think that it would be best to go for smaller or larger; I would tend to think smaller but most of my 50-50 guesses turn out to be wrong - the laws of probability don't work with me!!
  89. Iliveinazoo

    Best Substrate for slopes?

    I'd like to create a 70 degree-ish 'bank' effect in my tank. I suppose that I would need a sticky sort of substrate but all I've had any experience with is eco complete and sand - neither of which will hold for any length of time; so I thought pond soil or aqua soil may be better. Does...
  90. Iliveinazoo

    A Great British Biotope

    I have been thinking recently about what I want to do with my 40l tank that currently houses my fiddler crab when he goes to crab heaven. I know that I will breed snails for my puffer, and now after reading PFK I will be attempting to create my own British Biotype for them :thumbup: If I had...
  91. Iliveinazoo

    would t5s make a difference?

    The difference between T8's and T5's basically is the lumen output per circuit watt, with the T5 being more efficient. Since you are proposing to get rid of a lower power T8 to a higher power T5 then you will certainly have more light to play with :D . Cro - The only reason that I can see for...
  92. Iliveinazoo

    Switching Tanks

    Both times that I have done this I have went through a mini-cycle so if you have sensitive livestock then I'd suggest running the 2 tanks simultaneously until your new tank is completely cycled.
  93. Iliveinazoo

    I'm Giving Up With Trying to Keep Shrimp

    Could a lack of calcium and magnesium be the problem?
  94. Iliveinazoo

    Brackish Experiment

    I'm yet to try that one as it hasn't been available at the right time and it would be fantastic if I managed to get it to flower like that :D . I know that Bacopa Monnieri, Ceratopteris Thalictroides, Hornwort, Java Fern and Java Moss occur in brackish waters. Apparently Samalous Valerandi...
  95. Iliveinazoo

    Brackish Experiment

    Brackish fish can be grouped into various categories: 1. Hardwater species that do better in low brackish systems, less than SG1.005, in home aquaria such as the figure 8 puffer, halfbeak, bumblebee and knight gobies, T Microlepsis (Archer Fish) and Datniodes. 2. Euryhaline fish that will do...
  96. Iliveinazoo

    Brackish Experiment

    I visited this site a couple of years ago and asked what plants might work in a brackish aquarium, since that day I have continued my research on this site and others and have experimented with many diffirent plants and eventually got to grips (kind of) with dosing regimes. The tank is, as the...
  97. Iliveinazoo

    Planted Ripariums

    I tried something like this a little while ago but all of the plants above the water seemed to shrivel and die as if the heat from the lamp killed them, how do you stop your plants from wilting?
  98. Iliveinazoo

    Reptile Keeping

    I did come accross a bit matter of fact didn't I ? It's just that it's taken us a while to figure out that not everything needs companionship, hence the reason we have 2 indoor vivariums, 2 outdoor tortoise enclosures, 3 fish tanks and 2 dogs! I'd never tell anyone not to try - as you say...
  99. Iliveinazoo

    Reptile Keeping

    My mates got a leopard gecko and it must be about 10-15 years old and 15cm long, as with anything - buy the biggest vivarium that you can afford, i'd say that 10USG is too small. A common mistake is buying 'friends' - reptiles don't need friends! My girlfriend bought a 1 year old marginated...