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  1. sa80mark

    Diagnose about plant health

    Greenfingers is the man for this one, from what I can see I'd say your on the right path, wabi can take a month or 2 to get going, mine took a good 8 weeks before it started to grow properly, other factors such as room temperature can play a big part in plant health, remove the yellow and...
  2. sa80mark

    Fluval G6 spary bar positioning

    Below the waterline if your growing plants, if you place it about the water line you will drive off to much co2
  3. sa80mark

    The tank of Sentimentally (closing insitu shot with sneaky peak at my next project)

    Nice little setup there mate, do you have any info on the lights youve got in that pic ? What are they and where from mark
  4. sa80mark

    Entry Level DSLR

    Agree with big tom, I was all set on getting a nikon d5200 but when I went to the shop and had a play with it, it just didnt feel right in my hands so I had a play with the canons and they just felt right so I would advise nipping down to your local camera shop and see which you prefer :)
  5. sa80mark

    under tank mat, what are they and were to buy ?

    I went with 5mm for a similar sized tank :)
  6. sa80mark

    Big changes are coming...but! :)

    Done :)
  7. sa80mark

    140lx70wx50h rimless ??

    Sounds perfect to me, the safety calculator I use gives a safety factor of 5, so whether its 5 or 7 your still safe to go ahead, look forward to seeing some pictures ;)
  8. sa80mark

    A few recent landscapes

    Not been on much lately due to working away but I've nipped on and seen this post and I've just spent half hour drooling at your pics, simply superb mate :)
  9. sa80mark

    dennerle 30l new scape

    Hi Andy unfortunately this was taken down due to work and an upgrade to a larger opti white, which all being well will be set up in the next 3 weeks :)
  10. sa80mark

    Lights for ADA Mini M - low tech?

    Same as above post mate ;)
  11. sa80mark

    Lights for ADA Mini M - low tech?

    I bought a boyu unit after asking Tim about his and for the money (£23 ebay) they are amazing :)
  12. sa80mark

    DIY Project Arcadia Stretch LED Dual Timer Installation

    Big thumbs up, I can see a lot of people copying this, I'm bookmarking it just in case I get some stretch led ;)
  13. sa80mark

    DIY Project Arcadia Stretch LED Dual Timer Installation

    Very clever fix, how did you come up with that ? Are you a sparky ?
  14. sa80mark

    Bucep's bluff thread finished :-)

    Simply superb mate :)
  15. sa80mark

    aa few questions

    Yes I believe flow is the most important thing both in high and low tech, there are tanks out there that seem to break the rules but I think it's widely accepted that flow is king and good flow will stop problems arising
  16. sa80mark

    aa few questions

    Cover glasses on the sump and tank would help massively with evaporation also you with a bit planning on the stock side of the tank you may be able to lower the temp this will also help massively, also a cover glass on the tank will help cut light intensity so you may very well get away with 2...
  17. sa80mark

    New here and new to the planted scene, Just a little light help please?

    Here you go it will give you an idea of the different looks that can be achieved with different bulbs Cheap HO T5 fluorescent tubes - Update with photos | UK Aquatic Plant Society
  18. sa80mark

    New here and new to the planted scene, Just a little light help please?

    I was the same before i joined here :) whether to get one or two really is up to you, some people have spent a long time mixing and matching tube colours to get a look that suits them, I've not experimented to the same amount as 6500k to me just looks right, so I'd say yes buy 2 of the 6500k and...
  19. sa80mark

    Bucep's bluff thread finished :-)

    Very nice Tim, come on let us into the secret.... where did you get the rock ? I've been trying to find some more textured rock likes yours
  20. sa80mark

    Hello from Leicester

    Brilliant, between my wife and my son we've spent a lot of time in LRI and there all brilliant in there
  21. sa80mark

    New here and new to the planted scene, Just a little light help please?

    There's also these that are even cheaper ,) 2 Foot Fluorescent Tube 18W 865 Daylight (GE) 18 Watt
  22. sa80mark

    New here and new to the planted scene, Just a little light help please?

    They will work just fine, I was going to link you to them as there the cheapest I've found , A lot of people get caught in the tube trap the truth is that the plants don't care about the tube at all, all the tubes with names like plant gro etc etc are to catch the aquarist and make them spend...
  23. sa80mark

    New here and new to the planted scene, Just a little light help please?

    You can use any tubes you want to, there's no such thing as tubes you have to use, just measure the length of your tubes and get some replacements, different bulbs come in different colour temperature my personal preference is 6500 k hth mark
  24. sa80mark

    Hello from Leicester

    Hello Pedro, what part of Leicester are you moving to ? We're getting a good number of Leicester lads on here now :)
  25. sa80mark

    Ada Style Cabinet Project

    Looks perfect to me, more than enough screws especially if your gluing it as well also 25mm mdf is spot on, are you planning to use 18mm front ? As 25mm doors are so heavy they will put a huge stress on the hinges
  26. sa80mark

    Starting point The Cube-- New Cube Rescape

    Very nice mate, i like the use of the large pebbles, I've got a very similar type of stream right next to my house, brilliant for inspiration, I can see where your going with this tank, definitely worth watching :)
  27. sa80mark

    Random Worm ID

    Not sure on that one especially with the time of year, I'd stick to my old adage, if in doubt rip it out ;)
  28. sa80mark

    soon to be wabi kusa

    Thanks green finger :) it's not even on par with yours but you've give me something to aim for :) That wall unit is bloody amazing, brains ticking now :) and post away mate, that's what makes a good thread :)
  29. sa80mark

    George's One-Pot Iwagumi Challenge

    If only I could create a neglected scape that looks this good :( I've said it before but the simplicity of this scape is just amazing, I love it :)
  30. sa80mark

    Winners of the ukaps awards 2013

    Congratulations everyone all very well deserved winners :)
  31. sa80mark

    soon to be wabi kusa

    Don't give me anymore ideas lol just waiting for the end of January then I'm getting my tank done I'm sick of looking at an empty tank now :(
  32. sa80mark

    soon to be wabi kusa

    Thanks mate :) I'm seriously considering setting up a few more, the misses loves it so I might be able to get one in the front room lol
  33. sa80mark

    48w t5s over 125l will I need co2?

    For low tech one 24 watt is about perfect :)
  34. sa80mark

    48w t5s over 125l will I need co2?

    A quick simple way to reduce the lighting is to put a reflector on one of the tube but put it on upside down so it reflects the light upwards :)
  35. sa80mark

    soon to be wabi kusa

    Hc is definitely smaller but mc just grows so well its a tough choice really, the plan when I'm due a trim will be the same as when I did the moss, trim everything you want trimming then a temp flood it's just so much easier and cleaner :)
  36. sa80mark

    soon to be wabi kusa

    How's that for timing lol, its really starting to kick off now :) I'm not sure if it's the extra heat now the central heating on more or if it's that I've just left it alone and not kept moving things ever 5 mins :)
  37. sa80mark

    soon to be wabi kusa

    A little update, I think I've finally found the sweet spot the anubias has thrown up 5 new leaves in the last 2 weeks and the Bacopa australis is going crazy so much so I'm thinking of removing it as it's growing over the he and monticarlo at an amazing rate
  38. sa80mark

    soon to be wabi kusa

    Give it a go, very easy and can be great fun
  39. sa80mark

    Wanted; alternative for Congo tetra (Phenacogrammus interruptus)

    What about cherry barbs ? I believe there compatible with shrimp
  40. sa80mark

    Hydor 200 16/22

    Don't get me wrong I can't see it being completely discontinued not with out a replacement the thing I've always found strange is that none of the big brands have ever released there own version ? I know a few years back jebo brought one out but they seemed to dissappear over night ? I guess it...
  41. sa80mark

    Hydor 200 16/22

    A quick Google search shows a lot of retailers listing them as to be discontinued but most of these are American site so maybe it's just over the pond ?
  42. sa80mark

    What fish is this?

    Not very sure on this one :( I think kirk could be right with orf although it's not quite as rounded as I'd expect but orf would be my guess
  43. sa80mark

    Can i use this T5....

    You can use any bulb you want to, plants really don't care, 6500k is my preferred spectrum as I prefer the look it gives :)
  44. sa80mark

    Cryptic Haven Low-energy Update Pics

    Dont know how I missed this one, it looks fantastic and gives me some idea of the crypts im thinking of :)
  45. sa80mark

    Wabi Kusa questions??

    I honestly believe you can use any soil you want to, also as theres no livestock to worry about i would definitely try it, experimenting is what wabis are all about :)
  46. sa80mark

    Wabi Kusa questions??

    Its very easy to get in the uk :) This is just one shop that stocks it ;) Keto Tsuchi Bonsai Soil - 1 litre
  47. sa80mark

    Aquarium sizes

    As tim has said a 2ft is imo the perfect size to start with but you have to also think about tank shape again imo a standard 24x12x12 or 15 is much easier to get good flow in where as some of the shallower tanks such as tmc's 24x12x18 wide take a bit more experimenting to get good flow and co2...
  48. sa80mark

    3ft of Uncertainty... Now Planted!

    Really nice mate whats the large leaf plant towards the front from center going to the right ? Some sort of anubias ?
  49. sa80mark

    Best value brine shrimp

    I aleays used TA-Aquaculture although hes now emergrated to malta he still ships to the uk :)
  50. sa80mark

    Wabi Kusa questions??

    Not very helpful I know but I looked into this for a long time and the conclusion I came to is that theres no best method, plants grown wabi style dont really need a rich substrate theres examples on the net of wabis with just plain sand, Have a look on you tube theres loads of videos on wabi...
  51. sa80mark

    Windows Phone vs Android

    I had a sony xperia that was windows and bloody hated the thing, compared to android and os theres next to no apps, I hated the front screen although you could move things around, terrible usability I only had it about 2 weeks before I went back to android
  52. sa80mark

    H´s optiwhite hightech

    The only thing I can say is that red present with the silver bow is to central and draws your eye to much lol :)
  53. sa80mark

    Attaching Riccia

    There what I used for my riccia stones, worked really well :)
  54. sa80mark

    Your personal aquascaping/aquarium highlights from 2013

    For me its been getting back in to planted tanks and getting back on this forum :) its turning out to be very expensive in areas I never thought of such as needing to buy a proper camera because of some of the superb pictures of fish, shrimp and tanks on here and I blame that on George and tom ;)
  55. sa80mark

    CO2 Regulator Problems

    Close the needle valve fully then adjust the main control knob to give around 2.5 bar then open the needle valve very slowly to get the desired bubble rate, if the pressure drops adjust the main knob again to give around 2.5 bar That should have you set up in the right area, dont be surprised...
  56. sa80mark

    1-2 Grow VS Regular Pots

    Aswell as the above reasons 1 - 2 grow is also massively easier to work with, no rockwool to spend hours picking off and no dead or dying leaves to pick off :)
  57. sa80mark

    Out of Africana - shrimp nano

    Very very nice and the montecarlo is looking great How fast or slow are you finding it grows in low tech ?
  58. sa80mark


    Merry Christmas mate hope you have a good one and merry Christmas to everyone one ukaps :)
  59. sa80mark

    eheim ecco pro 300 priming

    Thats the joy of my job :) if it dont fit hit it :)
  60. sa80mark

    eheim ecco pro 300 priming

    It took me ages to figure it out :( needless to say it was rapidly replaced with an ehiem classic :)
  61. sa80mark

    eheim ecco pro 300 priming

    Has darren been trying to compress air by hand ? ;) I did the same thing with my 120 and promptly snapped the handle off :(
  62. sa80mark

    Liquid carbon on plant leaves

    I did this to my anubias and it worked a treat with no issues but I cant say wether your plants will be ok
  63. sa80mark

    DIY stainless steel inlets / outlets?

    Yes but you would have the same issue of a larger than desirable radius :(
  64. sa80mark

    which used dslr

    Im really glad you said that as one of the retailers ive got bookmaered is hdew and a quick google searched gave them quite favourable reviews so that definitely puts my mind at ease :) they currently have the Nikon D5100 + 18-55mm + 55-300mm Double Kit at £465 which is a bloody bargin and...
  65. sa80mark

    DIY stainless steel inlets / outlets?

    Its on my todo list but works been to busy for me to get round to it, the only issue is the pipe benders everyone of the cheap ones ive found dont bend to 180 degree and the ones that do have a large radius which would make the pipes stand out to much, proper stainless steel pipe benders with a...
  66. sa80mark

    which used dslr

    Thanks nybraby, Ive not yet bought the camera as a job came up and im working away again but on the plis side ive now got some more pennies in my budget so it now stands at around £500 soim going to wait for the January sales and see if I can pick up a deal on new d5100 After a lot of...
  67. sa80mark

    Best way to get rid of snails?

    How about some dwarf puffers ? They wont eliminate the snails but will control numbers and if you tanks suitable would make a nice addition :)
  68. sa80mark

    1300 litre chocolate lake

    Sounds very strange I cant think of anything to help, as tom said considering the gouramis etc are fine it cant be water issues, A bit of a long shot but is your ph to low ? I know its written that ph for them is between 6.5 - 7.5 but from experience closer to 7.5 is best for them The only...
  69. sa80mark

    Has anyone used Poseidon's Palace?

    Lol of cause you are I asked you the other day lol ill pm you ;)
  70. sa80mark

    Fire extinguisher CO2

    No you dont need co2, certain plants do require co2 but theres a hugh amount that can be grown low tech ( no co2 ) Have a search on the forum for low tech there tons of info and journals Hth
  71. sa80mark

    Has anyone used Poseidon's Palace?

    Thats what Ive heard
  72. sa80mark

    What photoperiod do our plants really need ?

    Im not experienced enough to give a solid answer but for me 6 hours has worked well and ive had no desire to increase this
  73. sa80mark

    Am I being a tight-wad?

    I think darrens spot on, its like the ada ball glass £75 which is just ridiculous but my god I want one lol :)
  74. sa80mark

    TGM Obelisk Minimalist Cabinets

    Ive not seen one but I would way up what it is your after, a hardwood cabinet will be more expensive but it will also outlast an mdf cabinet by a mile, I work with mdf alot and I have a love hate relationship with it, its cheap and easy to work with but as a structural material its reallu not...
  75. sa80mark

    Which Substrate do you use for RCS?

    I used 2 bags of the Sulawesi Black in my 30x30x30 and it gave a good deep covering approx 2 inch at the front up to approx 4 inch at the back so 5 bags should be fine, the DeponitMix imo is rubbish if your want a plant substrate base id go for the tropica one ;)
  76. sa80mark

    New to pressurised CO2 - ready to purchase

    If it really is 2 stage and is a proper spring regulated diaphragm then it truly is the bargin of the century
  77. sa80mark

    New to pressurised CO2 - ready to purchase

    They vary quite a bit depending on brand but around £175 is the norm and then you need to add on for solenoid etc so could easily push £300 if everything was bought new My boc im going to be building will work out around £190
  78. sa80mark

    New to pressurised CO2 - ready to purchase

    Thats an interesting find and amazingly cheap for a 2 stage reg I would send them an email and ask for more details as that price is far to low for 2 stage The only thing I can offer in way of advice is thay co2 art are simply brilliant and I have experience with there solinoid which is one of...
  79. sa80mark


    Looks great, the tank looks much bigger than the measurements suggest Watching with interest :)
  80. sa80mark

    Test Kits

    Ive got a brand new sealed api no3 kit that I got qith some bits off ebay, I tested my tap water and it shows around 10 mg/l, I test my ro water which is showing 3 on the inline tds meter and shock horror it tested around 10 mg/l So for api I would say absolute garbage
  81. sa80mark

    Hydra? Or am I worrying overly?

    My guess would be that its coincidence I dont see any amount of hydra killing even a dwarf cory, did you empty the water from the daphnia into the tank ? If so this could be a more likely cause especially if the cory was not in top condition ?
  82. sa80mark

    Back to my roots

    Will look brilliant when it fills in more, im doing a similar thing and going with a crypt based low tech riparium, Are you running this high tech ?
  83. sa80mark

    6 x 1 x 1ft tank?

    I had 4 thay size when I was breeding fish mine were custom built I dont think ive come across an off the shelf tank that size, maybe clearseal ? They might do that as a standard but no idea where you could order one from
  84. sa80mark


    Garden tiger moth I think ? Arctia cuja
  85. sa80mark

    Advice On: Lights/Algae/Teardown/Cleaning/Scape/liquid ferts

    The best place to start would be reading through the tutorials in the tutorial section then anything your unsure of ask as a specific question as your above post is just to difficult to answer in one hit, Dont worry about ceg he always has everyones best interest at heart and the way he answers...
  86. sa80mark

    3% H202 or Bleach for Bazooka Atomiser

    Same as sam, quick easy and effective
  87. sa80mark

    Affordable LED lights

    I looked into these a few months back and could find next to nothing on them in freshwater tanks but over on the American forums they seem to be quite popular for marines Hth a little Mark
  88. sa80mark


    Welcome to the forum, your english seems good certainly better than mine and I am english :)
  89. sa80mark

    Water proofing plywood.

    Once dry yes, for sealing a hood its perfectly safe and fine to use, people have used it for this sort of thing for years and years
  90. sa80mark

    Water proofing plywood.

    Yacht varnish ;) cheap, easy and very effective
  91. sa80mark

    which used dslr

    Brilliant thanks tom :) Big help as always :)
  92. sa80mark

    Would this be too much stock in a 180l?

    Looks very reasonable to me the only thing I would say is the botia striata, ive read many many posts about them eating shrimp, but ive also read many that say its not an issue so it might be worth keeping an eye on them
  93. sa80mark

    'A Twist of Nature'

    Beautiful gary, looks superb and once again great fish choice :)
  94. sa80mark

    which used dslr

    As advised ive been searching and looking into the nikon d5100 and am set on it now :) and am just about to buy one ( body only) so the next thing is lenses, from what ive been able to gather there are 4 main "must have" lenses Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX Macro Nikon AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 55-200mm...
  95. sa80mark

    What's your favourite aquascaping shop?

    Aqua essential Planted Aquarium Specialists, Aquarium Plants, Mixed Boxes of Aquatic Plants, Substrates, CO2 Sets, Fertilisers, Diffusers and LED Lighting Systems Unit 2 Creedy ValeDown EndLords Meadow Industrial EstateCreditonEX17 1HN Ive not been able to visit the shop yet so buy my stuff...
  96. sa80mark

    Neutro bromo blue

    Is you jbl drop checker the one with the white strip inside ? If it is that could explain the visual colour difference, as for colour lime green is about where you want to be, almost yellow, I cant really comment on the shrimp as I dont know much about shrimp and co2 so hopefully someone else...