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  1. tyrophagus


    Just for information I have this light on a 30cm cube doing a dry start. Tested PAR levels today without water and measures 45 - 50 at substrate level. I'll update this post when its filled with water and I've tested PAR again. Bought from this site. UP PRO-Z 30cm 10x LED Hanging Plant Light...
  2. tyrophagus

    Bonsai b

    Awsome model building. http://www.tokyogoodidea.com/bonsai-b
  3. tyrophagus

    My first pond (edit: 12 months later May 2012)

    My garden is 570cm by 400cm. Not large. I have a pond planned. I'm removing the grass and am going to lay stone slabs down instead. I plan to use railway sleepers to make some raised beds around the outside of the patio. The pond itself will be a rectangular L130cm x w85cm x d45cm preformed...
  4. tyrophagus

    why do my fish have long poo?

    I was wondering if anyone knows why my fish have developed long trailing poo's. They have been in my tank for 18 months and have only just started. I'm concerned they may have some nutrient deficiency. I feed them a commercial pellet food and the odd meal of frozen bloodworm etc. can anyone...
  5. tyrophagus

    Where can I get my tap water tested?

    I have had some algae problems, currently GSA and BGA. My CO2 and flow is fine - UP atomiser on separate 3000 lph powerhead circuit in addition to the 1700 lph filter. Spraybar. 200 l tank. Dosing EI for 300l. I have plants that show nutrient deficiency and crypts that regularly melt their...
  6. tyrophagus

    How should I trim this hygrophila difformis

    I'd like some advice on trimming this plant (top right). I know I have 2 options either uproot and trim the base or top them. So far I have trimmed some of the stems and replanted them but I'm looking for an easier way to manage them. Do you think I should just cut back 50% and see what...
  7. tyrophagus

    Fish shop in Islamabad.

    http://gu.com/p/2mnny/iw Poor creatures
  8. tyrophagus


  9. tyrophagus

    Photoshop CS5 Content aware Fill tool

    Hi I've been stitching together some panoramas in photoshop. They tend to have edges that need cropping after the process of stitching and blending. This image is 7 Nikon D200 Nef files taken in portrait orientation and stitched together. Usually I'd crop out the white areas. (ps. i have...
  10. tyrophagus

    Do water conditioners remove trace mix from tank?

    I was wondering what effect water conditioners might have on the micro nutrient content of the water. I do 1 or 2 water changes a week and at least 50%, sometimes more. I do a rough guess at the amount of conditioner needed to remove chlorine and probably err on the side of caution (i.e. More...
  11. tyrophagus

    Actual flow is 25% of rated flow (Eheim Pro 3e 2076)

    I'm suprised its taken me so long to measure the flow from my filter. I've read over and over that I need good flow and I understand why. I assumed that having a rate 1700lph filter would be enough even though I expected the actual flow to be a lot less. Recently I added a small external...
  12. tyrophagus

    My acrylic tube bending solution

    Have a look at this page in my journal to see how a pipe bending spring helps http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=11074&start=70
  13. tyrophagus

    Do plants require a period of complete darkness?

    I have an LED lighting system and I can leave the lights on at night at a low setting. I have measured the PAR level at the surface at 2 which is very low. Do plants need total darkness and can algae use this lower level of light?
  14. tyrophagus

    Do crypts require root tabs if planted in ADA soil?

    I have lost all my original crypts completely due to to intermittent melting over the last 6 months. Initially they seemed to do well but they became weaker and and weaker as I pruned off the melting leaves. I used EI and FE co2. Recently I have switched to tpn+, 180l tank, 10mls daily. This...
  15. tyrophagus

    West Woods

    Taken on my phone and uploaded via the phone. Not very sharp but then the phone has stacked 2 separate images taken at different exposures.
  16. tyrophagus

    How to do a blackout?

    So I have some spirogyra. The plan is a blackout for 3 days, with a large water change each day and no ferts or CO2. The tanks covered in black bin bags. Is that the way you do a complete black out?
  17. tyrophagus

    Fluctuating CO2 levels and algae

    Hi My tank is doing relatively well but I'm getting some algae, multiple types in low quantities :( I'd appreciate some advice. I have looked at James planted tank algae page. To avoid algae I need lights that are at a reasonable PAR, good flow, optimal levels of nutrients and high co2. I...
  18. tyrophagus

    Slug like creatures creeping through my soil?

    Ok so pond life happens and hopefully only in a healthy tank but what on earth are these creatures. I introduced some new plants 2 days ago (related?) and today I spotted a fast moving slug - its very fast for a slimy creature! I grabed my phone and took a video that is blurry in parts. While...
  19. tyrophagus

    Light Compensation Point and optimal PAR levels

    I not sure this information is available. This is what I understand so far. We use PAR to assess lighting for plants rather than lumens, lux etc. We see lumens and plants use PAR. What I am unable to find is the optimal PAR level for the average planted aquarium. Light compensation points...
  20. tyrophagus

    Pogostemon Stellatus is green with no red - why?

    The heading says it all. I have really good growth and 30ppm CO2 with EI dosing including MgSO4 but there is not even a hint of red and the plant almost reaches the surface of the tank. It gets blown around a bit in the flow. So what makes it's top go red? Is it the light intensity or is it...
  21. tyrophagus

    Ogbourne St Andrew

    Cropped landscape Nikon D200 2 stop hard edge graduated neutral density filter
  22. tyrophagus

    Post Processing - getting rid of distortion

    I thought I'd share a few screen grabs of a program I use for post processing. These were test shots taken to try find the best position for my camera - there are horrible reflections so please ignore them. This is not about the photos but about the techniques available to correct distortion...
  23. tyrophagus

    I have creatures in my tank - any ideas??

    So you know whats its like. Your starring into the depths of your tank willing your Fissidens fontanus to grow while you watch. That's when I saw it! A speck so tiny my 40yr old eyes could only just resolve it :geek: . It was swimming from leaf to leaf. Reminded me of a microscopic version...
  24. tyrophagus

    10 day old tank, stem plants sick - advice please. EI time?

    I have a 10 day old 180l tank. I bought pre-cycled filter media from LFS and the substrate is ADA amazonia granules with power sand special. I have excellent flow (eheim 2076 + vortech mp10) and am using CO2 at about 10 bubbles/sec which keeps my drop checker at a green to light yellow...
  25. tyrophagus

    why have my plants stopped pearling?

    So my 180l tank is 6 days old and for the first 5 days I did at least a 50% water change. Back at work today so today was the first day with no water change. CO2 addition at about 8 drops per sec. C02 yellow. Add 10 mls easycarb a day plus Ada brighty k. My lighting is on for 8hrs with the...
  26. tyrophagus

    Swamp Creek - 2 years on updated June 2012

    My first tank in years! Lets hope I don't just grow algae and if you look at the pics I'm off on a good start with some green water. So I did the great trek from Swindon to Wrexham to collect my tank and spent 5 hours at The Green Machine extracting every last bit of info Graeme could provide...
  27. tyrophagus

    Kahikatea Swamp / Ships Creek, South Island, New Zealand

    Another aquarists dream location. This time were on the west coast of New Zealand 20 minutes drive North of Haast and our destination is the Dept of Conservation area called Ships Creek. Most of the West Coast of NZ is covered in podocarp forests mostly with an amazing tree call the Kahikatea...
  28. tyrophagus

    If you ever go to the South Island of New Zealand...

    I highly recommend a detour to a place I think few ever venture despite it being accessible (I took a hire car down the track). It will appeal to anyone in this hobby as there were huge numbers of aquatic plants growing wild but I have no idea what they were as I was to busy trying to be...
  29. tyrophagus

    Does the entire base of the tank need support?

    Hi I'm soon to take possession of a 90x45x45cm tank that I will be putting on middle of the welsh dresser (that's what my other half calls it) in the kitchen. No room for tank stands in areas of the house that don't get full sun. My question is this. When I fill the 180l tank will the fact...
  30. tyrophagus

    EHEIM 2076 - will I be able to use inline devices?

    Hi My first post :wave: . I'm a week away from collecting my new tank and related gear most of which is bought and paid for. Having a few weeks to wait allowed me to trawl through the forum and I'm impressed with the information available here. I have purchased an Eheim 2076. I chose it...