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  1. hotweldfire

    Stumpy filter?

    Hi All, Got a rather specific requirement. Because of space/aesthetic limitations I need a filter to run a 30cm cube that a) has to sit underneath the tank and b) has to sit on a shelf 27cm high with a bunch of books in front of it too (see below). 2016-07-14 09.24.53 by hotweldfire, on Flickr...
  2. hotweldfire

    Fluval 88g pressure level

    Hi All, I'm considering buying aquasabi's glass inline diffuser and they tell me that it needs just over 1 bar to run. Thing is that I'm using this Fluval 88g nano co2 kit and have no idea what pressure it puts out (documentation don't say). Anyone know? [I am aware I should stop using this...
  3. hotweldfire

    How to use inline dual stage reg?

    Could I get some advice on how to run this reg? Not how to install it as it is installed fine. However, my confusion is how to make use of it. The idea is that you set the maximum pressure on the inline using the main valve on the inline to a level to limit the injection rate should the...
  4. hotweldfire

    Dual stage welding reg

    Hello all Can the regulator experts amongst you have a look at the item below and give me your opinions on its suitability for use with a planted tank? CALOR GAS CO2 TWO STAGE TWO GAUGE REGULATOR | eBay Specifically - does the working pressure look OK? The gauges appear to indicate very...
  5. hotweldfire

    Resolved! Can't access inbox

    Getting this when I try to check my messages: Return to the index page General Error SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ] Table 'phpbb3_privmsgs' is marked as crashed and should be repaired [1194] An SQL error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact the Board Administrator if this problem persists...
  6. hotweldfire

    TMC V2 Refillable system

    Anyone use this refillable bottle with the two gauge reg? You know, the silver one with this reg: http://www.surreypetsupplies.co.uk/tmc- ... r-pro.html If so, could you let me know ... a) can you adjust the working pressure on it? I want to run an inline diffuser b) what's the exact height...
  7. hotweldfire

    Are you serious?

    :jawdrop :jawdrop :jawdrop I mean, I love my shrimp and understand the fuss about PRL but, que? It's a choice between a nano tank of this lot and my daughter's trust fund. Daughter wins. http://www.benibachi.co.uk/catalog/benibachi_shrimp/
  8. hotweldfire

    Cal Aqua double checker

    Anyone used this? It's the one which has two bulbs, one with I assume a usual bromo blue/4dkh mix an th other with a "30ppm reference soluton". I have installed one 24hrs ago on my main tank and it is telling me I am putting in too much CO2. I.e. The test bulb is more yellow than the ref bulb...
  9. hotweldfire

    Shrimp safe 9mm

    Anyone know where I can get a shrimp safe cap to fit a 9mm lily pipe intake? Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk 2
  10. hotweldfire

    Properly clear hose

    Could someone direct me to a retailer selling completely clear co2 tubing? Bought some from ADC and from tankscape and both have writing printed on them.
  11. hotweldfire

    Going from timed to 24/7 co2

    Hello all, I have a lunapet solenoid that has been working fine for the last few months until today. I.e. power is off to it and co2 is still running. I have plugged in, waited, unplugged, waited, repeated. No change in bubble rate. Perhaps or perhaps not coincidentally I swapped JBL co2...
  12. hotweldfire

    The mysterious case of the melting frogbit

    2012-7-6_18.36.52 by hotweldfire, on Flickr Please see pic above, especially the brown leaf on left side and snail moving in to take advantage. This photo was taken at 1pm today. Lights go on at 2pm and off at 8pm. Frogbit went in at 6pm yesterday. Here's a photo tonight of a new plantlet...
  13. hotweldfire

    Does hair algae grow emersed?

    I'm experimenting growing some mosses emersed in clear plastic pots (the ones edamame comes in from Pret). Said moss is mini xmas and had a fair bit of hair algae on it when I pulled it out of the tank. The moss is doing really well, lots of bright green new growth. I just give it 15 minutes air...
  14. hotweldfire

    Molting with eggs

    I've seen a lot of berried blue pearls in my main tank over the last couple of months. Those of you who know what happened to the shrimp in that tank a few months ago will know what a relief it is for me to see berried shrimp again. However, I've not seen one shrimplet. Not one. Conditions in...
  15. hotweldfire

    HOB with spraybar?

    Anyone come across one of these? This is the only one I've found but way over the top for my 12l. Need something smaller. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Up-Aqua-Exter ... 2541wt_952
  16. hotweldfire

    Sparkling gourami aggression

    I have a male/female pair of Trichopsis pumila in a 12l nano. No other tank mates (apart from a couple of shrimp I haven't managed to catch and some snails). For the first couple of weeks they seemed pretty happy, with the male following the female around as they explored the tank. There was...
  17. hotweldfire

    Horned nerites

    http://www.planetinverts.com/horned_nerite_snail.html Anyone keep these? I put 5 in my 12l office nano and they've done nothing. Were active for the first couple of days and for the last few days they've just been lying on their sides not moving. Assumed they were dead and went to pull them...
  18. hotweldfire

    In Vitro Gel

    Does anyone know what the gel tropica etc use in their in vitro cups is? Is it something like this? http://www.globalgrow.com/index.php?mai ... cts_id=301
  19. hotweldfire

    Harvesting copepods

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this topic. I have a new nano that's been cycling for a couple of months and am probably going to introduce some shrimp to it next week. In the meantime it has become a playground for an array of microorganisms. Primarily copepods but also a few worms...
  20. hotweldfire

    Blue Aura Shrimp

    2012-3-11_21.56.44 by hotweldfire, on Flickr Courtesy of Living Waters. Had them about 3 weeks I think. Got two about blue pearl colouration (including the one on the right) and another six much darker blue. Most darker than the one in foreground above. Got two berried now so fingers crossed...
  21. hotweldfire

    Fissidens is well hard

    Have had a pile of hardscape materials sitting out in the garden in a jumbled pile for months. Some lava rock, dragon stone, mopani wood and some redmoor. Clearing them out 'cos I got someone in to sort out the mess that is the garden and look what I found: Hard fissidens by hotweldfire, on...
  22. hotweldfire

    Office nano

    Got this 30x20x20 off Ryan some time ago (don't know where he got it, maybe he can tell us). Was meant to go on my office desk. My health and safety were asked if it was OK (mistake to ask them) and they said no. Firstly, water, electricity, no no. Secondly, we have a strict no pets policy they...
  23. hotweldfire

    Mixing glosso with HC

    Guys (and gals), any advice on how to make this look natural? TBH it's not glosso, it's Elatine hydropiper. Introduced it a couple of months ago to my main tank and it's gone mad. Is, in fact, threatening to take over the HC. Both are growing in front of a wall of dragon stone. But they look a...
  24. hotweldfire

    Wipe Out

    A cautionary tale for y'all. Total loss in main tank although there are three blue pearls huddled together in the back corner fanning their legs like mad and I've pulled out one crystal that isn't dead but is preferring to lie on its side. All others including crystals up to ss grades and taiwan...
  25. hotweldfire

    Emersed plants for a nano

    Hello all. Have had a 30x20x20 optiwhite nano lying around for a few months on my office shelf because health and safety say I can't fill it. Just got a new job elsewhere and noticed that there's a fish tank in the admin office so not going to ask health and safety this time :lol: Hasn't got...
  26. hotweldfire

    Need a bottle pressure gauge

    Hi all, I have a D-D reg which fits on to disposable bottles. The thing is a bit lethal as it tends to do a co2 dump into the tank just before the bottle runs out. Unfortunately it only has a working pressure gauge not a bottle contents gauge. I believe this reg used to be sold with both but...
  27. hotweldfire

    RO unit to garden tap

    Debate started on another thread so instead of hijacking someone else's thread thought I should start a separate one. I recently bought an RO unit and have decided the only convenient place to run it off is my garden tap. Garden tap has a hozelock connector on it usually which does not leak...
  28. hotweldfire

    EMERGENCY: Eheim flow lever jammed

    Sorry for the drama all but I have a serious problem. Came home tonight to find the flow from my external (Eheim pro3 2071) down to a trickle, CRS lying on their back and a dead hisonotus. I'm assuming the casualties are from no surface movement but not sure. Opened it up, cleaned impellor etc...
  29. hotweldfire

    Dosing for a Barr non-CO2 method tank

    Barr/Walstad type nano (first link in my sig) with the aim of no or minimal water changes. Has been running about 4 months. Current stocking is 2 hisonotus leucofrenatus (black otos) and about 50 cherry/sakura shrimp (and some random snails). These get fed a tiny bit twice a week max. No co2...
  30. hotweldfire

    Good quality cherry shrimp

    Somewhere between a very high grade sakura and a taiwan painted fire red. My only doubt is that in a couple of frames you could just about make out the saddle and in fire reds that shouldn't be possible without back lighting. My experience of trying to selectively breed cherries for ages with...
  31. hotweldfire

    ID this for me please?

    Apologies, can't get a clearer shot as it is tiny. Moss like size. Found it growing in my propagator amongst some hydrocotyle and was about to chuck it out but then had a closer look and really like it. Anyone know what it is? A selaginella maybe? It's growing in 100% (more or less) humidity in...
  32. hotweldfire

    Shrimps fanning

    Fanning their legs that is. You know, the way they do when berried to keep the eggs clean. Except almost all of them are doing it, berried or not, female or not and a number of different species. The only reason I'm worried is that I've been losing shrimp, one every day or two over the last...
  33. hotweldfire

    China moss

    Anyone tried this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/China-moos-China-moss-Vesicularia-spec-sinensis-Chi-/370537318494?pt=de_haus_garten_tierbedarf_fische&hash=item5645bec85e#ht_3462wt_905
  34. hotweldfire

    What is this insect?

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us Dead (more or less) in the pic. Got itself stuck to the light fitting with one part of it's tail. To be clear has a twin tail, a long body with stripy markings and fairly small wings. The reason I ask is because it appears to have left its offspring in my nano...
  35. hotweldfire

    Steel cutter

    Can anyone recommend a decent steel cutter for cutting up steel moss meshes? Bought a JCB one that's designed for cutting metal sheeting and it's pretty useless. Just ends up bending the mesh rather than cutting through it.
  36. hotweldfire

    Struggling with HC

    Try squirting the excel directly on to the HC using a syringe. Have only had one success with this evil plant and that's one of the things I did differently: http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=17113
  37. hotweldfire

    EI spray mix

    Hi All, I know I have seen the answer to this question somewhere but my search skills are failing me. Question is: How much EI liquid mix do I add to how much water to spray my emersed plants? I use an Aquarium Plant Food UK pre-mix in my main tank and want to dilute this to spray. So, 1:10...
  38. hotweldfire

    Smaller version of H. angustifolia?

    Gutted. I really love this plant. It grows beautifully in my tank and has exactly the right look (for want of a better word - Jurassic) that I need for background. Only problem is that it grows too big too fast. Haven't left enough room at the back for stems and it is already crowding out the...
  39. hotweldfire

    Moss ID

    This is Daniel1983....'s mystery Singapore moss from this thread: http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=16868 Here are a couple of pics I took of it this morning. It's a little worse for wear because I missed delivery and couldn't get to the depot for a few days. I reckon it's...
  40. hotweldfire

    This is java moss right?

    It's growing on a piece of wood alongside fissidens. Must be a remnant of the days when I used to keep it. Just thought I'd double check because I don't remember it growing so stringy. Also is this the same? Pulled it out floating loose:
  41. hotweldfire

    Spontaneous Nematodes???

    :? :? :shock: I'm sitting in the garden with a piece of manzi and a tuperware box with some bogwood which has moss attached to it. Have been trimming bits of moss off the bogwood and attaching to the manzi. The bogwood has been sitting in my tank for a couple of weeks now. I notice that...
  42. hotweldfire

    Guess how much this little lot cost me

    2 ferns and 1 tiny grid of moss including express postage (5-7 days) from Taiwan and optional tracking number. First one to get all three species and closest to the price (a hint - unpleasantly high) gets a small narrow leaf java fern rhizome as a prize. Moss will be the tricky bit so willing to...
  43. hotweldfire

    Another plant ID thread I'm afraid

    These were kindly donated by a fellow member who happens to have the finest low-tech nano I've seen. Unfortunately he didn't have the latin names. Here's the lot together: Then #1 #2 #3 Any advice much appreciated
  44. hotweldfire

    How to remove ammonia from aquasoil prior to use

    Or from other active substrates? Context is I want to add some to an existing mature tank to build up a slope at the back. My previous experience of doing this was amazonia in -> a big ammonia spike -> fish death. Unfortunately I can't remove inhabitants when doing this. The other issue is I...
  45. hotweldfire

    Green aphids

    Am growing some hydrocotyle in a tray on the window sill and noticed a couple of green aphids on it a few days back. Today there are tons on some of the plants- said plants are withering. Could anyone tell me the best way to deal with the little buggers?
  46. hotweldfire

    Tiny fish for fast flow

    Hi All, In my main tank (125l) I'm running a 950lph external and a koralia 1600. Have boraras brigittae in there and they ain't happy since I upped the flow. They huddle in a corner where the water is most still and only come out to play when the koralia turns off. I'm gonna shift them to my...
  47. hotweldfire

    Drop checker time lapse & CO2 schedule

    Somewhat confused on the issue of when to have CO2 coming on vs. lights. Here's what I'm currently doing: Solenoid on @ 10:00 Koralia on @ 11:00 Lights on @ 12:30 Solenoid/Koralia off @ 6:30 Lights off @8:30 Part of the reason I have the CO2 come on so early is that my crap regulator takes 45...
  48. hotweldfire

    Nano LEDs

    Anyone tried either of these? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=370247728181&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260674367442&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_5066wt_1039 Suspiciously good value.
  49. hotweldfire

    RO & CO2

    I've read Tom Barr's article on non-CO2 methods and worked my way through this sub-forum and have to say I'm very tempted to attempt this method on my new nano. I guess the thing I'm struggling with, which appears crucial to the method, is the lack of water changes. Whilst this is one of the...
  50. hotweldfire

    Seeding new filter and flow

    Hi All, I am about to set up a new nano and am currently running the filter for it in my mature tank (first link in my sig). Stupid question - should I be running the new filter on a slow flow rate to maximise the amount of contact time the sponge has with mature tank water? Or should I be...
  51. hotweldfire

    Desert's Edge

    Hi All, I've kept a tank for about 7 or 8 years now. Low tech, crypts, valis, cories, harlequins etc. Originally it was a Juwel Rekord 60. Had it for about 3 or 4 years at my last place. Moved it to my current place. Then a year later moved it upstairs to the bedroom. Few months later it...
  52. hotweldfire

    Glass intakes killing shrimp

    Have been thinking about the same thing as I was planning on glass pipes on a tank I'm about to set up. Was thinking about sticking one of these http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110499036789&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT#ht_3543wt_1139 on the bottom of the inlet. Kind of...
  53. hotweldfire

    Larry's Glade

    Hi All, This is my first journal, first Iwagumi and first attempt at a second tank. It's going to be a slow burner as I don't really have the cash for all the gear I need so the shrimp and plants in my main tank are going to have to subsidise this one until it's up and running and can pay for...
  54. hotweldfire

    Vietnamese minnows

    Could people who have kept Tanichthys micagemmae give me their opinion on them? Especially how are they with shrimp? I know all fish will predate on shrimplets but will these be any worse than microrasbora? Am considering swapping out my chilis as they're struggling with the temp (22-23c) and...
  55. hotweldfire

    Ruby Tetras

    Does anyone keep this fish? If so, what temp do you keep them at? Currently have boraras brigittae/merah/sundadanio axelrodi (as well as cories and otos) at 25c but want to reduce temp to 22c for sake of my shrimp and don't think my current fish will tolerate that so looking to swap them out for...
  56. hotweldfire

    Dosing in the Dark

    I get up in the morning, the lights on my tank are all off I come home in the evening, the lights on my tank are now not off Plants in my tank are tired, they're tired without their proper ferts Hey there baby, seeing my plants die really hurts I could dose in the morning, I could dose even...
  57. hotweldfire

    Supplementing ADA prior to EI

    Hi, I have decided to take the plunge with EI (sort of). Have some TFF aquarium plant nutrition on its way from aquarium plant food UK. My understanding is this is equivalent to an all-in-one: NPK + trace (does it have FE BTW?) However in the meantime I have a couple of 500ml bottles of ADA...
  58. hotweldfire

    LFK Club

    For members of above site I'm getting a scary message on my browser when navigating there. Google seems to think the site is compromised or something. Says this: Warning: Something's Not Right Here! http://www.lfkc.co.uk contains content from chantier.ci, a site known to distribute malware...
  59. hotweldfire

    Hi from South London

    Hi, Am in London se11. Have had a tank for about 8 years, only started taking it seriously about 2 years ago when I started aquascaping and breeding shrimp. Tank is Fluval Roma 125l. Filtration is a sera external with uv light, heater is the Fluval 150w that came with the tank, lighting is...