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    Carpet plant options

    I am looking ot recape my tank. It is currently 120l, with 90cm T8 30w. And all low tech plants attached to something. I have another lighting unit, to add another T8 (was thinking LED) Anyhow, I am looking to rescape with Tesco Molar. I have Co2 and regs, and can add, along with ferts, but...
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    Black dots on Anubias

    I seem to be getting some dots on my Anubias, originally thought it was algae but not 100%, as I got some on leaves that am growing emersed? Pics of affected leaves (Phone pics so not the greatest)? Still not 100% but all I can gather is BBA but it doesnt pretude the leaf, seems flat, black...
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    Do Snails eat pelia?

    I added a pad of (Monoselenium tenerum) pelia to my tank, within a week the pad is bare :( I have one in another tank, with snails which also looks considerably worn too but with some green still there and am hoping it recovers and see's sme growth? And have one pad on a window which is...
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    Low tech tank - Tips of leaves dark green - Java Fern

    As title really, dont really dose ferts until recently. To avoid deficiencies, I dose API Leaf Contains chelated iron and potassium only I beleive) and Seachem phospherous, but still got dark green tips of leaves on my Java ferns? Am I lacking another fert of some kind? Water change once a...
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    HC Cuba from P@H

    Popped into P@H this evening to see new delivery of HC Tropica range. Anyone bought from them? Now my tank isn't ready yet, but whilst the plants were fresh if I was to buy 3 pots (offer is 3 for 11) and grow in a clear container emersed, on window would I see growth? I have a lid which fits...
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    Best/cheapest way to attach moss to something

    Seen a lot of moss that comes on mesh, now I bought some moss, which soon as I put into water split into loads of small pieces, assume it was trimming/cuttings I bought. Wasnt attached to anything. Anyhow, without having to spend loads on buying stuff to stick it too which in counter...
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    Pebble based UGF Tropical

    Right, I have a gravel based aquarium and a UGF which I havest used in a while, stone get clogged up. Now I have tried pond weed, Elodea canadensis, which didnt seem to like the light in the tank, the leaves became bright and narrow, and didnt seem to stay in the depth of the tank, always...