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    Brown dots/marks on Anubias?

    http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=22686 Might help, algae. I am using EasyCarbo to tackle.
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    Anyone know what this is?

    I have had Diatoms triggered from Sunlight from window and it was only triggered recently when the sun was out a few weeks back and my blinds were fully open. Its not in direct sunlight, but gets a fair bit of light so to speak if the blinds are up and windows are open and all that (the whole...
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    Fissedens tips with filamentous algae strands

    Thanks bud, I already removed the said piece and put on a tub, and applied EC via syringe squrting directly to area about 0.4 ml which is about 4-5 drops, and then left for about 3-4 days, and things started going orange, so I then removed and placed in clean water for the last week. Still...
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    Fissedens tips with filamentous algae strands

    Thanks bud, ok, maybe be a bit tight with the easy carbo when dosing. :thumbup:
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    Fissedens tips with filamentous algae strands

    As mentioned by spyder, easy Carbo could fry the fissedens. As well as being bad for shrimp. Hence removing affected piece from tank allows for harsh treatments. Got some sparkling water, but not sure if its the right way to go.
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    Fissedens tips with filamentous algae strands

    Could I use carbonated water in a small tub by a window to treat it? was thinking it might help?
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    Fissedens tips with filamentous algae strands

    No floating plants as such, well the java fern needle leaf loops over surface and moss does provide shade. It isnt really that bright IMO, 3.5w LED? Well of course enough to cause algae it seems. I could add siesta periods, lights out on alternate days. Seeing its only one mesh affected its...
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    Fissedens tips with filamentous algae strands

    I am not sure but my fissedens is covered in a barely visible thin strand of algae I think, originally thought it was the plant growing as each fillement in on each tip of the fissedens, seems a single strand for every leaf. Its kinda a low tech tank (3.5w LED Light, tank is in sig) I havent...
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    Algae problem, early setup

    Are you sure they are not just HC roots searching to spread, as pic isnt clear? As these are like white thin strands but cant see so clearly in pic.
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    growing algae for otos

    I added or was growing on some java fern and within a week, plenty of algae. Did you use water from tank, always goood to use old watter frm a water change. Good chance Algae and bacteria exist to trigger a bloom.
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    Quarentine Pelia showing Fuzz Algae

    So fine and small, seems crazzy to try by hand, but might use a small tooth brush and try give them a little rub. Hope thhat does it. Not a sunny window but gets good daylight, East oor North East Facing I would say. Had mosses in tub for a few weeks on the windows, no algae issues in the...
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    Quarentine Pelia showing Fuzz Algae

    Basically I bought some pads with Pelia on it, and I have put into tubs on window, and within days it looks like strands of 4mm hairs on the tip of the very few leaves on pelia. Its pretty new and pretty flat the pelia, so thought stick it on window to get it going, as I heard it can take a...
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    350L low tech tank algae problems

    Have you thought about algae eaters, otocinclus, ancistrus for example? Snails? Not sure about shrimp pending the fish but if you could they might help. Doesnt solve the cause but helps keeping it in check?