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  1. sa80mark

    Test Kits

    Ive got a brand new sealed api no3 kit that I got qith some bits off ebay, I tested my tap water and it shows around 10 mg/l, I test my ro water which is showing 3 on the inline tds meter and shock horror it tested around 10 mg/l So for api I would say absolute garbage
  2. sa80mark

    Waste water from RO through HMA filter

    Interesting question, ive been thinking the same thing, and although I dont know the answer I suspect it can be done but I think the filters wouldnt last very long due to the extra amount of minerals, contaminants etc
  3. sa80mark

    Odd PH readings?

    Have you tested tap water after gassing off ? Left for 12 hours or better still 24 hours, I did mine last week and it goes from approx 6.4 out of tap to 7.9 after 24 hours
  4. sa80mark

    RO help

    One thing I used to do was to run my ro unit at night I dont know if its the same everywhere but my water pressure was approximately 1.5bar higher at night I presume this is because no one else was using water at night ?
  5. sa80mark

    When is the best time to complete a water change?

    According to craig the best time is just before lights on this if im remembering right is so the plants can access the air this inturn gives them a big boost of co2 and kick starts them, although there was also some mention of it not really mattering when you do it, the most important thing is...
  6. sa80mark

    Is Lincolnshire more challenging?

    Hello and welcome to the forum, I wouldnt worry about your hard water theres plenty of us thay have hard water myself included, the only headache I have noticed is the limescale around the water line but plants dont seem to mind it at all, im still a newbie in the planted tank world and others...
  7. sa80mark

    tds help

    Im not 100% and will probably be wrong but as far as im aware you cant convert tds to hardness
  8. sa80mark

    Hard Water or RO, which is better?

    Ive been reading the same sort of thing but I havnt noticed that as a potential issues apart from a small algae outbreak on my last tank ive had good plant growth etc my co2 level at the minute is approx 5 bps but I have no livestock so am pumping it in my last tank ran very stable 2bps in 30l...
  9. sa80mark

    Hard Water or RO, which is better?

    Mines a hard water high tech tank well I believe its classed as hard water 19 - 20 dh around 450ppm the only problem ive had is the white deposit around the tank
  10. sa80mark

    Storing RO water

    I had the same problem when I first used it but it was a lfs that put me right they run off tons of it and kept it stored in 1000l containers then when a customer wanted it they just filled up 25l bottles it lasted them upto 3 months Im not sure on how long it lasts if mixed though when I was...
  11. sa80mark

    Storing RO water

    I used to store mine in sealed water containers (25l) and it was good for upto 2 months never kept it longer than that as it was used for top ups
  12. sa80mark

    ro units

    Imo no you dont need a di chamber its more of marine aquarium thing I think but dont know 100% but basically the di chamber comes into play if you have a high tds and want very low tds water again I think im right in saying as a rough example, an ro unit should remove around 95% of input so if...
  13. sa80mark

    ro units

    No problem roy check ebay or RO-MAN.COM Mark
  14. sa80mark

    ro units

    The best and cheapest way I found was to buy a used unit off something like ebay and just buy new filters for it, I got a 3 pod 100gpd ro unit with di chamber and inline tds meter for £16 the the new filters were around £22 Mark
  15. sa80mark

    Another RO Newbie... can you help ?

    The way your looking to use your ro unit is very similar to how I ran mine the easiest way to keep the membrane wet it to have isolation taps on the pipes, just shut these and leave the unit full with water then when you use it next just run the unit for half hour before starting to collect the...
  16. sa80mark

    Can I use tap water to cycle new tank then switch

    A few people I know on water meters run ro pumps these make the ro unit much more efficient also they run the waste to water butts and use this waste water for watering there gardens and washing there cars etc so you kind of make back what you spend by using less freshwater for the garden etc, I...
  17. sa80mark

    Can I use tap water to cycle new tank then switch

    Definitely buy your own mate, sometimes the quality of shop ro is not great having your own unit will pay for itsself in no time, a good quality unit can be had for £70 upwards but you can get some pretty good inline ro units for just under £40 on that well known auction site, the filters dont...
  18. sa80mark

    What do I do with big Catappa leaves?

    Yes will be fine, I used to cut mine smaller in my betta breeding tanks
  19. sa80mark

    Dechlorinator choice

    When I was breeding fish and had my fish room i used various pond dechlorinators for the same reasons your looking at and I never had any issues after a few years using these I moved to an hma filter and was never really happy with it, the main reason was i just wasn't confident it was removing...