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  1. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    elo folks

    been soooo busy its not even funny.... just wanted to let everyone that knows me know, (well, and those that dont!) that today I was offered a full time Lecturing post at Bournemouth and Poole College in the Technology Faculty. Its been alot of hard work :cry: to get to this stage so Im well...
  2. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Feeding wild birds

    Recently I decided to renew my bird feeding tactics by adding a much better selection of feeders to my cat proof cherry tree. Before improvement I just had 1x 2 port seed feeder which never really got any interest at all. Out I went to our local little pet shop and spent £15 on a proper...
  3. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    My new toy - from monday 20th

    I pick my new toy up on monday! woohoo! Triumph Trophy 1200 cant wait.
  4. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    had an amazing bit of luck today.. went to my LFS, just to pop in to see what they had about.. managed to buy 6 ruby nerites for only £10! think thats quite mad, theyre quite big as well. Also managed to get 2 denison barbs for £14, which I recon isnt too bad either! Who says the LFS is...
  5. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    calculating amount of needed substrate

    ok, lots of people keep asking this so I thought Id put it in its own thread!! here is how to work out how many litres of substrate you need for a given tank size. And also how to calculate your tank volume in total if you need to. the formula is: (length x width x depth) / 1000 = litres...
  6. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Best Wimbledon final of all time

    Out of the, what must be, 29 finals Ive seen.. that has to be the most amazing Ive ever seen. ... I think Ive aged 10 years :shock: Go Rafa!
  7. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Polygonia c-album (Comma)

    Beautiful creature. Taken at full stretch on full zoom.
  8. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    [FoF] October 2008

    just an early post on this event really. UKaps will definitely be going again to the festival of fishkeeping at Hayling Island for beer, burgers and whatever else comes along! It might be a good time to get talking to each other and try to arrange some lifts/car sharing type things. It would...
  9. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    Okie dokie.. after serious neglect due to lack of time, and a substrate that went totally sour on me cos I was a dork, I decided to totally start over. This has been an expensive operation! Because of that, the money to spend on plants has been limited.. I shall be propagating more plants over...
  10. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    most amazing Oto survival story ever

    something happened yesterday when I was rescaping my tank that blows my mind... I was doing a total rebuild, everything out, replace etc. Id syphoned with a hose pipe all the water out.. to be left with muddy sand in the bottom. In one of the pools I found an Oto that Id missed when I took...
  11. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    I created this facebook group when we originally created the site. Join if you feel like it :) its sometimes nice to see the faces of everyone.. with the exception of George obviously, he's a little scary. UKaps facebook group
  12. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    IRC Channel

    enquiring minds, want to know
  13. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    High water turnover - discuss :)

    Due to this subject cropping up on lots of other threads I thought Id start a proper thread for it, so we can hammer it out!! *nudge Clive* :D The subject is filtration and high turnover.. Back in the old days a few years ago, Tom Barr was advising low turnover due to the fact that ferts...
  14. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    co2 service by carrier.

    After briefly chatting to my co2 guy, hes interested in running a refill service via carrier. Hes thinking of the following deals at the moment. 1) A normal refill service. 2) A rental service for those with out of date cylinders or no cylinders. 3) Re-certification on out of date cylinders...
  15. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    I just ordered £80 of aquasoil.. hope its worth it!!! rebuilding and thought Id finally do the job properly.. everthings struggling horribly in all my old style inert substrate, so time to give it all some meat and 2 veg.
  16. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    elo again!

    hi all, well the busy time is over for now, so I might actually have time to stop by and say hello! Been a mad few months, everything went very well.. just a bit of unit planning to do over the summer now, so I can put my feet up a bit. Be nice to spend the time trying to recover my my fish...
  17. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    whats the most stupid thing youve done this week?

    mine is.... I weighed out my 1.66 grams of KSO4 into a container lid.. then instead of chucking the contents of the lid in, I chucked the entire pot in instead!!!!! I should dose in the morning when Im more with it!!
  18. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    bit of a back seat

    Hi all, just thought Id try and explain my lack of contact with the site and you all in the last few months. As some of you know, Im a mature student at Bournemouth and Poole College doing a BTEC in IT. This was a hard change for me, after 15 years out of education and a breakdown 3 years...
  19. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    I built a new PC :) for those that are into nerd porn

    after a long while, i got around to building a new machine again. very pleased with it. Core 2 Quad 6600 overclocked to 2.82ghz 1252mhz Fsb 3.3gb 6400 Ram 8800GTX 768mb 1.2TB hdd (70GB Raptor) Antec 900 Case 800W psu 3dMark : 12700 As a wise man once said.. 'its like wiping your blahblahblahblah...
  20. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Unreal Tournament 3

    omg, what a game... even the demo is amazing. 2 days to go!! ive had it on pre order with amazon since oct 06 :shock: youll need a decent graphics card to make it sing
  21. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Wessex Water - report as of November 07

    pH- 7.3 Ammonium - 0.01 mg NH4/l Nitrite - 0.01 mg NO2/l Nitrate – 39 mg NO3/l <-------------------------- Im dubious as to this one Hardness - 265 mg CaCO3/l Free Chlorine – 0.25 mg Cl/l Total Chlorine – 0.28 mg Cl/l Magnesium – 1.9 mg Mg/l Fresh from the horses mouth, as...
  22. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    deaf karaoke.. this is amazing

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0hAUN4bYVk watch it till the end, its worth it
  23. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    This is my final rescape.. I promise!!

    After a month of being very unhappy with how it looked, not only due to a fert imbalance caused by me actually believing my water company, Ive decided to rescape.. and added some nicer plants as well.. here goes. Obviously, needs to grow in alot yet. Ill post pics as it develops.
  24. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    British summer time adjustment

    Please go into your profiles and change your timezone to GMT, from GMT+1 this will correct your forum clocks :) thanks.
  25. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Gabby Logan leaves Strictly!

    What the hell is that all about?!?! Gabby and Penny in the last 2? What the hell is wrong with the voting public?
  26. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    T5 100cm unit needed.. suggetions?

    well the damn ebayer nightmare withdrew the 3x39w 100cm unit that I wanted :( and it was only £100.. so that leaves me stuffed again!! anyone know any good suppliers where I might get something similar? I desperately need to replace my lighting.. must be 100cm, no bigger as itll have to fit...
  27. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    UKaps flyer

    As requested, the UKaps A5 Flyer is now available for download from the resource page of the main website :)
  28. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    uneaven lighting causing issues

    had an epiphany moment this morning while in the shower ... like you do. all my T5 lighting is compact, therefore only 21" long (i was offered a cheap unit)... so, my effective 110watts, is squashed into only about 2/3rds of the tank.. that makes my wpg about 4 over that area :shock: no wonder...
  29. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    I just love this - for all cat lovers

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qiGyxPplAw just brilliant
  30. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    Thank you for all your kind messages requesting an ability to donate to the Society, after a great deal of research we are now able to provide this facility. All monies received will be directed into the Society, no monies will pass as payment to any of the founders, admin team or members. We...
  31. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Topic Titles

    Hey guys and girls :) just a quick note as a request. Please when making new topics, would you name them properly... 'please help!', or 'bad news!!' is a bit hard sort out. the main reason though, is that people are much more likely to be able to find existing threads about issues they may...
  32. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Welcome to all the festival goers!

    Hi all, Just thought Id say a quick welcome to all those people that have joined us from the Festival of Fishkeeping in Portsmouth. Was great to see you all at the show! If your new to the hobby, or just confused, weve all been there! Please look in the newly created Cookbook section if you...
  33. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Snails surface skating

    In case you've not seen this before, snails really do skate around on the surface! This little (1.5cm) Leopard Ramshorn snail really seems to love it and does it whenever hes not feeding or sleeping! He adjusts his buoyancy by taking more/less air into his shell.. this allows him to remain...
  34. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Thanks to all our members!

    Well, we now have our first 100 members! Thank you for all your support so far, its very exciting to see how the forum and society is developing. Already the feedback from visitors to the site is very good, we're already seen as an interesting and informative site, with a different spin to all...
  35. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    40"x20"x18" 235ltr - replant and scape

    for everyone that wanted to see :) day 1 of my new scape. early days yet, and some plants in as weeds to bulk up the biomass as fast as possible. 1/2 EI, 1.6 wpg, 2 w/c per week (50%) totally custom tank and cabinet. tank bottom replaced by me 4 months ago, lid made by me to match as well.
  36. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Events for all!

    Dont forget, you only need to be in an area with a few members for a good excuse to meet down the pub, have a BBQ, or whatever you want to do. Post in in this section that your planning it. When you have your get together, take lots of pics, and we'll put it up on the website in the news...
  37. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Turn yourself into a South Park Character!

    The other thread reminded me of this place :) its such fun. http://www.sp-studio.de/
  38. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Inline Co2 diffuser

    Im thinking of trying an inline diffuser as I recon Im wasting alot with a mister. Any ideas as to what model and retailer? Something Ive not tried in any way, so I value your more informed input.
  39. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    A tank based on UK ecology

    Has anyone ever had a go at this? Raising a freshwater tank to closely follow local waters? Im sure that it would work, although youd have to be careful on what species you put in it, although there are a multitude of small uk river fish that would be quite spectacular.
  40. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Welcome :) Tell us about yourself

    Tell us about yourself if youd like to. Its nice to read about a person, especially once youve gotten to know them through posting.
  41. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Riccia closeups

    Riccia in full swing after a waterchange Limited by equipment Im afraid, a full SLR would have been able to achieve a much sharper shot *pouts*
  42. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    A big thank you..

    ... to all of you for really shaping up this forum and society. To see it starting to come together as people get to know eachother is one of the most satisfying things any of us have seen in our online lives. We have such a broad range of people with different experiences, tastes and views...
  43. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    a few latest pics from my 235ltre

    My amazing apple snail.. grown 50% bigger in 3 weeks. Torpedo Barb over Riccia hills Feeding time at the zoo
  44. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Monosolenium tenerum

    Ulsterexile was very kind to send me some of this plant, so I thought Id copy the Tropica information sheet about it to here. Its a facinating plant, with properties very similar to Riccia, but it sinks! Which is what we've all been after. this could open up a great many new avenues on the...
  45. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Apple snails pic

    lovely arent they? they do so love home grown cucumber
  46. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Gallery Album Suggestions

    If anyone has any suggestions for more gallery albums, please feel free to comment here! So far we have 'Tanks' and 'Individual Plants'. Obviously this can be expanded a whole lot, but as its your Gallery, we thought we'd let you decide what they should be. :) Glad everyones enjoying it so much!
  47. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    October 12th-14th (depends on booking arrangements) at Hayling Island, Portsmouth. The society is planning to have a stand at the show, George, Dan and Myself (at least) will be there.
  48. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    BBQ at George Farmers house

    25th August in Stamford, Lincs. If you would like to go, please contact George Farmer directly via email as there are limited spaces available.
  49. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    My current tank!

    Early days yet, getting things stable before I turn up the lighting. Excuse the scratching post on the tank :) cat loves it there! This is the tank that Ive replaced the bottom of after an end to end break (previous owner) due to a badly made cabinet that Ive since repaired. I also made the...
  50. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    I just love snails, they leave your plants alone, and they stuff all the algae they can find! At the moment I have 2 nerite stripy jobs, and Ive just ordered these amazingly cool purple apple snails. Isnt that amazing! Im hoping I might get these guys to breed, unfortunately, Nerite snails...
  51. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    riccia netting

    discovered a really surprising thing today. today i bought some fruit for the netting to use in netting riccia down to rocks. Normally I look for green netting, but this time i got blue thinking, oh well itll be ok in a few days. The mad thing is, its almost totally invisible compared to the...
  52. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    The Estimative Index

    Quoted from The Barr Report: The Estimative Index - What is it? The Estimative index is a simple method to dose nutrients for any tank without test kits. In a nut shell, the aquarist doses frequently to prevent anything from running out (plant deficiency) and does large weekly water changes to...
  53. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Where to buy in the South West.

    CO2 3crossfire Ltd Chris McKay Po Box 6371 Wimborne Dorset BH21 9BF 01202 849695 This guy is great, if you ring him, he'll likely come out if your in his area, or you can drive over to get it. He charges me £5 for a 2kg exchange cylinder. He can be a pain to get hold of, but once you have...