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  1. TDI-line

    Hello from Haywards Heath, West Sussex, UK

    Hello and welcome.
  2. TDI-line

    Aquariums Limited

    I had heard about poor service from them, and wasn't going to spend my money there. Just waiting 2 weeks now for delivery from ND aquatics, who have been first class throughout. Personally i would get your money back, via polite email and then charge back due to unreasonable production lead time.
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    Hello from Israel

  4. TDI-line

    Hello from East London

    Hello and welcome.
  5. TDI-line

    How time flies

  6. TDI-line

    hello from sunny oxford

  7. TDI-line

    Back again. :)

    Hi Paulo, hope your well. New project is quite a bit smaller, than the last one, will be 3' x 2' x 2', instead of 7' x 2' x 2', so just under 300 litres, instead of 720 litres. But will be in the living room, so i can see it all the time. Will also be my first Opt-white, so not sure what to...
  8. TDI-line

    Thanks for rekindling my intrest!

    Hello and welcome.
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    Back again. :)

    Hi guys, back again, and it's been a while. Just ordered a ND Aquatics tank, so can now start getting ideas for lights and CO2, and anything new including fish, plants, ferts, etc. Thanks, Dan.
  10. TDI-line

    Why are there no "monster" planted tanks ?

    Here's a few links to some of my past 720 litre scapes... TDI's Blyxa-Blyxa Journal | UK Aquatic Plant Society TDI's Blyxa - Riverbank (picture update 19/5/09) | UK Aquatic Plant Society TDI's Blyxa - Monolith (with guests appearance by L046). | UK Aquatic Plant Society
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    Hello from Cambridgeshire, again

    Nope, only about 15 mins to the W.zoo ;)
  12. TDI-line

    A bit of a plug for Dobbies in P'boro.

    I had a browse round there last weekend, and probably the weekend before that. All looks good. ;)
  13. TDI-line

    Hello from Cambridgeshire, again

    Hi all, just checking in again, have finally moved now to Yaxley, near Peterborough, and will be salvaging what equipment survived the house move, and of course on the look out for a nice (looking) tank and cabinet. My original tank was an Akva-Stabil 720 Effect line, and looking for...
  14. TDI-line

    100cm optiwhite - the learning curve

    Lovely tank, good luck with your next setup.
  15. TDI-line

    What's new pussy cat?

    Hi George, i thought there would be a few updates. I'm in Yaxley now, so not too far a beer and a chat, i'll pm you then we can catch up.
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    What's new pussy cat?

    Thanks guys. Alastair, thanks for the info on the Giesemann tanks, hadn't seen them before, and they do look nice.
  17. TDI-line

    What's new pussy cat?

    Hi all, and of course a big hello to George, Dan Crawford, John Starkey, James Marshall, Paulo, and the many other excellent scapers, oh and Saintly. It's been a while since shutting down my old 720L tank and moving house, but are now at the planning stage of my next tank. Just also seeing...
  18. TDI-line

    Actual flow is 25% of rated flow (Eheim Pro 3e 2076)

    Deja-vu Paul... :mrgreen: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=4152&hilit=2078+tdi+line
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    D-D Razor lights

    I bought 4 x 36W (or 39W can't remember to be sure) T5 razorlights 3 years ago. Excellent quality, never went wrong, and very slim so they would go under my canopy. Bulbs always seemed to feel very firm in the ballast too. I managed to get my local Maidenhead aquatics to pirce match an...
  20. TDI-line

    [IWAGUMI] Project Scree - New plants and lights

    Re: [IWAGUMI] Project Scree Sweet scape George, nice work, again. :mrgreen:
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    Long-Term Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank (new video on page 6)

    Re: Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank Nice tank, really refreshing. :)
  22. TDI-line

    Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - Now FOR SALE !

    Re: Tonsers 420L "Triassic Hollow" @ 2.5 weeks Looking great Tonser. :thumbup: When are the fish going in? :mrgreen:
  23. TDI-line

    Best way to get rid of snails!!

    Botia Striata and snail traps should do the trick, and patience. ;)
  24. TDI-line

    where NOT to buy shrimp............

    Anyone checked this guys ME page... http://members.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI. ... t_aquatics
  25. TDI-line

    Blixa japonica - tell me about it

    And don't forget only 6-7 water changes per year. :) viewtopic.php?f=35&t=2641
  26. TDI-line

    stumpy woods.

    Great pics Mark. Is the young man playing Call of Duty : Modern Warfare? :angel:
  27. TDI-line

    fire red shrimp

    Probably nice cherries. :lol:
  28. TDI-line

    Water Changes - Large Tanks

    I use to store and heat water to the correct temp, but now all i do is use a split hose with hose locks connections on my hot and cold water taps and turn on. Easy. :mrgreen:
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    Saintly's "purple rain' added HD vid

    Re: Saintly's "purple rain' ? Tip top scape Mr S. 8)
  30. TDI-line

    Can't believe it...

    No prize Paulo, but i can reveal to you the exclusive short cut key for smileys.. :D
  31. TDI-line

    big tank wpg t5ho now im confused

    Very nice scape and tank. My old tank was off a very similar size to yours and came with T8's. After fitting D+D T5 Razor Light Twin (2 x 39 Watt) x 4 units. Just slightly less of Tom's suggestion. :wink: Plant growth bloomed instantly. Here are a few links to some of my old scapes...
  32. TDI-line

    Rio Negro biotope

    Less is more George, Uber cool scape. 8) 8)
  33. TDI-line

    Canon 5200mm f/14 lens

    Blimey!! :crazy:
  34. TDI-line

    90x45x45 "Llyn Peninsula"

    Re: 90x45x45 "LlÅ·n Peninsula" Simply stunning Stu. :clap:
  35. TDI-line

    Saintly's 120cm 'hill's of desire'

    Looking lovely Mark, must be time for a rescape though.. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :lol: :lol: :wink:
  36. TDI-line

    Time for a new scape (The End)

    Re: Time for a new scape Looks lovely Chris. :clap:
  37. TDI-line

    1000 litre Low Maintenance

    Looks very promising Mark. :thumbup: Maybe it might be worth adding another Eheim, to the original too. I had 2 x Pro 3 on my old 720 Litre setup, trying to give good turnover. And maybe another CO2 reactor for good CO2 distribution. Have you thought about an Aquamass ones (with 16/22mm hose...
  38. TDI-line

    Newark castle by night.

    Nice Mark, have you thought about scaping the moat.... :twisted:
  39. TDI-line

    Bird pics

    Very disappointing John, not the kind of birds i wanted to see. :wink: Merry xmas. :wave:
  40. TDI-line

    Aaron's 216l journal!

    At last, plants Aaron. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Looks great. :clap:
  41. TDI-line

    UKAPS Baby!!!

    Nice one Sam, that's great news. :clap:
  42. TDI-line

    320l Discus tank, becoming planted !

    Stunning tank Tony, you must be very pleased. Andy, your cruising. :lol: :lol:
  43. TDI-line

    plantedbox shop

    Nice work guys. :mrgreen:
  44. TDI-line

    Saintly's 120cm 'hill's of desire'

    Simply brilliant Mark. :clap:
  45. TDI-line

    DIY Pfertz link

    Thanks George. :wink:
  46. TDI-line

    what car are we driving?

    Transporter and A3 sportback for me, but the van is now sign written and heavily racked now...
  47. TDI-line

    Comp_Nov09: VW Decay

    Dub love. :mrgreen:
  48. TDI-line

    Saintly's 120cm 'hill's of desire'

    Awesome Mark. :mrgreen:
  49. TDI-line

    Andyh's 60L kitchen tank

    Always looking Andy, always looking. :mrgreen:
  50. TDI-line

    Andyh's 60L kitchen tank

    Looking tip top always Andy. :clap:
  51. TDI-line

    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    Get well soon Simon, most of been very horrific for you and your family. Regards, Dan.
  52. TDI-line

    Without Foundation - James Maslin

    Dam, my secret is out. :oops:
  53. TDI-line

    Without Foundation - James Maslin

    Is that one of those new plastic flowers James? :angel:
  54. TDI-line

    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    Same here, but not with John though. :lol: Have a good one. :geek:
  55. TDI-line

    Hallowe’en UKAPS Meeting

    Have a good time guys. :lol: UKAPS Baby! :mrgreen: :clap:
  56. TDI-line

    165l 'fissidens and ferns' scape

    Wow nice hardscape. :mrgreen:
  57. TDI-line

    TDI'S Unfinished Memoirs....

    Thanks Andy, btw did you get that UV unit in the end. :twisted: :twisted: :lol: And yes, i did think about going bigger next time.
  58. TDI-line

    TDI'S Unfinished Memoirs....

    Thanks guys. It's always a learning curve though, well maybe next time. :mrgreen:
  59. TDI-line

    how to change tank?

    I always use a clean dust pan for scooping up the substrate. :mrgreen:
  60. TDI-line

    raging planet of dandelion.

    Cool snaps Mr Saint.
  61. TDI-line

    What aquascaping tools do you use and why?

    I used the AE set of 5 tools, but mostly used the long tweezers, and also a JBL razor blade like glass cleaner, and a dustpan for sculpting aquasoil.
  62. TDI-line

    TDI'S Unfinished Memoirs....

    Yep, it was B. Hetro something. :mrgreen:
  63. TDI-line

    TDI'S Unfinished Memoirs....

    Dear all, just thought i'd post these last few pictures of my last scape before she was torn down. Sumatra driftwood was Dan Crawford's summer BQ, and a few different mosses and ferns where added. Enjoy. Regards, Dan.
  64. TDI-line

    2009 Festival of Fishkeeping Pictures

    Brilliant guys, excellent work. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  65. TDI-line

    Saintly's 120cm 'hill's of desire'

    Re: Saintly's 120cm private scape Looks great so far Mark, and you know i'm a fan of the low level height of planting too. :mrgreen:
  66. TDI-line

    A different planted tank...

    Nice work George, you must be very pleased. And interesting and good choice of fish, but i can't feel that Nemo has been influenced by the younger females of your house, or am i wrong again. :lol: These pics give me inspiration for a future tank, with a chiller. :mrgreen:
  67. TDI-line

    Who says I cant grow HC? lol

    I think i might off said you can't... :mrgreen: But that photoshop is a great product. :text-+1: Only joking bud. 8)
  68. TDI-line

    Aqua Essentials

    And the 10% is only until the 12th of October, so get in quick. :D
  69. TDI-line

    Without Foundation - James Maslin

    He sure can, but don't get James to lay your patio. :lol: :wink: Lovely tank though James. :clap:
  70. TDI-line

    moss ID please

    Looks like little xmas trees to me. :wink:
  71. TDI-line


    Welcome. :mrgreen:
  72. TDI-line

    250G High Tech Tank

    Nice work so far. :mrgreen:
  73. TDI-line

    UKAPS Baby!!!

    Congratulations Simon. :mrgreen: :clap:
  74. TDI-line

    A Great British Biotope

    Looks lovely George, spot on as usual. :mrgreen: Btw, is there an Ikea near that lake?
  75. TDI-line

    Snail ID

    Plants. :lol:
  76. TDI-line

    Which laptop to go for?

    Hi Thomas, maybe worth doing a google search for Dell discount codes for laptops, just check expiry dates though. I used one when i bought a new Dell pc, and saved around 10-15%, just entered the code at the checkout and Hey presto. :wink:
  77. TDI-line

    Marks 60cm

    Very nice Mark.
  78. TDI-line

    Aaron's 216l journal!

    Looking lovely Aaron. :wink:
  79. TDI-line

    25 Times Turnover = Cloudy Water?

    You could always try these Dan.. :mrgreen: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 500wt_1182 http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 500wt_1182
  80. TDI-line


    Nice one John, looks very cool. :lol:
  81. TDI-line

    Substrate Choice?

    I've used NS and personally would not use sand to cap it, after a while the sand will fall through the soil and mix together, and as said before replanting will mix the too, unless that's the look your after of course. :)
  82. TDI-line

    Andyh's 60L kitchen tank

    Re: 60L kitchen tank Tank looks superb Andy, you must be pleased. The CRS look like there colouring up well now, i think they prefer smaller planted tanks to bare lagoons. :mrgreen: Hopefully you'll have some tiny babies soon. :thumbup:
  83. TDI-line

    Dan's Little Mountain replacement

    Great scape Dan. I couldn't believe how much detail has gone into this tank until i saw it in the flesh, most of taken you hours to scape this. :clap:
  84. TDI-line

    3d backgrounds or not?

    When i originally bought my 720 litre, i also purchased the Back to Nature Amazonia background, which was visually stunning, but as you can guess, had very poor circulation, fish would get trapped and breed behind the background, and planting space was limited to around 1/5 of the area of the...
  85. TDI-line

    saintly's "savannah dreaming"

    Hey Mark, one thing i've noticed that may need changing, your radiator, to something contemporary and sleek to match your uber cool tank... http://www.theradiatorcompany.co.uk/ :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: :wink: Nice work, i suppose though. :twisted: :twisted: :D Only...
  86. TDI-line

    The new Arcadia T5 Luminaire...Is it worth all them pennies?

    Nice result. :mrgreen:
  87. TDI-line

    The new Arcadia T5 Luminaire...Is it worth all them pennies?

    I hadn't seen these until this thread, but looking at them they give a very sleek look for the todays modern tank. Are they worth the money, difficult question to answer, but the bigger ones seem better value for money, for the longer tank. How about another question for you to ponder, is ADA...
  88. TDI-line

    slightly bizzare question....

    [said in past tense] Nice plec. My amano's would strip any dead fish like a locust plague. :crazy:
  89. TDI-line

    Sulawesi Cardinal Shrimp

    I bought 3 of these from my MA@Crowland (Peterborough), but all have now died, maybe next time. :twisted:
  90. TDI-line

    UKAPS @ Hagen Show

    Great setup guys, and what a lovely load of kit that was used. Nice work and hats off to you. Stu, here you go...
  91. TDI-line

    Sadly time to retire my tanks

    Thanks Paulo. Yes, i'm already planning my next tank and scape.. :mrgreen:
  92. TDI-line

    65L Skeleton coast

    Really nice landscape look. :mrgreen:
  93. TDI-line

    30cm Cube journal

    Looks good enough too eat. :lol:
  94. TDI-line

    Andyh's 60L kitchen tank

    Re: 60L kitchen tank Looking great Andy, very natural and compact. And i can't believe how the filter is sandwiched in the kitchen gap below, hats off. :clap:
  95. TDI-line

    Sadly time to retire my tanks

    Hi Sam, thanks for the reply. It's the Dennerle 20L, it's in excellent condition and comes with standard filter, light and black base, i bought this in Feb 09. Not sure what the dimensions are. I'm after £50 for a quick sale, retail at £90. Regards, Dan.
  96. TDI-line

    saintly's "savannah dreaming"

    Re: saintly's manzanita scape. (to be named) i like the forth one. :!:
  97. TDI-line

    saintly's "Autumn Blush"

    Sounds great Mark, i'll look forward to this one. :mrgreen:
  98. TDI-line

    saintly's "Autumn Blush"

    Hi Mark, what are your plans for your next scape? :text-imnewhere:
  99. TDI-line

    Sadly time to retire my tanks

    Many thanks for the kind words from everyone, it did actually bring a tear to my eye. :cry: Squiggley, blimey 16 tanks to 2, that most of been hard, i'm feel depressed shutting my 2 down. :lol: Tony, thanks again. Big G, yep sad times, but i'm already planning my next one (when we move)...