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  1. dunmurryboy

    Led lighting

    I have replaced the original tube lighting with 1 fluval aquasky 48" think its 27w have room for another of the same if its a good idea that would be 54 watts 6 hours daily
  2. dunmurryboy

    Led lighting

    Hi new to the hobby have a juwel vision 260 tank heavily planted want to change to led lighting what level of led lighting would i need to keep my tank as it is if not better
  3. dunmurryboy

    Trying to find a simple water pump for doing water changes

    Hi i use a eheim. When refilling my tank i put a bucket in the sink leaving the waste outlet clear run water into the bucket containing pump and hey ho job sorted
  4. dunmurryboy

    Advice required

    Hi I've set up a juwel 260 vision tank bought from a friend the lighting is the standard juwel t8 tubes the tank is planted running co2 any advice on a upgrade to led please
  5. dunmurryboy

    New venture !!

    Hi setting up a new aquarium juwel 260 want to plant it advice needed on lighting please
  6. dunmurryboy

    New Project, water just added

    Nice , can I add shrimp to my tetra aquarium
  7. dunmurryboy

    Advice needed

    I had a juwel trigon 350 but couldn't control the water flow just hard to grow plants in it sold it and bought a juwel 260 I was reckoning on 2" aqua soil 2" gravel I've never used soil substrate in 42 years of fishkeeping
  8. dunmurryboy

    Advice needed

    Hi setting up a juwel 240 tank want to plant it need advice what to use,how much to use depth etc will be keeping assorted tetras, Corry's thanks
  9. dunmurryboy

    Filling a new tank with tap water

    I have a trigon 350 tank I use a eheim pump .do the same as you works for me
  10. dunmurryboy

    Led lights

    Hi advice needed on led lighting for juwel trigon 350 planted discus aquarium best led lights required
  11. dunmurryboy

    Need a good pump to pump water into aquarium

    I use a ehiem pump quite expensive never let me down in 4years changing 50per cent twice a week my myself trigon 350 planted discus tank
  12. dunmurryboy

    Co2 lighting

    Thanks for the replies
  13. dunmurryboy

    Co2 lighting

    Thanks Stuart b I meant if I turn on co2 to coincide with the smaller rear lights coming on or when larger front lights coming on to complete the full lighting being on but thank you for taking the time to reply
  14. dunmurryboy

    Co2 lighting

    Hi I have my lighting on my juwel trigon 350 set that the smaller rear lights com on a hour before larger front lights front turns off a hour before rear how do I set my co2 to work with lighting thanks
  15. dunmurryboy

    Filter needs for trigon 350

    Thanks for the helpful replies could i run a second 2217 i have a new unused one for a standby
  16. dunmurryboy

    Filter needs for trigon 350

    Hi can someone please help i have a trigon 350 planted tank with 6 adult discus but i think it needs better filter i run a eheim 2217 is this enough
  17. dunmurryboy

    Co2 setup.

    Sorry about delay in getting back to you but only getting round to installing my co2 now could use sorme advice please tank is a planted juwel trigon 350 filter eheim 2217 96 watts lighting my available co2 equipment is a fire extinguisher a regulator with bubble counter fitted and a bazooka...
  18. dunmurryboy

    Juwel trigon 350.

    Sorry about delay only getting round to setting equipment up ..1 have a planted trigon 350 .Eheim 2217 have access to various power heads. Wave makers . My proposed co2 setup consists f.e ..Up regulator bubble counter on regulator bazooka 80mm diffuser can anybody help in way to get best...
  19. dunmurryboy

    Java fern

    That's the same boyo's never seen them before thank you all for taking time to reply
  20. dunmurryboy

    Java fern

    Hi I have just received 15 Java fern plants of eBay upon opening package noticed there was brown spots on back of a majority of the leaves anybody know what they are don't want to put them in my tank until I find out if they are harmful thank you
  21. dunmurryboy

    Juwel trigon 350.

    Thanks for your advice will let you know how I got on
  22. dunmurryboy

    Setting up co2

    Setting up co2 in my trigon 350 I have a regulator and fire extinguisher and all my tubing any advice on what diffuser to use would be appreciated
  23. dunmurryboy

    Juwel trigon 350.

    Hi what would be the best co2 setup for a juwel trigon 350 litre tank this is my first attempt at live plants I have lots of co2 accessories already but nothing set up yet thanks
  24. dunmurryboy

    hsl pro regulator

    hi new to co2 bought a hsl pro 01 can anybody advise how to adjust it help!!!!!!!