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  1. NeilW

    Simplicity - Neil's Mini S

    Inspired from ADA's Do!Aqua concept I wanted to go for a back to basics approach and concentrate on growing easy plants well in a nice simplified composition. I also wanted an emersed element to the tank. I also liked the idea of a modular scape that could be easily 'unassembled' to make...
  2. NeilW

    Small Pressurised Setup Recommendations?

    Hey all. I'm waiting for the big 'I told you so' but tested out the Do!Aqua CO2 starter kit and was disappointed by it lasting 2 days @ 1bps. I'm suspecting this is normal for 35g of CO2 or maybe I had a leak? Anyways, moving forward I wanted to look at a small good quality setup for an 11...
  3. NeilW

    CO2 ignorance - solenoid usage?

    Hey guys, I recently treated myself to a Do!Aqua CO2 (against advice :shh: ) as I wasn't too worried by the cost of the cylinders and wanted a small setup. Perhaps as I get used to it I'll upgrade to something bigger. The plan is to buy the cylinders in bulk in advance so I won't be caught...
  4. NeilW

    Amano - no heaters?

    Afternoon. In reading masses of ADA literature I've not come across a mention of heaters/heating methods and wondered if I'm missing anything? Is Amano possibly happy to keep tanks at room temperature?
  5. NeilW


    Hey guys Just got back from honeymoon, thought I would show you guys a selection of my fish based photos I got whilst I was out there. It was incredible, the water was like a bath but with reef fish just sat waiting to be seen metres from the beach! Crazy. Excuse the quality, I just bought a...
  6. NeilW

    Minimal Planting Suggestions

    Hello everyone :wave: Recently I have become quite interested in the idea of minimal planting after reading a few Japanese blogs. This is my current 'scape in its setting (although minus any plants!) This is a low-tech tank and I wanted some species that will attach to rock and wondered if...
  7. NeilW

    Do!Aqua CO2

    Hello all. Been a long time since I last posted but decided to potentially bite the bullet with a pressurised CO2 setup after experimenting with EasyCarbo, low tech and yeast based CO2. I'm looking at the Do!Aqua CO2 as a complete solution. I know thats controversial :lol: Before I go...
  8. NeilW

    Suggestion Apple homepage icon

    Hey guys Just a quick suggestion; I prefer to view the forum on my iPad via the website rather then Tapatalk. I wondered if it would be possible for someone to put together an 'apple touch icon' just with the logo (for the sake of iOS homescreens) to make my iPad look prettier? :) Cheers...
  9. NeilW

    'Carpet' Moss

    Hello Any ideas of what species of moss this could be? http://www.aquashrimps.co.uk/carpet-moss-stone-pad/ Looks kind of like Marimo in that photo but it would be nice if it was an actual moss? What do you think? Cheers :)
  10. NeilW

    Noisy Diffuser?

    Hey everyone Its been the first time since I've used CO2 gas and I was wondering is it normal to get a whistling noise from a standard ceramic in tank diffuser? Its diffusing fine, just irritatingly noisy :lol: Cheers, Neil
  11. NeilW

    Planted Wedding Centre Pieces?

    Hey gang :wave: For my future wedding (hopefully this year) I was thinking of some kind of planted centre piece and have been given the green light by my better half. I was thinking some kind of wabi kusa, possibly in the style of Schruz although I think this may be a challenge creating...
  12. NeilW

    Marine Nano

    Hey Everyone :wave: I know this is a bit of a strange topic in a planted tank forum but I know you guys are a great mine of information and have been infinitely helpful in the past. Inspired from Tom's marine setup I am thinking of setting up a 15 litre nano in the kitchen in addition to my...
  13. NeilW


    If anyones into the ADA minimalist aesthetic then check out Muji who are almost like a Japanese IKEA :thumbup: http://www.muji.eu/pages/online.asp?
  14. NeilW

    1st Generation iPod Nano

    Heads up for anyone that still has a first generation iPod Nano lurking in the back of a drawer, down the back of a sofa, in the dog somewhere. Even if it is dead. Apple are offering a free replacement due to an issue over the battery. All you need to do is put your serial number into...
  15. NeilW

    Good Scissors?

    Hey chaps I was after some recommendations on scissors from your experiences for use in a nano (preferably) ones that keep my hands dry. What do people think of the newer 'spring' type? Is it worth paying extra for higher quality? Cheers :thumbup:
  16. NeilW

    Neil's Wabi Kusa

    Afternoon :wave: I wanted to post some pictures up of my now matured wabi thats ready to go. At the moment its home is a Do!Aqua Plant Glass but I do intend to transfer it to a Do!Aqua Mini-S or Mini-M in the future as the basis for a shrimp tank. Been reading 'The Book of ADA' and also...
  17. NeilW

    Recommend me some Apps

    Hey hey, Got my hands on my first smart phone ever (having previously owned a rather old skool Nokia Classic) in the shape of an iPhone. Being new to this world of mobile technology I was wondering if you guys had any cool apps you'd recommend? So far I have; Tapatalk (of course) Facebook...
  18. NeilW

    'Best Of' Thread?

    Hey everyone, Was just looking back at a few of the great tanks from you guys and thought it would be a cool idea to have a 'Best Of' thread or section (in the same way as the 'featured scape') that would be used as an easy resource of inspiration. The scapes contained in said thread could be...
  19. NeilW

    Information Tapatalk screen shot

    Hey chaps :wave: Just got myself an iPhone (my first ever smart phone :shock: ) and was reading about tapatalk for the forum. I was just wondering how it actually looks on the phone. Would one of you be so kind as to post a screenshot of UKAPS in action on tapatalk please? Cheers, Neil
  20. NeilW

    Dads kitchen nano

    Hey chaps :wave: I thought I would show the progression of my Dads kitchen nano. I set him up the tank as a gift last year and since then its been a case of trial an error due to the location being in full sunlight. CO2 wasn't an option due to budget and liquid carbon due to laziness. As a...
  21. NeilW

    Anyone else use Tumblr?

    As the topic title says, does anyone else use Tumblr or similar? Thought it looked like a good platform for a similar 'journal' type format that would be good for documenting your tanks. Pretty cool how you can 'follow' others too to see whatever their updates are and also 'reblog' their posts...
  22. NeilW

    Are 'mini' kits entirely daft?

    Hello all :wave: I know similar questions have been asked previously but has anyone had success with any of the available 'mini' pressurised co2 kits on the market? The reason I ask is that I was eyeing up the Do!Aqua kit for a potential birthday present. This particular set looked...
  23. NeilW

    Japanese ADA

    If you ever feel bored its worth checking out the Japanese version of the ADA website every now and then as it contains quite a few goodies that don't appear in their own 'english' translation link. Enter http://www.adana.co.jp/jp/ (their standard english link ends in .co.jp/en/) into a...
  24. NeilW

    'Coral Pellia' aka 'Mini Pellia'?

    Hey everyone :wave: First I'm rather confused that 'coral pellia' aka 'mini pellia' is under the latin name of both Riccardia graeffei and also Riccardia chamedryfolia. Which is correct? Is there a difference? The cost of said coral pellia is crazily high in the rare places you find it I'm...
  25. NeilW

    New Website

    Evening chaps :wave: Just finished my new portfolio website and wanted to show you guys my work; http://www.neilwoodwarddesign.co.uk Let me know what you think :thumbup: Cheers, Neil
  26. NeilW

    Best Fish Courier?

    Hey everyone :wave: Finally got round to working out the logistics of sending shrimp. Been looking for a courier to send through but it seems both Royal Mail and APC Overnight do not accept the transit of live animals. Does anyone know of the best service to use? Cheers, Neil
  27. NeilW

    Tank size choices

    Evening all Thought I would ask a few opinions before I went out and bought yet more stuff I 'don't need' :lol:. Basically I'm planning on reviving my old rock scape that I have now with a new more minimal gravel and moss look but wasn't certain what tank this should be housed in. I made...
  28. NeilW

    Wildflower Turf

    Hello everyone :wave: I thought you guys may be able to help me out with one of my latest plant based projects Our design company has been commissioned to create a time lapse video of grass growing. Not just any grass however, its actually this amazing product called Wildflower Turf that...
  29. NeilW

    Illegal Nano tanks?

    Just stumbled across a law in Germany that prohibits fish tanks from being smaller then 24" x 12" x 12" (60 litres) which surprised me in comparison to our own fish keeping law (or lack of). source; http://www.peta.org/features/aqua-culture.aspx and Eheim on their nano instructions; source...
  30. NeilW

    Hydrocotyle verticillata and liquid carbon?

    Morning :wave: Has anyone managed to grow Hydrocotyle verticillata (the less demanding one) on liquid carbon before or is CO2 gas a necessity? Cheers, Neil
  31. NeilW

    ADA 'Superge' instead of H202?

    Hey everyone :thumbup: Another brain picking for you. I was thinking of gutting my nano and replacing the soil with gravel. In doing so I wanted to clean up my lovely dragon stone out of the tank before rescaping. I have read that H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) painted on or as a dip is highly...
  32. NeilW

    Shrimp army!

    Hello everyone :wave: Recently I have unintentionally become a CRS breeder of true 'Wheres Wally' proportions. I was after some advice from other shrimp keepers before I have a situation like this; Initially like most people I had a problem breeding CRS, but since moving in the last few...
  33. NeilW

    Splitting into two outflows?

    Possibly a moment of inspiration (or stupidity) but would it be possible to split the output from my filter to eliminate the dead spot in my tank? I would still be using the one inflow of course and the outlets would both be pointing in the same direction so wouldn't be fighting each other. Any...
  34. NeilW

    Nano DIY yeast CO2 advice appreciated.

    Hey everyone :) Just purchased one of the Nutrafin yeast fermentation CO2 kits with the intention of acquiring an additional cylinder and using a 'T' connector so I change the mixture once a week on each but staggered. This is to be used on my 17 litre tank. I have been reading Georges...
  35. NeilW

    My Dads Nano

    Hey everyone, Was after a few tips regarding plant recommendations for a tank for my dad (I thought this would be better in the 'Aquascaping' category as its more the whole composition of the tank). This is the tank with a bare bones layout; The setup is unheated (although ambient room...
  36. NeilW

    Another tedious stocking question - 20 litre Arctank

    Hey everyone :wave: Sorry this is another tedious stocking question. I'm afraid I'm not too clued up on what stocking you can 'get away with' in a tank as personally I prefer a lightly stocked tank with shrimp and plants. However my dad has a 20 litre arctank that is currently housing a...
  37. NeilW

    Flow and the Eheim installation set 2 (spray bar)

    Hello everyone :wave: Long time not posting for me but sadly have been too busy with life in general :( . Now I want to use the christmas holidays to take a well needed look at my 17 litre nano setup 'Mono' and crack it before setting up my newer tank. The challenge I have faced for months...
  38. NeilW

    German Algae Chart

    Whilst christmas internet shopping I found this. Appealed to me as a design nerd and algae grower :lol: Sadly £105!
  39. NeilW

    Winter Flower

    Bizarrely my bonsai is still flowering in winter. I think being indoors has very much messed up its seasons :lol:. Nice pretty delicate flowers it has though. Just a quick capture with a Canon point-and-shoot Cheers for looking, Neil
  40. NeilW

    Will a blackout kill Staghorn?

    This may seem like a daft question and searching for results gives mixed responses, but will a blackout kill Staghorn algae like other types? Cheers, Neil
  41. NeilW

    Equivalent TMC Microhabitat LED output?

    Hello :wave: Was possibly thinking of trying to get hold of one of the TMC LED lights off one of their new Microhabitats to get even lower light then I currently am for my 17 litre nano. If you are unfamiliar its one of these. My current 9watt compact fluorescent unit is causing issues...
  42. NeilW

    Impeller Lubrication?

    Hi Everyone :wave: Disappointingly I've started to get a rattling impeller in my new Eheim Liberty HOB :thumbdown: I was thinking could vaseline work as a lubricant on the impeller shaft (oo er :oops: ) Does anyone know if its fish safe - I know others use it for O rings? Any other...
  43. NeilW

    NeilW's desktop ADA Mini 'S'

    Hello everyone :wave: Thought I would create a new journal for my newly purchased ADA Mini 'S' although it is still in the planning stages its always nice to have some advice and input. :thumbup: My reasoning behind starting a new 'scape (as if you ever need one) was wanting to...
  44. NeilW

    Changes in Liquid Carbon concentration and algae

    As we know changes in CO2 concentration can induce algae. I remember reading somewhere that a plants uptake of liquid carbon works in a different, more indirect way to CO2 gas injection so should be considered something completely different. Therefore my question is if you stop dosing...
  45. NeilW

    Reoccurring Flow Problems = surface scum and algae

    My beautifully laid plans are all going to pot :lol: Over the past fews months I have been desperately wrestling with staghorn, BGA and surface scum in my poor battered nano. After valiantly fighting off the algae with copious dosing I am still left with the surface scum, but finally the...
  46. NeilW

    Eheim Automatic Liquidoser; anyone used it?

    Hey everyone. Was thinking of chickening out of low-tech and dosing liquid carbon which isn't an issue if I'm around in the day but I was trying to find a solution for when I'm not about. I came across this - The Eheim Liquidoser. Has anyone had experience with this gadget and would it be...
  47. NeilW

    Another Wabi

    Found this on a japanese search; Thought the autumnal red colours and moss was stunning, real wabi sabi. Just thought I'd point it out for some inspiration :thumbup: (original url; http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/k03254457/folder/996158.html)
  48. NeilW

    EasyCarbo and Riccardia Chamedryfolia 'Mini/Coral Pellia?'

    Having a general search reveals that some aquarists have had issues with liquid carbon and liverworts, bladderworts etc. I'm not sure however if this has been another case of ODing the product where you could normally get away with it with hardier species. My only experience of a liquid carbon...
  49. NeilW

    ADA Phyton Git - worth it?

    Hello all :wave: Was considering purchasing some Phyton Git for my low-tech nano, but would you consider it something worth getting if you had the money? Has anyone had tangible results? Is it worth getting if you don't have the full ADA system? Or is it just some more 'over-priced ADA...
  50. NeilW

    Just leave it?!

    As you guys most likely know I've had my nano setup for a few weeks now. My intention was to go low-tech http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=10577&start=180 Due to algae issues I have been adding the standard recommended amount on the bottle and also double doing TPN+ to build the...
  51. NeilW

    Anubias Bonsai 'thing'

    I wasn't sure what topic to put this under but just come across this strange creation from Anubias; http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=it&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.anubias.com%2Findex.php%3Foption%3Dcom_content%26view%3Darticle%26id%3D31%26Itemid%3D113%26lang%3Den Thought it may...
  52. NeilW

    9watt CF in 11watt ballast = Bang?

    Just wanted to pick the brains of someone in the know. I've currently got the 11watt model of the Superfish Aquaqube but I'm slowly thinking its overpowered for my needs. This may sound strange but I like the length of the lamp that I have and am unsure of the 'stumpyness' of the smaller...
  53. NeilW

    Recovery Plan to get back on track.

    As you may, or may not know I have recently filled my nano tank; http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=10577&start=150 I have been having issues with a slight dusting of BGA and a small amount of surface scum. No biggy, but I wanted to sort both of these problems so I can back on track...
  54. NeilW

    ADA Aqua Journal update - Natural Expression

    For those who havn't seen its one of those rare occasions of another update :D http://www.aquajournal.net/na/nexp/index.html Enjoy!
  55. NeilW

    The cheapest way to grow algae for Nerite Snails?

    Hello everyone, This seems to be counter-intuitive and daft but I actually want to grow algae! I want to supplement the diet of the Nerites in my tank with stones coated in fresh algae by farming it and rotating the stones. My original idea was just to put stones in a glass and cane it with a...
  56. NeilW

    Black Algae?

    So here I am in the rather embarrassing situation of the first post of my tank being filled on the 'algae' section :oops: This is the tank in question; http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=10577 and here is the specimen in question; Tank specifications - 17 litres. Lighting -...
  57. NeilW

    'Peeling' Crystal Red?!

    Came home today to find one of my Crystal Reds almost peeling from part of his carapace. My only thought were that it could be a failed moult or damage from catching himself on something in the tank. Has anyone seen something similar before? First time I've seen something like it. (sorry...
  58. NeilW

    The best method of posting shrimp?

    Hello everyone, Thought I would put a post asking the best method of shipping shrimp i.e. Royal Mail Express Delivery etc. from anyone with experience of this. Finally sending out some of my precious crystal reds. Will a heat pack be necessary in this nice weather? Any other tips? Cheers...
  59. NeilW

    The BEST test kit

    Part cat, part test kit :lol:
  60. NeilW

    The 'nicest' DIY yeast setup.

    Thought I would throw a few questions out there to find out how to get the best out of a yeast based system. A lot of what I've seen equipment-wise seems to be very utilitarian as its a cheap option but I was curious if it could be done with a bit of ADA style. Sorry if they're pretty...
  61. NeilW

    Unsure of which sand to use

    I love Forest Sand Xingu so I say yes :lol: It's nice stuff because it doesn't have a uniform colour/texture so looks more 'detailed'.
  62. NeilW

    Cabinet Hinges?

    For my cabinet I've been using 12mm thick MDF but I'm struggling to find concealed hinges that don't need a hole boring out less then this depth. I just found these on Ebay...
  63. NeilW

    Neil's DIY cabinet

    I've decided I'm going to make it hard for myself and make another cabinet, this time from scratch and using the lessons I learnt from my first attempt to get a better result. I've already marked up some 12mm MDF ready for cutting. Hopefully I'll get it glued and screwed either tomorrow or...
  64. NeilW

    The 'right' light wattage?

    I've had my new tank dry-starting for a month or so now and will eventually get round to filling it. Because of this it will have well established plant growth from the start. The tank is 17 litres. My intention was to get hold of an 11w compact fluorescent tube light but I'm doubting now...
  65. NeilW

    Nano tank = Desk Lamp?

    I'm hopeless with working out lighting so was wondering if you guys could help. I found this desk lamp today and almost snapped it up but thought I would try and find a suitable bulb first; http://dwell.co.uk/108644/Small-wire-desk-lamp-black/ My tank will be a low-tech 17litre nano and was...
  66. NeilW

    Help Neil to find or create a Nano Light.

    Hello everyone, I've been trying to look into finding minimalist lighting for my 17 litre, low-tech nano. I want something along the lines of the ADA Solar Mini which has the aesthetic benefits of not being attached to the glass like a pendant but without the need to attach it to the...
  67. NeilW

    Help ID my Crypt

    I originally got hold of this plant thinking it was Cryptocoryne Parva but its developed a brown tiger stripe? Is this usual or is it a different species entirely? Started to get bigger so I may have a monster on my hands?! Edit: Bit of Google looks like it could be Cryptocoryne nevillii or...
  68. NeilW

    Whats the demand for selling shrimp online?

    Inspired from the latest 'What's the demand for high street planted aquarium shops' thread I was thinking about setting up a small tank for breeding Red Bee shrimp next year to post online. I'm not expecting to make many pennies but didn't know whether it would be a worthwhile venture. Is the...
  69. NeilW

    Base Layer: Tropica Aquacare or ADA Powersand special?

    Hello :wave: Was after some opinions. I currently have a bag of Tropica Aquacare I could use as a base layer in my new nano but while I had the opportunity I was wondering if Powersand Special was worth the monies? Cheers -Neil
  70. NeilW

    NeilW's 30cm Iwagumi - 'Mono'

    Created this journal for my new nano 'scape as any help, advice, or criticisms are always greatly welcome to me. I had a steep learning curve in how to grow plants and position elements within a composition from my previous tank. The straw that broke the camels back in making my decision to...
  71. NeilW

    Taking the plunge into low-tech?

    Was thinking of creating a new scape soon but low-maintenance without liquid carbon. In the last few days in my current set-up I stopped dosing the carbon and now my shrimp are a lot more active so thats made my mind up for me. Also been inspired looking at the results both Saintly and George...
  72. NeilW

    Island Pico

    Just an idea that I'm thinking of giving a go...
  73. NeilW

    Low Light, Low CO2 Nano plants?

    Any recommendations for low-tech plants for nanos? Could we possibly make a list? I'll start with; Moss Anubias Bonsai Staurogyne sp. Cheers! -Neil
  74. NeilW

    Doorstep Frog

    Had a little visitor tonight; well tempted to give him a new home in an opti-white :lol:
  75. NeilW

    Jewellery Anyone?

    I just found the future of emersed growing :lol: ; http://www.instablogsimages.com/images/2008/09/01/clipboard_VxwqO_1333.jpg
  76. NeilW

    Nano sized wood?

    Hello, I was after some nano-sized wood about 6" in height with a few branches. Basically roughly this shape and size; http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/Img2009/600/514.jpg Trouble is the 'nano' sized pieces from both TGM and AE are 12" or a little less in length. Anyone know of where to...
  77. NeilW

    Lost for words...(help me with my project)

    Hi guys, I am currently producing a 12 page supplement for a uni project based on the whole nature aquarium thing. Basically I was after some body text to explain and write a feature on the Nature Aquarium concept and its origins. Any useful links, or ideas? Any help would be greatly...
  78. NeilW

    ADA sell complete Wabi Kusa in Japan?!

    http://www.adana.co.jp/_product/242_index.html http://namekochan.up.seesaa.net/image/IMGP3824.JPG :o :D
  79. NeilW

    Design Project

    Been given a brief to produce a 12-page supplement for a newspaper or magazine. I used it as an excuse to base it on the whole nature aquarium thing... Just a couple of dummy spreads, thought you guys might like a look :wink: I'll try post some pics up of the final article. Thanks for...
  80. NeilW

    'Correct' EasyCarbo dosage?

    Finally thought I would ask this as I've been looking at a lot of peoples journals who dose EasyCarbo daily. I dose once a week on the water change. I have read however that the C in liquid carbon combines with the O in 24 hours? Is this true? Obviously this would mean my tank is getting...
  81. NeilW

    CRS freaking out/finally breeding?!

    In the last 10 minutes all my CRS started to chase each other round the tank. One of the big females retreated to a corner and started to moult (I've never seen any of my shrimp moult in front of me) and then got 'jumped' by 2 other shrimp and they just ended up rolling around in a ball of 3...
  82. NeilW

    ADA cabinet tubing hole semi-circle dimensions?

    In the next week or so I'll be butchering an IKEA cabinet into something thats been influenced from an ADA cabinet. I really like the semi circle shape of the hole for the filter tubing on the side of them but cant find the width or height of the curve. Anyone got any ideas? My cabinet will...
  83. NeilW

    CRS shot

    Thought I would put this shot up on the proper photography board for your viewing pleasure. I quite liked it. Taken with my point and shoot (its a Canon IXUS 100is)
  84. NeilW

    Cyperus Helferi emersed

    Just thought I'd give Cyperus Helferi a go to grow emersed. I know it usually needs CO2 to do well submerged but as its out in the air it shouldn't have any issues? I was thinking of using an atomiser to keep the emersed part from drying out, do you think I need to do this or am I...
  85. NeilW

    The most unhelpful/friendly otto ever?

    Was taking out some moss trimmings when I had a rather unhelpful helper; In the end I just gave up and left him to it :lol: Hes still at it!
  86. NeilW

    ADA CRS food!

    Thought this would be of interest; http://www.adana.co.jp/bee/food_en.html Bizarrely is has AS Amazonia as an ingredient. Wonder when we can get it in England... Neil.
  87. NeilW

    Name that plant!

    I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what species of plant is growing emmersed at the back of this tank; http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/Img2009/600/566.jpg Does anyone know where I could get hold of this plant or something similar? Thanks, Neil
  88. NeilW

    My Dad's Nano

    Spec- Tank size: 20L Arcadia Arc Tank Filter: supplied Arcadia Classica filter (200 lph. internal-may replace this at a later date) Light: 9w Arcpod Substrate: Unipac gravel, ADA Forest Sand Xingu, TGM graded gravels Hardscape: LFS landscape rock Flora: Taxiphyllum Barbieri, maybe some Anubias...
  89. NeilW

    Gravel Media?

    Thinking of upgrading my Dads small tank to something bigger (and planted!). Would there be any issue with using the 'lovely' orange gravel substrate of the current setup as filter media in a new tank? 8) Thought this was a stroke of good thinking as 1. I can get rid of the nasty orange...
  90. NeilW

    String Divider

    I need to put a better divider in to keep the soil and sand foreground in my tank seperate. I tried using clear plastic strips but they reflect the light where they stick up a little above the substrate and the shrimp are doing a good job of moving the soil over it. I now want to use Java moss...
  91. NeilW

    Nano Lily Pipe

    I was going to buy an Eheim 2232 which has tubing with an internal diameter of 12mm. I already have an ADA inflow for it but I'm still after an outflow. It confusing me as to why most lily pipe 'sets' have a smaller size for the outflow. :? Also ADA seem to use sizes different from every...
  92. NeilW

    Environmental Impact of the Planted Tank?

    Thought I would throw something in the pot for discussion out of curiosity. Bear with me on this, its a bit rambing :lol: Due to my shrimpy interest I started to take a look into marine Fire Shrimp as a possible future project. However the penny dropped as to the environmental impact of...
  93. NeilW

    Comp_Nov09: Mossy Stream II

    Name: Neil Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 10 x 10 x 10cm Aquascape Name: Mossy Stream II Hardscape/Materials used: LFS landscape rock, TGM graded gravels, ADA Forest Sand Xingu, slate Plants: Salvinia natans, Riccia fluitans, Taxiphyllum barbieri Fertilisation: TPN+ 5 drops daily...
  94. NeilW

    Comp_Nov09: Mossy Stream

    Name: Neil Tank Dimensions (Height/Width/Depth): 12 x 16 x 7cm Aquascape Name: Mossy Stream Hardscape/Materials used: LFS mini landscape rock, ADA Forest Sand Xingu, TGM graded gravels Plants: Java Moss Fertilisation: 5 drops of TPN+ daily 5 drops of EasyCarbo daily About the aquascape...
  95. NeilW

    ADA Green Brighty Step 1; worth it?

    Next week I was planning to flood my currently emmersed setup and was going to just use TPN+, but I saw Aqua Essentials had half price ADA gear and wondered wether Green Brighty Step 1 was a better option for the first couple of months? Thanks, Neil
  96. NeilW

    Sakura Sencha - Neil W's Nano

    Just thought I'd share my new set-up I got sorted today. I'm using the DSM and will transfer the light and filter from my old tank once the hairgrass grows in and the soil has had time to cycle. Sorry about being photo-heavy! Spec- Tank size: 12"x10"x8", 14L, AE opti-white nano Filter: Eden...
  97. NeilW

    ADA Brighty K

    I already have been making use of TPN+ for my old tank but was setting another up. I've been reading that a lot of people use Brighty K in the first month or so after set up. Would this be a better product to use to start out with? Also does it neutralise chloramine as well as chlorine...
  98. NeilW

    Small Moss

    I'm looking around for a moss that looks more like a terrestrial moss (compact and short). I found this; http://www.aquamoss.net/Green-Sock-Moss/Green-Sock-Moss.htm but I can't seem to find it anywhere online. Anyone got any ideas where to get hold of some or something similar? Thanks, Neil
  99. NeilW

    Substrate Choice?

    I'm setting up a new 14 litre nano to replace my old 12 litre. My idea for substrate is; -base layer of Tropica Aquacare -Oliver Knott NS black (to lower PH and GH for the CRS, also I can't find the brown in 3 litre bags) -capped with sand (I'm after a 'sandy' look) Would this be OK? Any...
  100. NeilW

    THE best way of cycling a planted tank?

    My previous tank was cycled using flake food which was messy, took a long time despite using some old filter media, and resulted in unwanted algae (that I'm sure could have been avoided). I want to learn from this! I was thinking of using household ammonia from Homebase keeping at 5ppm and...