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  1. james3200

    CO2 Cylinder pressure

    Hi Been having issues with one of my co2 sources on my main tank. I cannot work out why the following happens. Every morning there seems to not be enough pressure for the co2 to start bubbling. I have to manually open the regulator a bit to get it going, but once open its fine and consistent...
  2. james3200

    Tank builders

    Which companies are building rimless Ada style tanks/cabinets these days in the UK..? Cheers James
  3. james3200

    Mail Order Fish

    Hi Been a while since I ordered fish online, I use to years ago and seem to remember I was happy with the service. I cannot remember who I used, so can anyone provide some recommendations as I am looking for quite a few many thanks james
  4. james3200

    James3200s New Altum... :) Tank - ALTUMS IN

    Hello Everyone Thought I would start a journal off on my tank which has just been torn down and ready for a new scape.. You can see the old setup here and when it looked it's best here.. I decided to take off some of the old aquasoil and topped it up to give the substrate more depth this time...
  5. james3200

    Hi, back again

    Hello All Been since 2009/10 when I was last on here where I had a journal of my discus tank - http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f= ... &start=260 In 2010 my work kept me away from the office a lot and in 2011 me and my future wife had a little girl, so the tank naturally, was put on the...
  6. james3200

    Mini UKAPS meet up - James3200s Planted discus tank

    Hi all If anyone would like to come down to Croydon for the day to check out my tank and go to a couple of the LFS, and any other suggestions (quite a few good ones around) then you are more than welcome Ideally I would like to arrange it for the 04/07/09 morning ish.. If this is too short...
  7. james3200

    Any experts on France here ? - planning a road trip

    Hi all I am hoping there are some members on here who go on self drive holidays in France I am planing on taking my girlfriend over to France on Holiday on a self drive (with my new car :P ) late August early September for about a week. Planning on going via Normandy, down to the Loire...
  8. james3200

    Warehouse Aquatics - anyone use them?? - eheim 2080

    Hi, Looking to buy a eheim pro3 2080 and warehouse aquatics have it on for about £40 cheaper than most retailers http://www.warehouse-aquatics.co.uk/ehe ... 4296-p.asp Anyone used them before? Cheers, James
  9. james3200

    Very long hair algae

    Hi all, I have just noticed that my discus tank has started to get some very long strands ( 4 - 5+") of fine green hair algae. It is manageable but a real pain as usual. I cant work out what is the cause. Lighting is low, only T5s for 7.5hrs/day, co2 is at a high level and i am dosing as...
  10. james3200

    Air Pump when lights are out

    Anyone use an air pump when lights are out? My discus really appreciate it and i am sure the plants do too Think i read Mr Amano does also? Thoughts? James
  11. james3200

    UV Lamp replacement

    Anyone changed their UV lamp on a older version of the vecton UV? Mine needs changing and was wondering if it could still be left in-line while i changed it Cheers
  12. james3200

    Pub CO2

    My 5kg FE ran out in 5 weeks on my 800lt tank I am looking into better diffussion, but first i am going to sort the supply out. From my research the best option i have found is from BOC gasses, welding supplies. They do a 34kg bottle which costs £6.90/month or £78 for the year in rental, &...
  13. james3200

    James3200s 6.5x2x2' planted tank - UPDATE - 26/06/09

    Hi all, Thought i would share my new tank, which has just turned a week old today :) Setup - Back of the tank ( in the office / warehouse ) where you can see at the top right of the picture the waste from the overflow in the tank which attaches to the warehouse waste pipe and in the...
  14. james3200

    Inline Equipment

    Anyone know of something i could add inline on my filter setup where i could add say for example some purigen, carbon or whatevber needed? This would be ideal for me as getting out my eheim 2260 is a big job.. Thanks, James
  15. james3200

    Almost complete 3' ADA

    As the title says, this tank is almost ready, but i decided to take a few pictures as it was looking pretty nice today. The foreground was re planted not to long ago, thanks to my shrimp uprooting it, its almost re-filled in, just a small patch that is a few weeks away. The tank has been setup...