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  1. sa80mark

    Random Worm ID

    Not sure on that one especially with the time of year, I'd stick to my old adage, if in doubt rip it out ;)
  2. sa80mark

    Which Substrate do you use for RCS?

    I used 2 bags of the Sulawesi Black in my 30x30x30 and it gave a good deep covering approx 2 inch at the front up to approx 4 inch at the back so 5 bags should be fine, the DeponitMix imo is rubbish if your want a plant substrate base id go for the tropica one ;)
  3. sa80mark

    Hydra? Or am I worrying overly?

    My guess would be that its coincidence I dont see any amount of hydra killing even a dwarf cory, did you empty the water from the daphnia into the tank ? If so this could be a more likely cause especially if the cory was not in top condition ?
  4. sa80mark

    How much harder is it to maintain water parameters with a small tank

    In my mind go for the 60p the smaller ones are really nice but you will get to a point where you sit there wishing you had just that bit more room,
  5. sa80mark

    How much harder is it to maintain water parameters with a small tank

    In my experience the only thing thats slightly more difficult in small tanks is temperature and id go as far as saying difficult is the wrong word, its just something you have to keep an eye on especially in summer, small tanks under 30l can heat up very quickly, as for water quality ive never...
  6. sa80mark

    Do I need to boil alder cones?

    I used to boil mine when I used them in breeding tanks but many breeders I know just put them straight in, I only boiled mine just to be 100% sure there was no nasties
  7. sa80mark

    CRS - In their new home

    Very very nice :)
  8. sa80mark

    CRS new tank

    You will find all the fitting you could ever want here www.RO-MAN.com Reverse Osmosis Systems, RO systems in UK
  9. sa80mark

    anyone used the Chinese breather bags.?

    I always used normal fish bags, im not convinced by these breather bags for the reasons in this link, although Im happy to proven wrong :) Analysis of Fish Shipping Bags
  10. sa80mark

    CRS and Ei Dosing (copper) ?

    Imo dont worry about it, there are alot of shrimp keepers out there dosing ei and premixed ferts also theres an awful lot of foods that contain traces of copper and this is never an issue for any shrimp keeper I know, There are quite a few shrimp experts and keepers on here and no doubt one...
  11. sa80mark

    Will shrimp be compatible with these tank mates?

    I may be completely wrong but I think I read somewhere that kuhli loach and shrimp are a big no no ?
  12. sa80mark

    Sakura Deaths - Confidence to build up a colony knocked a bit

    I agree with squid102, nothing to worry about they look very healthy to me Mark
  13. sa80mark

    Eggs dropped

    Thanks for the vote of confidence mark :-) I try and keep all params as stable as is possible in 12 Liters of water, maybe time I convinced the wife they need a bigger tank for a better quality of life :-) My misses used to always fall that one :)
  14. sa80mark

    Eggs dropped

    Im no expert on shrimp but from what ive read shrimp drop eggs mainly for 2 reasons, bad water and stress these can be constantly changing water parameters such as temp, ph, hardness etc but your tank atleast to my eyes this doesn't seem to fit, hopefully someone else might have a better idea
  15. sa80mark

    The Great Cherry Red Shrimp Die Off

    Imo opinion when people talk about cherry shrimp being hardy they are right to an extent unfortunately similar to the good old guppy and goldfish they have been interbred so much the hardiness simply vanishes, the fact you bought them from a lfs would suggest that they may well be cheap inports...
  16. sa80mark

    Brown patch on crs head. Infection?

    Ive read a few things about brown on shrimp and if I remember right its down to 2 things first is completely normal colour change I think its got something to do with its genes and reverting back to natural colour the second is diet if its eating alot of brown food or algae this can change the...
  17. sa80mark

    Breeders and Keepers Vol.1

    Im not sure where hes based but he set up shrimp studio forum hth
  18. sa80mark

    The People's Favourite Shrimp

    Ive never owned or seen them either but once my shrimp tank is up and running im definitely going to try and get hold of some
  19. sa80mark

    The People's Favourite Shrimp

    Great idea My favorite is Blue Tiger Shrimp(Caridina cf. cantonensis)
  20. sa80mark

    CBS & CRS ?

    Heres quite a good link that explains it better than I can Breeding Crystal Red Shrimp with Crystal Black Shrimp
  21. sa80mark

    CBS & CRS ?

    Im quite new to shrimp but from what ive been reading cbs and crs are the same species and do breed together due to them being the same species just a different colour form if a cbs and crs breed you can get either cbs or crs shrimplets and in (again from what ive read) most case you will get a...