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  1. Miss-Pepper

    Nano Paludarium Attempt!

    I was gifted a second hand Aqua One AquaVue 380 which is 28 litres and I fancy attempting something different and...outside the box. A paludarium, hanging wood roots and some nice terrestrial plants above etc. I've cleaned it up, and removed the plastic rim as the built in filter was taking up a...
  2. Miss-Pepper

    Is vitax q4 aquarium safe?

    Hi all, tried to search the forum but couldn't find the exact answer. I'm making some underwater potted plants, potted because I need to be able to constantly move and rescape for breeding purposes. I've gotten some tetra clay substrate but I want to add some fertiliser into the mix. When...
  3. Miss-Pepper

    Bedside Aquarium

    Hi all. I'm finally ready to set up my Ciano 60 aquarium I got some months ago. I can't wait to lie back, relax and sleep with the fishes ;) Me and my partner have reinforced a Hombase unit (similar to Ikea Kallax) with 18mm plywood top and back and covered with contact paper to prevent any...
  4. Miss-Pepper

    Planted Windowsill Vase

    I happened on a nice vase in TK Maxx that holds 8 litres so I thought I'd experiment a bit and make something pretty for me to look at in the kitchen! Plan is it'll be unfiltered, unheated and planted up with some nice emergent growth and maybe some riparium style house plants in future. I'd...
  5. Miss-Pepper

    Low Level Light for Racking System

    Hello all, I will soon be setting up some aquarium racking systems. I'd like to include some easy low light tolerating plants but need help deciding what lights to purchase. I'd like a balance of bright enough for healthy plant growth and for me to see in, but not so bright the fish are...
  6. Miss-Pepper

    Little Bedroom Aquarium Recommendation

    Hi all, been out of the planted aquarium hobby for a few years now and feel inspired to get back into it. I'd love a little planted tank between 40-60 litres next to my bed. Problem is, there are so many nano style tanks these days I don't know what to pick! I've been looking at ones like the...
  7. Miss-Pepper

    Could someone help me decide what to buy please?

    My birthday is coming up soon, and I'd like to kindly ask family for a new light fixture. I'm currently lighting my 30"x15"x12" tank with a clamp CFL bulb haha I can see enough to look at the fish and my java fern survives but I'd like to try my second attempt at a planted tank. We're not...
  8. Miss-Pepper

    Lurker finally says hello!

    Hi everyone :) long time lurker, new poster. Thought I'd just give myself a quick introduction. Well, my name is Coral and I'm a student who recently got into fish keeping, much to my loan's discomfort haha. On a whim I went into a pet shop and fell in love with black moors, so I went home and...