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    Effect of co2 mist on fish

    I purchased an AM100 reactor and installed it yesterday in my trigon 190 , prior to this i was using a needle wheel modded PH to distribute the co2 in the tank via mist. With the mist i could allow the dropchecker to turn yellow 2-3 hours into the photoperiod without any ill effects to the fish...
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    Increasing growth rate without more light?

    I`m kinda happy with the way my tank is going so far, no algae that i can see, all my plants are growing steadily, but i would like them to grow a bit faster (at the rate things are going i`ll be waiting 5 months+ for my dwarf hair grass to fill the space i want it to :P ). Tank specs are...
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    Looking for a new external filter.

    My budget is around £90-£100 and its for a 190l tank , i`ve found an aqua one here at a reasonable price , has anyone any experiance with these or can suggest an alternative?
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    Quick question!

    I work shifts (alternating weekly) so i`d like to change my timer for the lights weekly between 9 am till 5/6 pm then the following week 12 noon till 8/9 pm so the tank is lit whilst im at home, i presume that the plants wont care , but i`d thought id ask in case it could cause problems?
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    Emmersed grown Echinodorus Bleheri,when to remove old leaves

    I`ve been removing the emmersed leaves when the surface area gets about 75% yellow once a week when i do my water change, but i`ve noticed that the next 2-3 days after this is when i`m getting the most new leaves coming thru , would it be better to be a bit more aggressive ? The plants have...
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    Trigon 190-Learning curve

    Hey all, complete planted tank newbie here to share the learning experiance!! First off a little about my fishy past, I`ve been keeping aquriums for about 14 years , getting my first tank (a 60l ) at the age of 14 , progressing on to a keen interest in angel`s of which i`ve had a breeding pair...