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    Little video I took today now the tank is rebooted

    I've added the vid to my journal but wanted to share it to see what you all thought :)
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    Cutting Stone (Dragon Stone Maybe?)

    I'm looking to make a Cliff face to separate a tank into higher and lower areas, right from the front to back. To do this I was going to use some Acrylic behind a stone cliff face, but to try and get the stone glass to glass, and to try and get the right height i want i will need to cut some...
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    Rivers Edge

    Up to Date image 17/05/2022 Kit List - updated may 22 Diversa 100*50*50 aquarium Lighting - Fluval planted 3.0 Filter - Eheim Professional 5e 600T Dosing Pump - Kamoer 3 Channel Water Change Pump - D-D P1 Feeding - Ehiem Auto Feeder & tuya smart feeder Jebao powerhead 2x maxijet pumps...
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    Chat room

    Does anyone ever use it anymore? :(
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    Hi Guys!!!

    Just wanted to drop in properly and say hello to all the faces! I've not abandoned this place, just been wrapped up in sorting out my reef tank and getting ready for a new little arrival ;) Tanks still looking good, the CO2 ran out and tbh although the growth slowed everythings healthy so I've...
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    My sword is flowering (pics)

    At last the time has come :) Heres my baby flowering for the first time since I got her 14 months ago. Gutted I'll be away for a week while its flowering but I'm just happy to have been home at all to see it lol Thanks for looking guys :)
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    Chris' minnow breeder

    Decided today I wanted something new for my fish... couldn't decide what lol It was then I realised I keep banging on at the wife about spending less and starting to save so I should do the same... moreover I have loads of equipment just stilling doing nothing in the attic. Thats when it hit...
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    My news :) :) :)

    May be a little early to announce this buuuuttttttttttt........... I'm gonna be a daddy again :) :) :)
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    Non planted Journal

    Just thought I would share my newest tank with you all. This is my 100lt marine tank which currently has no stocking bar the life which arrived on the live rock. Will be adding fish in a fortnight and will add a little to the journal here and there but won't put alot of detail as this is...
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    Chris' Kitchen tank (PFK freebie)

    Just a very quick one. Was asked to post a pic of my other tanks earlier so thought it better to start a journal. This is the 8lt tank we got free with my PFK subscrtiption. Rather than go spending more cash on scaping/stocking we just used stuff we already had or in the case of the fish and...
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    Lilly pad forrest

    Now I hope I don't dissapoint you here but there are no lilly pads envolved in this tank lol This is the tank in my daughters bedroom. She is 4 and has picked everything thats in the tank including a few things she wanted from mine (moss and cuttings). I asked her to name the tank and this is...
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    Just ordered new lights.... She's gonna kill me!

    Was going to leave it a while to see how I get on with my 2x 30w T8's on the 300lt but my stems are telling me to get some new lighting. I've just ordered a 6x 54w T5 unit :shock: I'll prob use 2 lamps to begin with then move to 3 eventually but I doubt I'll ever use 6 on a planted tank...
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    Forrest Bridge 300lt. Vid update 5 may. Emergent growth!

    After planning for nearly 6 months here, Finally is "Forrest Bridge". I'll start with a little (if boring) intro for those who don't know me. I've liked the idea of getting a tank for a long long time and have a good friend who works in local tropical fish shop. In April this year I got...
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    The ups and downs of having a tank!!!

    Thats me finally home from afghan and ready to start setting up my 300lt. I've got all the stuff I need and am getting really excited. I'm a little dissapointed though as my current tanks that I'm taking my plants from are looking a little sorry for themselves. My wifes father went into...
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    Feeling let down by retailer :(

    I was looking around for a hydor 300 external heater for ages and most suppliers were marked as out of stock. I found cardiff city aquatics had it marked as instock on their website so I paid for it there and then. 2 weeks later I emailed them and asked where it was, it was only then I was...
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    worms to maintain substrate?

    As in title really, is there a worm you could use in a soil substrate in a tropical tank to aid maintaining/mixing the substate. Also maybe the odd one might make a nice meal for the fish lol
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    Forrest Bridge

    Having spent a bit of time learning and a little bit of cash (read alot) in the process I have everything I need to start my new project. I'm returning to the UK in December and have picked a date to begin "Forrest bridge". Here's the basic setup; Tank Aqua one 300lt Bowfront and stand...
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    How about this for an old school tank

    as in title really lol http://inverness.gumtree.com/inverness/32/65562532.html I'd be tempted by this just because of how unusual it is!
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    Have I missed anything out?

    Right, I'm nearing time to do my new tank so I've been shopping lol The following I have either already bought ready or am buying in the next few days/weeks. 300lt bowfront tank CO2 Regulator/valve/solenoid 4dKH Lighting 2xT8 30w Osram cool white tube Osram sky white tube CF 1200 canister...
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    anyone used thinner hose?

    I've been looking at sources of clear hose for my new setup and all the suppliers I've found do the hose with an internal diameter of 16mm but the outer is 19mm. Has anyone used hose with these dimentions and have you had any probs? Cheers, chris
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    Prefilter unit as reactor/heater

    Has anyone seen these? I was wondering if it would be any use to modify as a CO2 reactor and also wondered if the top had enough room I could cut it to fit a heater into it??? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 5322wt_985 Hmmmmm. Would save a bit of hassle! lol
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    Flourite, GH KH crash?

    Just a quick one..... and this really really is my last substrate question lol I've got my 300lt with the soil settling and the filter running. My wife is going to feed the tank to get the filter cycling with no fish so I can add fish quicker when I get home. I've ordered flourite sand to cap...
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    Black flourite cap?

    Hopefully this will be the last of my substrate questions for a while lol I've just collected the 300lt tank and have used westland aquatic compost as a substrate and am looking for something suitable to cap it. I've got some large black rock and some medium black stones along with the black...
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    Upgrading to T5's

    I just bought a used Aqua one which has 2 30w t8's :( its a 22inch high 300lt tank. Now I think I could just leave the T8's in place and add 2 39w T5's using a controller, would this be enough? this would bring my total to 138w I want to grow some forground stuff like HC and have already...
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    Plant all at once or bit by bit?

    How have you all gone about planting your tanks? I was considdering sorting my scape before deciding on what plants to use then getting them all in a oner and spending a day planting. I've since decided that I'll do the scape but am going to get the plants a few at a time and fill the gaps so...
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    Gutted, my Betta been naughty!

    My missus just went into clean my office tank for me and my siamese fighter had a RCS in his mouth :( He's been really good up to now but I think he may have been eating the babies and got a taste for them. She's going to check if there are any adults left and move them to my main community...
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    Ideas for empty tank (80lt)

    I'm going to be moving all my stock into my new 300lt when I get it all up and running but I want to do something with the 80lt once its done. its 24" long, 12" deep and 18" high. Currently it has gravel and plants but I'm totally open to ideas for both stock and style. I have an external...
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    Quick check, correct bits for FE setup?

    I'm ordering a load of bits for my new 300lt tank and am going to go down the FE road. Before I go ordering a load of bits that won't work together can anyone confirm I've chosen the right stuff? FE http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/5kg-Co2-Fire-Exti ... 35ab4cb6dc Reg...
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    Aqua one 1250 advance, anybody used one?

    I am looking at buying a secondhand tank and it has this pump with it, http://www.online-garden-centre.com/pro ... vance.html just wondered if anyone has got one currently? Are they noisy? Can you use your own media etc? cheers, chris
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    Idea for my new tank :)

    Been throwing some ideas about for when I get my next tank (min 250lt max 400lt) and this is where I am, I was planing just using about 2" of sand (not to be planted) on the lowest level (bottom right) then stepping up to 4" then 6" depths of planting substrate at the higher levels. The tank...
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    Need help choosing a substrate

    As in the title I'm needing some advice on substrates. I've been reading up on all the different ones on here and what they do, I've read about capping them with other substrates etc... What I am looking for is something that has the texture/colour of potting compost as I would like the...
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    HC planting mistake lol

    Boy did I learn not to be lazy! I received 3 lovely pots of HC on Monday and after removing the wool I planted clumps of it around the front of the tank... Whoops! Been chasing the clumps for the rest of the week trying to replant it every morning and again a tea time pmsl. Had to bite the...
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    Chris' Grow out tank

    Thought I'd start a little journal more to practice and get some feedback for when I get my new tank later in the year. The Fauna are all a carry over from before I got my interest in the plants and to be honest are not exactly what I'd choose if I started everything from scratch but I do like...
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    I thought I lived in a quiet street!

    Woke up in the early hours of the morning hearing what sounded like gun shots, assumed it was a farmer as we live right on the edge of the town. Looked out this morning and most of my street is cordoned off and there are forensics and the like all over the shop. Theres a car with its rear...
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    Eheim Ecco pro 130 (2032)

    Anyone got any experience with them? My Fluval U2 stopped working last night! Its working again now but I have checked the impellor and it all seems fine?!?! I was at my LFS and he's offered a great deal on the Eheim and external has a great appeal imo. Anyone recommend or otherwise?
  36. C


    I made a big boo boo today, brought some tropical grasses home and decided to treat them for snails first. I part filled a bowl with boiling water and salt then as I ran to check on what my little one was doing I asked my partner to top the rest up with cold. She missheard me and filled the...
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    100lr Rescape

    Thats nice buddy :) Really tempted to swap my gravel out for sand now!