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  1. bugs

    Stable CO2 musings and question

    Just read enough of this thread to help answer my initial question re definition of "stable" CO2: Stable CO2 The emphasis on flow with regard to CO2 has perhaps also answered a second question, also relative to stable CO2... I recently switched from a Bazooka diffuser to internal reactor, also...
  2. bugs

    CO2 Dosing after adding solenoid?

    I've switched to a regulator with a solenoid; switching on a couple of hours before lights on. I set the bubble rate to the same as when I had CO2 running for 24hrs (102 BPM) and achieving a good colour in the CO2 drop checker. However, at lights on today (first since adding the solenoid) the...
  3. bugs

    CO2 Supermarket OR CO2 Art Reg?

    CO2 Supermarket £139 vs CO2 Art £119... Anyone experience of one or both of these and able to offer some insight into which is the best? I'm happy to pay the extra if it makes a difference. Would even consider the pro versions if it were clear how they are superior... I just need reliable...
  4. bugs

    Testing CO2 by sampling PH?

    Hi, I'm struggling to remember how to measure CO2 concentration using a PH meter... I recall something about measuring a sample of aquarium water after 1 hour. If the PH has dropped 1 point then the concentration is 30ppm but I'm not sure if I've got that quite right... Anyone help fill in the...
  5. bugs

    CO2 Reg Reading

    I'm expecting my CO2 to run out soon but I don't think I've ever witnessed what the regulator readings are when it starts to run down. In the past I've found it has stopped completely before I've taken time to observe the regulator. Does the regulator indicate when the bottle is nearing its end...
  6. bugs

    How Long Does a 2kg CO2 Supply Last (Roughly)

    I realise this is like asking how long is a piece of string; however, I'd like to get some idea of how long my 2kg fire extinguisher will last - just so I can get a replacement in good time. Foolishly I neglected to follow some good advice to weigh the extinguisher when it was full and work out...
  7. bugs

    Algae Strategy!

    I'm trying to arrest the spread of algae in my four month old tank. I went through the diatoms back when the tank was first set up and things were looking mostly good before I took a three week holiday in August; during which there were no weekly water changes, fert dosing, etc. When I returned...
  8. bugs

    Regulator Recommendations?

    There does not seem to be a "go to" regulator... The one that everyone swears by. Are they all much of a muchness? Even the retailers don't seem to explain why one may spend an extra £x on one regulator vs another in their range. Confused...
  9. bugs

    Reactor or Bazooka or?

    How to diffuse CO2? 55ltr tank with Juwel internal filter: 50mm Bazooka? In the past I directed output from a Juwel internal into what was a cylindrical stepped type reactor(?). It created an opposing flow to the CO2 rising up the steps, just enough to keep the bubbles in suspension. Seemed to...
  10. bugs

    Filter Media... Nitrate Remover and Carbon Foams

    Probably a stupid question but just checking current thinking... TNC Liquid Carbon and combined ferts dosed tank... No gas CO2. I propose to REMOVE and replace both the carbon and nitrate remover sponges from my new filter and replace with basic sponges. This is what I've done in the past...
  11. bugs

    Critique my hardscape Wood Auditions...

    I know which one I prefer, just wondering which you'd choose: Shared Album A Gnarly root (the dark one) B Slender stick (the light one)
  12. bugs

    Back again... Another new start...

    Longish Winded Background Story... Hi all. Not been around for some time, having downgraded to a small basic tank while I got on with renovating my home. I've still got a couple of rooms to do and some other projects but having tired of looking at the sorry excuse of my current aquarium I...
  13. bugs

    Can anyone identify this plant?

    It's a plant I had several years ago. Trawling back through my information from that time I thought it might be Ludwigia arcuata; however, looking at other pics I'm no longer convinced - the leaves look much narrower on mine.
  14. bugs

    Anyone around here like to use an air powered vac?

    I know most people clear the muck off the gravel when water-changing but I find it all a bit hit or miss - I'm either syphoning away the gravel, or the live leaves, or playing dodge the curious fish. The point being that I do use an air powered vac and, because my tank is deeper than average...
  15. bugs

    Don't forget to adjust your timers... EOM

    Don't forget to adjust your timers... EOM
  16. bugs

    Two new tubes...

    I'm gonna replace the two tubes on my tank with a daylight and something suited to plants - in particular reaching the depths of my rather deep tank. What are people liking these days in the way of brands and tubes? Cheers
  17. bugs

    Measuring CO2 in low-tech?

    Anyone here measure their CO2 in low-tech non CO2 fertilised tank? If so, do you use a normal kit or some other method? Is it even measurable?
  18. bugs

    PL-11 Tubes

    Mu Aqua 40 came with a white/blue PL-11watt tube. I'm not overly keen on the blue light and I suspect it's not esp good for plant growth. However... I cannot seem to find anywhere selling alternatives. Anyone know of anywhere?
  19. bugs

    Filters for small tank?

    OK, so the Aqua Flo 1 that came with the Aqua 40 tank (30 x 30 x 30cm) rumbles like a diesel engine - it's very bad. I have used an Eheim Aqua Ball in this tank in the past but it's really too big. Anyone any suggestions for compact internal filters?
  20. bugs

    Good plant suppliers?

    My low-tech is going to be low-budget. I'm planning to plant a large variety of plants and see what grows and more or less let it do it's own thing (aka jungle). I've got my eye on Java, Plants Alive, Pro Aqau Plant (ex Greenline), and Aquarium Gardening all as possible suppliers of...
  21. bugs

    Tropica Plant Nutrition+ for low tech?

    I'm planning to use Tropica Plant Nutrition+ for my low tech, low light, soil substrate setup, dosed weekly. Any reason why this may not be a suitable method of providing plant food? (I don't want to go down the over-feeding fish food route).
  22. bugs

    It's been a while... back with a view to setting up a low-te

    Hope everyone is well. Low light / low tech to be precise... I finally got round to finishing the corner cabinet upon which the tank would sit. I don't have the time for high-tech nor do I find the rampant growth as interesting as a slowly, ever-changing tank. Contemplated Cichlids, but...
  23. bugs

    Sunrise / Sunset

    Who would like a piece of this action for approx £120: You can specify 30 minutes for sunrise too as a £5 option.
  24. bugs

    Hmmm... soak or not?

    Pond soil... Soak for X weeks (to see off all the oxygen starved nasties) or not??? (When using in a tank as opposed to a pond).
  25. bugs

    Bow fronted aquariums?

    Would you?
  26. bugs


    I know it has been said before but I think it sometimes get lost with all the emphasis on preserving CO2, however, in my semi-lowtech* I've noticed the plants were in decline. Had been for some time but, given that I'm planning to do a new tank, I was inclined to leave it to see what happened...
  27. bugs

    Filter choice...

    350 litre tank... Planning to be low-tech (Diana Walstead esque)... Use the Rena XP3 that goes with the tank... Or... Use my Eheim 2324 Thermo (backup up with an in tank heater to provide full heating capacity). Designed for up to 150ltr tanks. I favour the latter because it's cheaper to run...
  28. bugs


    If I'm looking for quality I head for John Lewis... However, I'm in the market for a couple of leather sofas and can't quite bring myself to ignore the silly cheap prices at DFS (I could get two for less than the price of the one of the ones I'm looking at in JL). I vaguely recall hearing...
  29. bugs

    Heater Duration

    So, if you were going to use the PFK tank running cost calculator and therefore need to specify the number of hours the heater was running, what would you estimate based on a tank in a centrally heated house?
  30. bugs

    7 year old with 2 months (probably less by now...) to live

    Come on guys & girls, dig deep and divert some of that decadent spending on aquatic gear to a good cause - your tank will still be here in 2 months time, whereas this little girls days are numbered without help: http://www.mayaperrinskippen.com/ Also, be shameless like me and spread the word...
  31. bugs


    Any thoughts/recommendations re heaters? Good or bad experiences? I hate heaters with suction cups that constantly fail and allow the damned thing to drop off the glass all the time. Not interested in in-line heaters - don't need to spend the money as the tank is massive and a heater will be...
  32. bugs

    Rena XP3 Media - where to buy online?

    Anyone got a good online source for Rena filter media? It's mainly the foams that I need as I'll use Fluval or Eheim etc for the bio stage. Cheers
  33. bugs

    Off Topic - Thes don't come up very often

    Islabikes make excellent kids bikes. I have a permanent search emailing me from eBay for anything Islabike and this came my way. Way to early for mine but if you've got an 8-11YO then it's worth a look: ISLABIKE
  34. bugs

    How much would you spend on a first class stand?

    How much would you pay for a bespoke, handmade, solid wood stand/cabinet for your tank? Not some nasty Pine affair but something made out of Cherry, or Ash, or White Oak, Maple - that sort of thing? Hood (if required) would have to be considered separately - think base only for the time being...
  35. bugs

    Green film on water surface...

    Green film on water surface - good or bad? Tank = 60cm, no CO2, no ferts (occasional splash of Leafzone, just to use up what's left in the bottle). It's psuedo El Natural in so far as I've switched off the CO2 and stopped adding ferts. The film is not posing any problems as the moment, I just...
  36. bugs

    My Biggest Tank Yet...

    Just bought one of these second-hand, complete with Rena external filter, a heater, and four tubes (altho not sure how old they are) too. Quite a monster.
  37. bugs

    Beginning of the end - Solenoid has packed up...

    Well, it's started, my tank is on the slope down from "high-tech" to low-tech. The idea was to keep the current tank going and start up an El Natural in the second-hand Rio 125 that I've just bought. But... last night I noticed that the lights were off but the CO2 was still pumping away in to...
  38. bugs

    Aquarium Suppliers

    Recommendations for suppliers of bespoke tanks (or possibly even a stock 48 x 18 x 18 )? I've come across these but never heard of them before today: http://www.bossaquariums.co.uk/ Very competitive pricing but how come? The cynic in me... http://www.ndaquatics.co.uk/ More what I'd expect to...
  39. bugs

    Which soil to use?

    I'm struggling to determine the most appropriate and safe soil substrate... On one hand I could just take a spade to my back garden, getting below the surface layer in a relatively untouched part of the garden. However, my garden used to be a river bed and is therefore quite sandy and stony...
  40. bugs

    EI Natural v. Low Tech

    The two topic areas within the forum got me wondering: 1. What is the difference between EI Natural and Low Tech? (Perhaps a sticky in each would be a good idea). 2. What does the "EI" in EI Natural stand for? Cheers
  41. bugs

    Lighting - T8 or perhaps T6 and recommendations...

    I have the following 3 tubes currently, all due to be replaced at the beginning of October: Front: Hagen Sun-Glo (Full daylight/white) Middle: Hagen Aqua-Glo (general purpose IMO, despite the suggestion that it "promotes plant growth" (which of course it does - it is a light source)). Back: Zoo...
  42. bugs

    Setting Up an Natural Aquarium - My Questions Index...

    I may be pondering this whole move from high-tech to EI Natural for some time and it may lead nowhere; however, I thought it may be useful to keep an index thread in case other venture down this path... So, here follows the threads that I have started on this journey: 1. Some initial thoughts...
  43. bugs

    EI Natural substrate...

    I'm really keen on a dark brown topping over the top of the soil substrate in my proposed EI Natural tank. The only such 'gravel' that I can find is the ADA stuff, however, I suspect that it's nutrient basis may not be compatible with a "true" natural set up. Any views and opinions?
  44. bugs

    My Wife thinks I should buy a new tank...

    :shock: A Juwel Lido to be precise... Tired of the cost of CO2 and time dedicated to EI, I'm thinking of going down the Diana Walstead route. I want to keep using my Eheim 2324 Thermal cos it's great, albeit the turnover it probably too high (but I can throttle it down). Then I just need to...
  45. bugs

    While U Wait CO2 Refills - South East London / Kent

    Anyone know of anywhere that will refill fire extinguishers in SE London / Kent? Cheers