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    Upgrading Tank question

    I am looking into upgrading my tank which I am pretty serious about that this point in time. I have (3) T5 lights at 50 watts each over a 125 gallon tank. I just swapped out the gravel substrate for SMS substrate. I am getting ready to purchase dry ferts so I can start dosing for more than just...
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    Changing bulbs?

    How often should we change the bulbs in our lights? I am using the Current Nova Extreme T-5 lighting currently. At least that is what I think it is... Thanks!
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    I finally ordered a timer for my lights. I am running about 1.25 watts per gallon on a 125 gallon (6' long) tank. For the last year we just turn the lights on when we remember and then turn them off at night. Now that a timer is on it's way, what is the ideal time the lights should be on...