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    Okay to Change?

    My t8s are coming up for 18 months old amd are as bright as ever in photos , but I do give the tubes a wipe every water change
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    Upgrading lighting on my Fluval Roma 125l

    I`d say leave the lighting and invest in a good pressurised co2 system first (you`ll more then likely need it once you go to t5 lights anyway as they are so much more light then what you have currently), most high light plants are really high CO2 and high fert plants , you`d be suprised atwhat...
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    Quick question!

    Thanks for confirmation.
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    Quick question!

    I work shifts (alternating weekly) so i`d like to change my timer for the lights weekly between 9 am till 5/6 pm then the following week 12 noon till 8/9 pm so the tank is lit whilst im at home, i presume that the plants wont care , but i`d thought id ask in case it could cause problems?
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    lighting issue do i have enough

    The power head on your filter would be 5x turnover but the ratings on these things usually dont translate to reality once you add filter media and what not , the 3000 lph power head will give you 23x turnover alone , so that should suffice (tho it might be a bit fierce so you might want to...