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  1. linkinruss

    Malaysia F1

    Anyone watching live? Any thought on winners? Hoping cry baby Vettel gets jumped at the start! Come on LH!
  2. linkinruss

    Cheap root tabs.

    So... Found a pound land and was looking around in all my excitement and came across some slow release fertiliser clusters for a quid! Before putting this in to the tank I've taken a read and it seems to be a very cheap option for those that buy expensive root tabs. But... It notes it for...
  3. linkinruss

    Juwel Lido 120 "flow"

    Hi guys, Firstly, thanks for all the information provided to members on this site! It's been a pleasure reading all the tutorials and solutions to many of the problems us beginners have when starting up a tank. I just wanted to get yours eyes on my flow in my Juwel Lido 120L tank. I still...
  4. linkinruss

    Connecting hosing

    Hi guys - this might have been asked before but I've been unable to find an answer. Is there a way to connect hosing tube to say a check valve more easily? I'm having difficultly connecting my hosing to a check cable and only managed to get it half way on. I heard soaking the ends in hot...
  5. linkinruss

    EI dosing and liquid ferts

    Hi guys, I've tried searching the forums but had no luck finding an answer. My question is that I'm going to be starting my EI dosing from tomorrow but still have left some of the Seachem products left over; flourish, iron, and trace. As I don't to waste them can I continue to dose both...
  6. linkinruss

    Frosty Friday wave

    Hi guys, New to the forums. Thought I knew about fish keeping! luckily I've stumbled across this forum! Love the information provided. Was an owner of a 30l BiOrb for 3 years! Recently sold and now upgrade myself to a Lido 120l. Wow, the information learnt from here about light to co2 has been...