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  1. FishBeast

    Earthworms in substrate, how to remove?

    I have noticed that there are some earthworms in my DIY substrate. I figure that either there were some worms in it that I was not aware of or perhaps some worm eggs that got in via dosing the emersed setup worm pee. I am wondering if you guys would have any suggestions as to how I can remove...
  2. FishBeast

    Question about breeding timeframe for shrimp

    I am about to buy 20 shrimp for breeding stock and out of curiosity I am wondering generally how long it will take from when the babies hatch to when they will be about 10mm in length?
  3. FishBeast

    Fishbeast's first Iwagumi

    am going all out this time round and making my own substrate and using very strong light. The plan is to cap with some old Amazonia 2 and do a dry start with light set to 3000 lux. I will lower it to 2000 when I eventually add water. Thread on how I made my substrate can be found here: Started...
  4. FishBeast

    I want to run a sump in my next freshwater tank.

    I would like to run a sump from now on mainly as a way of keeping my tank tidy by having my heaters, and filter inlets etc. in it. I am wondering why I do not see fresh water tank setups with a sump? Can anyone clarify this for my please before I go drilling holes into my tank? Thanks in advance.
  5. FishBeast

    Started making substrate. Opinions please.

    I have started making my substrate for my upcoming iwagumi. So far it is a mix of approximately 70% mineralised soil and compost & 30% 6 month old compost which still has a lot of organic matter in it. I have been using a home test kit to measure the PH and amount of NPK in it. I intend to...
  6. FishBeast

    Help testing GH

    I have moved to a new home where our water comes from underground. I have been unable to test the GH of this water because after putting 45 drops of test liquid into my 5 mls of water I gave up. I then experimented with diluting the water further with distilled water anywhere from 1 part...
  7. FishBeast

    *POLL* How long do you think a T5 tube will last?

    I am interested in knowing as the growth in my tank has slowed alot over the last few months.
  8. FishBeast

    What are your thoughts on selective breeding?

    I am interested in your thoughts on selective breeding as I am working at breeding a more colourful strain of shrimp that I have sourced from my local river. We do not have a wide variety of shrimp available here in australia and I would like to do my part. I have a good brood stock of about 30...
  9. FishBeast

    Can somebody HC growth like this?

    This guy has a hilly look to his HC and I can't get a straight answer about how to acheive it other than pruning it... Thanks!
  10. FishBeast

    empty plants from tank, keep ada substrate kill thread algae

    At some time in the future I would like to take the plants out of my tank and start it fresh again. It has been over run with thread algae and I want to make sure that it is dead before replanting.... The reason why I want to do it this was because I have alot of ADA Amazon II that is still...
  11. FishBeast

    How often do you change drop checker water?

    I find that my drop checker solution fades over the course of a few weeks. My current solution is somwhere inbetween the green and yellow although over time it gets harder to tell what the colour is because it just fades away :? How often do you guys change your soution? Cheers!
  12. FishBeast

    Vibrio harveyi bacteria cause death and shrimp glow in dark

    I was frantically trying to work out why my shrimp are all dying and it just so happened that I couldn't sleep last night and walked past my tank and saw recently dead shrimp glowing in the dark! I couldn't beleive it. I have since learned that this is caused by the Vibrio harveyi bacteria...
  13. FishBeast

    FishBeasts 500 Ltr "Forests Edge" Video added

    *UPDATED 20/5/11* Size: 500 Ltr Filtration: 2x 2400 Ltr/Hr Canister Wave Maker: 12000 Ltr/Hr - Reduced to 6000 Ltr/Hr and then removed completely as it was too hectic. Total Filtration: 9.6 turnover/Hr Total Turnover: 9.6 turnover/Hr Lighting: 156w 6500k T5 for 8.5 hrs a day...
  14. FishBeast

    Advice for setting up my next planted tank.

    Basically my question relates to lighting but I have put it here because there are other factors which come into play. Any advice is welcome but basically my question relates to lighting. Cheers! 500 LTR (132 gallon US) Filtration: Canister 5500 LTR/HR 10.5 filtration turnover. Total water...
  15. FishBeast

    New species of moss to be grown in my next planted tank.

    Here are some pics of this moss which I found about a year ago and trialed in my last tank. I have never seen it online before. It is somewhat similar to star moss but is also unique. I refer to it as "Spire moss" as it grows in a spire type growth. I have no idea how to fix it to stuff...
  16. FishBeast

    Help confirming this species of Glosso.

    Hi guys. My next scape will primarily be of local species of plants native to Australia. I have alot that I have found over the last year or so and I have decided to use this Glosso. I just need a confirmation that it is Glossostigma Elatinoides before I go ahead. I am sure that it grows...
  17. FishBeast

    To buy cheap or expensive T5's

    I am wondering if you guys would share your experience with using cheaper t5's compared to those of a higher price? I am running some cheap ones and I didnt have great sucess with them. I did not have a very nutrient rich substrate but fed to the water colum. I would like to know so I can have...
  18. FishBeast

    How much filtration is needed?

    I have a 500 ltr tank with 25 rainbows (of varying ages) 2 grown gudgeons, 4 medium columbian tetras 5 siamese cats and 1 oto. I also have 11 ram horn snails. I am wondering how much filtration is needed for a heavily stocked aquarium? Especially since I want to put 100 shrimp in there once I...
  19. FishBeast

    Information on the Aussie Desert Gobie

    Hi guys, Here are a few links to info on the Desert Gobie for those interested. I love this fish and have great respect for them. http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/2817612.htm http://www.aquarticles.com/articles/bre ... _Goby.html
  20. FishBeast

    How normal is it to have the odd fish die?

    Over the last while I have had the odd fish die seemingly randomly. One or two I can explain but I like to think that I keep a pretty well maintained tank but I occassionally have the odd fish die. For example one of my dwarf cichlids looked sick and the next day was dead. I keep up with my...
  21. FishBeast

    Fishbeast goes on another aquatic moss hunt

    I bought myself a canon 550D last week and decided to go on another moss hunt and get some better pictures and video for you guys. Here is a HD link to youtube: Some star moss: Some willow moss: Some star and willow moss together: Some Fissidens: Another clump of star moss: I have...
  22. FishBeast

    Has anyone had any real sucess with emmersed growing?

    Hi I have a heap of cultivators with moss, hc, crypt wendetti, some grass stuff but the moss is the only thing which is growing really well. SO I am wondering how sucessful your emmersed setups are?
  23. FishBeast

    Otto's dying

    I am wondering if otto's need a cover over the inlet of a canister filter like shrimp do? because I lossed one there and another in a similar fasion.
  24. FishBeast

    Does anybody here have experience with freshwater clams?

    I am interested in adding clams to my tank as an experiment. Since I have had a great lesson in algae in my tank which has been overtaken by just about every type of algae I have turned it into a learning experience whilst I research for my next tank. My thoughts are to make a container with...
  25. FishBeast

    The value of the Khuli Loach in the aquarium

    I have been keeping several Khuli loaches in my planted tank for the last few months and I have become a big fan of them. I have found that when they are happy they cruise in and around the hardscape and plants. I am loving them also because of the way they clean up waste from the substrate. I...
  26. FishBeast

    Advice choosing substrates for large tank for less than $500

    Hi guys, First up the substrates section on this forum has been extremely helpful so far although I could use your advice on my next scape. Being a large tank (520LTR) it can be very expensive to buy substrate for. I messed it up last time by only using 1 x 7kg bag of flourite red covered by...
  27. FishBeast

    How fast does your HC grow emersed?

    I have my HC growing emersed for anout 2 months and it is growing painfully slowly. I am fairly confident that I have the nutrient side of things down well. I have some growing and some burning. I am using a mix of seedling soil, sand and a light dose of chicken manure. I am using foam boxes...
  28. FishBeast

    Help chooing ADA substrate type and volume needed

    I have been planning my next scape which I will be starting sometime after october. I have given up on this scape because I have been unable to grow HC in it and it has been overrun with algae. I also have to wait a few months for my shrimperies shrimp to grow to a size where the fish wont eat...
  29. FishBeast

    Using panda reflective film for background of tank

    I have been meaning to buy what is called "pandafilm" to use as a backdrop for my tank for the last 6 months or so but live way away from a hydroshop where they sell it. For those who do not know what it is it is a thin plastic (less than 1/2 mm thick) which is jet black on one side and pure...
  30. FishBeast

    Help reading drop checker

    I am running what I think is about 30-40 ppm of co2 in my high tech tank although I sometimes wonder because I am not sure whether it is pale green or slightly yellow. What I am, saying is that I dont know if I amk running it at 30-40 ppm or something like 20ppm.
  31. FishBeast


    We use gluyteraldehyde at work as a sanitiser and I am wondering what people dilute it as? I understand that it is dangerous although I am interested in knowing more about it. The stuff at work is 150 g/l and 100 g/l quartenary ammonium compounds.
  32. FishBeast

    Fishbeasts 400 LTR Journal (continuation)

    Hi guys, I have lossed my journal and after about 20 mins of trying to find it I have given up and created this continuation of it. It is basically a rainbow fish tank with a few additions Size: Tank 134g 6x2x1.5 Lighting: 312w T5 (6x 39w 6500K, 2x 39w 10,000K) I class this as being over 3...
  33. FishBeast

    2nd attempt at HC. Advice on water perameters please

    G'day guys. After some colossal problems with my planted tank I am glad to say that it is up and running again. The last attempt at growing HC I beleive that I failed because of a few reasons: I planted them in individual stems and maintained alot of water flow so they never got a chance to...
  34. FishBeast

    Help to id this moss please

    Hey, I have found this awesome moss and am wondering if you guys have seen anything like it. Please excuse the algae as I am having a bit trouble with it at the moment.
  35. FishBeast

    Have any of you guys ever had this happen to your moss?

    I had a problem with my co2 cylinder and because I live a long way away from civilisation it has been about 3 months until I have replaced it. I have had alot of algae growing on my moss. I am wondering whether a good dose of shrimp can solve this problem or perhaps some easycarb? I intend to...
  36. FishBeast

    DIY PWM sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset LED lighting

    Hi guys, I have finally got something to show you guys since I first mentioned it over 4 months ago. I started studying everything I needed to know (and alot that I probably didnt) in order to make a led setup which simulates sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset. So here goes, I will start from...
  37. FishBeast

    Aquatic Moss Hunt in outback Australia (photo heavy)

    Hi guys, we received 2 days of good rainfall here which means that FishBeast is on the aquatic moss hunt! This time I wanted to share with you a few pix and 2 youtube videos of my adventure. The first picture is of some rapids here with some Fissidens and Willow moss here and there. A fairly...
  38. FishBeast

    I am fasinated with raised scapes

    I have been facsinated by the sort of scape where there are rocks in the mid ground which raise up to another level like this scape from this years AGA. http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/2 ... ol=2&id=57 And I havent seen any instructionals regarding this sort of layout and would love to...
  39. FishBeast

    Need advice dosing 120gallon EI method

    Hi guys, I am running a 120 gallon tank via EI method and my tank is 3 months old now and it isnt anything incredible. I am using flourite red for substrate topped with river sand. 312w t5 light 6500k 8 hrs of 156w with 6 hr burst in the middle. 30ppm co2 my co2 starts 3 hrs before the first...
  40. FishBeast

    Will HC grow in hard water?

    Hi guys, I have been having great difficulty growing my HC over the last 3 months... Everything appears to be good, my water circulation is good, my co2 is at 30ppm my ferts are good and my light is very high... My water quality is good but it seems to growing at about 1 millimetre a month.. The...
  41. FishBeast

    My needle valve appears to be stuffed... Advice please

    I turned my gas bottle off this afternoon whilst the solonoid was switched on. Ever since when ever I turn the gas bottle on gas spews out the overload release aswell as into the tank. No amount of nothing seems to do anything to make it behave as it is supposed to... To me this sounds like my...
  42. FishBeast

    I could use a little advice on flame moss

    Hi guys, I am now in the buying plant phase of settling up my planted tank (finally). One of my sources of inspiration was a contestant from the ADA contest in 2008 Weerayut Soemphomphoemsuk. I love the way he has created what looks to be pine trees with what I believe to be flame moss. I am...