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  1. Viv

    Reducing light intensity in Juwel tank

    I've got a Juwel Vision 260 that I want to reduce the light intensity on. Previously with other Juwel tanks I've just taken out one of the tubes but with this tank neither tube comes on if both aren't in. Raising the light unit isn't an option so I thought about putting a strip of tape along the...
  2. Viv

    Mayaca fluviatilis

    I'm trying to clear something up about this plant. When I received it, it's tips were whitish and have stayed that way for a couple of weeks. I'm dosing iron 3x a week and it's growing okay. Some info' online confirms the tips should be whitish, another source said it should all be green. As...
  3. Viv

    Specific plants and liquid carbon

    I'm thinking about trying these plants: Najas Guadalupensis, Hygrophila Corymbosa compacta, red Cabomba, red Ludwigia repens and Mayaca Fluviatilis, and wondered whether anyone's got any experience with them and liquid carbon? So far the only plant I couldn't grow with LC was Pellia but it's...
  4. Viv

    Moss wall

    Can anyone give me a stop by step guide to putting a moss wall together, including what materials would be needed. I've had a couple of goes in the past but they were disastrous! I've got a tonne of Christmas moss growing in a mass in one of my tanks looking unsightly. Hubs says to throw it out...
  5. Viv

    Flowering wendtii

    I've had wendtii brown for years - virtually since I got into tropical tanks. They've always grown well whatever tank they've been in ie high or low tech. I've got some in one of my shrimp tanks and I've just noticed its got what I assume is a flower stalk! Is this common? Its a first for me...
  6. Viv

    Need a plant identified please

    I've got a feeling it may not be a true aquatic plant but as I've never seen it before I have no idea. Can anyone shed some light? Viv
  7. Viv

    A few piccies of my pond

    Not sure if I've shown my pond before. It's nothing compared to some of the beauties I've seen on here but it's mine and I love it :D Its about 13 ft long x 5 ft max width and 4.5-5 ft max depth. This is how it was last July: We added a waterfall-type thing at one end after this photo was...
  8. Viv

    Has eco-complete changed?

    I bought a bag of eco-complete about 2 years ago and it was 100% black. Recently I bought another 6 bags and it has orangey grains in it along with the black. Is this due to a change in the substrate? Plants and fish seem happy with it but I was wondering what the difference is. Any ideas? Viv
  9. Viv

    Long handled planting tools

    Anyone got any recommendations for good long handled planting tools? I tried to find the ones I saw on here but I'm not having much luck :( Viv
  10. Viv

    Will you grade these rcs for me please

    As said really, I know some of you are really experienced and knowledgable shrimp keepers so would like you to tell me what grade of rcs these would be: I have no illusions about them being top grade or anything but I'm kinda hoping for sakura - maybe :) Viv
  11. Viv

    Banded panchax advice

    I went to Maidenhead Aquatics in Ramsgate today and came away with 5 banded panchax. I'd never heard of them before so had a word with one of the guys in the store. Told him about my tank ie water parameters, inhabitants etc and was assured that they would be okay. I've been looking online while...
  12. Viv

    New blue pearls :)

    I finally managed to get some blues recently. I got 14 about 3 weeks ago and I had another 10 from Fresh Water Shrimp that arrived on Thursday. I've been holding off of posting as I didn't want to jump the gun - 8 months ago I bought some yellows that all died over the first week :( These are...
  13. Viv

    Striped rcs

    A few of my rcs have a very distinctive stripe down their backs and I was wondering if this is a common thing? Viv
  14. Viv

    Phyllanthus fluitans (red root floater)

    I bought some of these online recently and they were green when they turned up. I've given them four days in my Vision 450 under T5 lights and still no sign of colour improvement. Can anyone tell me if this means they are just very young plants and need to mature a bit, or is there a chance I've...
  15. Viv

    CO2 systems

    Anyone come across these before? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CO2-SYSTEMS-A ... 56478dda1d I was just looking around at stuff and saw this in a sellers shop. I've never come across it before and wondered how good it is? Viv
  16. Viv

    Damage or deficiency?

    Just done my weekly water change on my 180l planted tank and noticed two leaves, on two separate echinodorus species each have a mark on one of their leaves. The plants look fine apart from these marks, so I'm not sure if its damage or the first signs of a deficiency. I dose trace and potassium...
  17. Viv

    Opinions on pressurised filters

    I've currently got a Green 2 Clean filter but want to change to a pressurised for two reasons. 1 my current filter can't take the full flow from my pump so I have to have it set on half so water doesn't leak out of the filter, and 2 I really like the sound of back flush facility on the...
  18. Viv

    Is this some form of hemianthus?

    I've a plant in my garden that looks very much like HC to my inexpert eyes, so I pulled some up and am having a go at emersed growing with it. Theres only a bit but hopefully theres enough for your more expert eyes to tell me if it is HC or not. It certainly grows the same way in the garden ie...
  19. Viv

    Replacement tubes for Juwel units

    Is there anywhere that sells replacement tubes to fit juwel light units but at cheaper prices? I've been looking around for new tubes for my Rio 180 but none of the tubes I'm finding are the right length or wattage. The nearest I've found so far is a 39w, 849mm long tube but I need tubes 895mm...
  20. Viv

    PL light?

    My aqua start 320 has an 11w PL light in it. Can anyone tell me what this means and what sort of light level this equates to? Viv
  21. Viv

    Need help!

    I've got an Aqua start 320 that I've cleaned up and want to use as another shrimp tank. I've put in some black gravel and I found some rocks that I really like but I am PANTS at placing them!!! :( I don't know if I should group them together or spread them around. Two of the rocks have a...
  22. Viv

    A few of my tanks

    Thought I'd show a few of my other tanks as well as an updated one of my rio 180 after sorting out the pogostemon - which was going nuts. My vision 450. Theres quite a few loach in there, hence all the rock. One day it may get converted to a fully planted tank! The Rio 180 as it looks now...
  23. Viv

    Odd behaviour and CO2. Fairly urgent!

    I've got a filter shrimp who is behaving very oddly: out in the open, not feeding (I've never seen him not feeding!!), on his side quite a bit. The only thing that has changed is my putting in an inline CO2 diffuser. Is it possible for this to be affecting him or is this coincidence and I should...
  24. Viv

    Opportunist! :)

    I put an algae wafer in my planted tank every day for my ottos and rcs and today I managed to catch my asian filter feeder taking advantage of the bounty! I don't usually get to see him - just his shell casts - so was well pleased and thought I'd share :) Viv
  25. Viv

    Anybody used either of these?

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/170733165415?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649#ht_1479wt_1110 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/270860101504?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 If anyone has used/got either of these opinions on them would be great. I've got two small (54l and...
  26. Viv

    My Rio 180

    This is my first planted tank, started in February of this year. Had problems to begin with including a disastrous attempt at having a divided subtrate and MAJOR algae issues primarily to do with a lack of circulation. Anyway, all has been running well for a while now and everything that...
  27. Viv

    Time to say hello!

    I joined a little while ago but have stayed in the background. Thought it about time to say hello! I got into tropical fish-keeping 4-5 years ago and had a go at my first planted tank earlier this year (will put a piccy in the right place in a minute!). Haven't got a lot of knowledge to share...